Those of you who have been reading my column in recent months know
that I don’t like George W. Bush. I’ve said I can’t vote for him, which
is tough to say because Al Gore may well destroy the country if elected.
Yet, I haven’t been able to find a reason — a legitimate reason — to
cast a vote in favor of Bush.

I may have found one. At least, I’m tempted.

I’m talking about Alec Baldwin’s latest threat to leave the country
if Bush is elected. That’s what he tells Focus magazine,

according to
the Associated Press.

Since I don’t have a dog in this hunt anyway, I ask myself if it would be worthwhile just to rid America of this abominable scum. At least it would be a step in the right direction. It would probably do more to begin cleaning up Hollywood than any plans Joe Lieberman might have.

Let’s remember, after all, who Alec Baldwin is. He’s the guy that in December 1998

urged that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry
Hyde be stoned to death and his family killed. That’s what he said while
a guest on the “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” show.

“If we were living in another country, what we, all of us together, would go down to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to death, stone him to death, stone him to death!” said Baldwin. “Then we would go to their house and we’d kill the family, kill the children.”

This came, let me remind you, at a time when Hyde was facing legitimate death threats from pro-Clinton wackos. Hyde didn’t think it was funny.

“I heard about it, and I’m sickened by it,” he said. No wonder. Hyde has been the recipient of a series of death threats ever since he became the point man in the effort to impeach Clinton. He is under constant armed guard. “You have someone like that, talking in those terms, about killing your family? To kill my family because you disagree with me? To laugh about that? There are people out there, sick people, who are just waiting for a push. Excuse me for not laughing. He wants my family stoned to death by a mob. Imagine if a Republican said such a thing. I don’t find the humor in it.”

Alec Baldwin is nothing but a petty, two-bit dilettante. I recall the Hollywood fund-raiser he threw for Clinton in August 1998. He almost called it off at the last minute. Why? He learned that the White House organizers were preparing foie gras.

An angry Baldwin called up the Democratic National Committee bigwigs demanding that this outrage be stopped. You see, to make foie gras, geese are force-fed to enlarge their livers. The Baldwins are animal rights wackos. Making geese eat too much is bad. Stoning politicians you disagree with and advocating the killing of their families is good. Get it? Any questions?

But Baldwin’s history in politics hardly begins in the Clinton era. In 1990, he joined the Creative Coalition, a group of Hollywood activists who never met a Democrat they didn’t like.

Listen to what he told Movies USA in March of that year about his political demons: “I talk about these things because I’m committed and when I’m done I feel kind of disgusted with myself. Sitting in a coffee shop and talking about it is not committed. I think once or twice a month I lie in bed at night and think how I’d like to find a militant organization — like some Black Panther or IRA equivalent — that revolved around some important cause and go out and blow up some chemical plant. Really put my a– on the line. One of the most significant differences I see between the right wing and the left wing is that in this country, the right wing’s fanatical assassins — they have better aim.”

Now I get it. Now I know why Baldwin loves Clinton so much. One of Baldwin’s deep-seated desires has always been to blow up a chemical plant. And, remember, Clinton did just that when he bombed the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan.

Do you believe this guy? He’s an armchair terrorist. I’ve seen it all. We’ve gone from limousine liberals to tea-party terrorists.

It will be good to be rid of him. Imagine this guy making these kinds of outlandish comments in any other country. What would happen to him? He might just find out what a spoiled little brat he’s been all his life.

Or, more likely, his vow to leave America if Al Gore is not elected is as idle as his threats to stone Henry Hyde and blow up a chemical plant. If only I had a written guarantee.

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