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Homosexual group tries to squelch website

Homosexual activist groups battling the Boy Scouts of America are
attacking an opposition website and threatening to have it shut down.

Scouting for All was formed by
Scott and Steven Cozza, a father and son team, to organize homosexual
groups in a national campaign to end the Boy Scouts of America policy
that excludes homosexuals. The group’s website has a .org extension,
generally used for nonprofit groups.

A different group using the same name — but with the .com extension
— was formed to oppose the efforts of Scouting for All.
The opposition group was formed Aug. 19
by James Daugherty.

The opposition website carries a story
reported in WorldNetDaily and other media in Nov. 1999,
about a controversial performance by homosexual rock star Elton John at
London’s Albert Hall. John sang while young men dressed in Cub Scout
uniforms performed a striptease for a predominantly homosexual audience.

The board of directors of the original Scouting for All website was
not pleased when it learned of the opposition site, and immediately
began efforts to have the site shut down.

“As representative to the Board of Directors for Scouting For All, I
hereby issue a CEASE AND DESIST ORDER to all parties involved in the
assignment, transfer, design, maintenance, and hosting of the domain
name SCOUTINGFORALL.COM. You are hereby requested to immediately
discontinue service to the domain SCOUTINGFORALL.COM,” stated Scouting
for All Regional Director Jeremy Liebbe in an e-mail letter to

Liebbe said in his letter that he plans to take “further legal tort
action” against Daugherty, complaining that the opposition site created
by Daugherty “illegally dilluted our message and defamed the entity
known as Scouting For All.”

Although Liebbe said he will prevail on the company providing
Daugherty’s hosting services to shut the site down, Daugherty said he
would do all that he can to maintain the site and exercise his free
speech rights.

Another website, SaveOurScouts,
was first announced on the Michael Reagan national radio program Sep. 1.
Organizer Gavin Grooms said the site has already obtained over 8,000
signatures on a petition to protest the efforts of homosexual activists.

Visitors to the site are able to make donations to help the Boy
Scouts of America. The site is cosponsored by Rep. Chris Cannon,
R–Utah. Groom said he hopes to obtain 500,000 signatures to give to the
BSA and Congress.

Although the homosexual-activist Scouting for All site issued a news
release on Thursday stating that the United Way in Seattle, Wash., is
about to discontinue donations to the Boy Scouts there, the King County
United Way Chapter issued a statement that contradicts the claim.

Other claims made by Scouting for All and other activist groups
pertaining to the alleged cutting off of corporate donations to BSA were recently found to be largely untrue, as reported by WorldNetDaily.

“Eagle Scout Michael Aylesworth of Seattle lodged a formal complaint
against the Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America on Thursday,
August 24 with King County United Way for discrimination on the grounds
that he was kicked out of the Scouting program in 1997 for disclosing
his homosexuality,” said Scouting for All in the release.

“As a result, the King County United Way board of directors are
discussing whether or not to continue funding the Chief Seattle
Council. $442,000 was earmarked earlier in the year by the King County
United Way to give to the Scouts. United Way has stated that it will not
continue to fund discriminatory programs,” Scouting for All stated.

But the United Way of King County issued a press release to make
clear that everything possible will be done so that funding to the Boy
Scouts will continue uninterrupted.

“We have had a long-standing supportive relationship with the Boy
Scouts, and it is our desire to see that relationship continue,” said
the release. The United Way of King County found a way to work around
the conflict between the BSA policy that excludes homosexuals and the
United Way policy that does not permit discrimination based on sexual

“Our mission is to strengthen our communities by enhancing the
ability to care for one another. We intend to serve that mission in
partnership with the Boy Scouts and the other 164 organizations that our
donor dollars support.”

The Chief Seattle Council of BSA will continue to receive funding
from the United Way, but will not have to sign a non-discrimination
agreement. Scouting for All questions whether the BSA has committed

“There is also an issue as to whether or not the Boy Scouts have
committed fraud and if United Way will attempt to recover approximately
$1.3 million given on the basis that the council had not discriminated,”
said the Scouting for All statement.

The King County United Way pointed out that donors could specifically
designate which groups should receive a portion of donated funds and
which ones should not.

“Donors to United Way of King County have several choices,” said the
United Way press release. “They can give to our Community Safety Net
Fund, which supports our partner agencies. They can designate their gift
to any 501(c)3. They can also negatively designate their gift by
indicating which organizations they do not want their money supporting.
We will honor any of those choices.”

Those who do not wish to have their funds go to the Boy Scouts can
make that designation when they complete a donation form, according to
the United Way.

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