9 to 5. Celebrate Labor Day by making plans to chuck that job
you don’t like and get a better one. Whether you’re a student looking
for part-time work to help pay your bills or an accountant who’s still
searching for that dream position, if it’s about jobs, the Career Resource Center — the Web’s
directory of career directories — will link you to it. It features
major job-finding sites, employer directories, home business
opportunities, career planning resources and much more. It’s a great
first step on the way to a happier working life.

Job hunters may also want to stop in at Career Builder, which asks what
kind of job you’re looking for and where you want to work, then takes it
from there.

Do you want fries with that? For some incentive to take you
from talking about changing careers to actually doing it, stop by the Simulator. Imagine doing
that minute after minute, day after day. …

Take this job. … If your job search is successful, you’ll
need I-Resign.com, where
you can get ideas for straightforward resignation letters while
chuckling over some examples that probably never should’ve been sent.
The Resign-o-matic of
an Irish site is also funny, although it includes a number of
“Britishisms.” (But watch out for the rest of the site, where the forums
aren’t moderated and off-color comments predominate.)

Goofin’ off. When you have time on your hands, you can win
prizes by playing Family Feud, Abstraction, music or TV trivia, video
poker and other games online at Uproar.

In the Palm of your hand. Want to know how to make your Palm
Pilot even more indispensable? Avant Go offers more than 400 free
content channels optimized for the small screen — everything from stock
quotes to The New York Times, Expedia to the Weather Channel. It also
works on other hand-held PDAs as well as Web-enabled cell phones and
doesn’t require a wireless modem.

The sound of silence. It’s the silly season. Brett Banfe, an
18-year-old in New Jersey, has decided not to speak for a year — and
for this great feat, has a website, a
sponsor (which will donate money to a charity if he actually succeeds)
and a fan club (where you’ve
never seen so many exclamation marks).

Back to Bach. This is the 250th year since the death of
composer Johann Sebastian Bach and in
the land of his birth, they’re celebrating with Bach Year 2000.
If a trip to Germany isn’t in your future, drop by Bach Digital. You’ll need a speedy
modem (at least 56 K) and the Flash plug-in, but the site lets you hear
old instruments and Bach’s music as it has survived from his handwritten
original copies. The arrangement of the site isn’t all it might be —
you’ll know to click on English on the right side of the page, but after
that, put your cursor over the musical note to make sure you hear a
flute playing or click on guided tour at the bottom of the page, musical
instruments at the top of the screen.

Find Midi and MP3 files of Bach music at Johann Sebastian
Bach Midi
pages and recommended recordings at Dave’s J.S. Bach Page

Reference books. One of the best things about the Web is the
easy access you have to hundreds of authoritative resources. At Xrefer, which calls itself the Web’s
reference engine, I typed in Bach and up popped biographical information
from the “Penguin Dictionary of Music,” and many other details of his
music and career from respected sources. A great bookmark when a school
report is due.

Find a pet. Lots of loving dogs and cats are looking for good
homes. Find them through the Pet
Shelter Network
. In addition to its adoption center, it also has a
lost-and-found section (where you can post a notice or search the lists)
and an area where you can try to find a new home for an animal you own.

Bob Vella’s Pet Talk America lets
you ask questions about dogs, cats, birds, fish, ferrets, rabbits and
other small animals. You’ll also find pet tips and even humor — nine steps to cat bathing.
Warning: The home page loads slowly.

Electoral choice. If you’ve reached the point in the political
process where you wish there was a line on the ballot that says “none of
the above,” now you have another choice: Team J3 2000, Team Jesse. And
that is: Jesse Helms, Jesse Jackson and Jesse Ventura. Mind-boggling,
right? Read all about it at Dumbentia, “the parody place.”

Also funny is the site’s parody of ads through the decades (from the
mythical “Cylindrical Meats Council”). A few of the other spoofs (check
the gallery) are off-color or in poor taste — but they’re fairly easily
avoided since you can usually guess from the title.

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