A Kaiser Family Foundation “sex education” study was recently
released alleging that that mom and dad want schoolteacher Jones to
“tell all” about sex to Tom and Becky, according to a Sept. 26 Reuters
report. Maybe and maybe not. But it should not surprise anybody that
after 50 years of being taught Alfred C. Kinsey’s fraudulent sex data —
reported in his 1948 book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” —
alleging “children are sexual from birth,” and after repeatedly hearing
“they’re going to do ‘it’ anyway” from the smart folks, many parents
would surrender and let the “sexperts” retrain their children in
intimate sexual matters.

Beginning in 1964, a private entity called the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States had a virtual monopoly on the
training of sex educators. And, not coincidentally, The Playboy
Foundation granted money to Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute as
well as the initial seed money for SIECUS — to serve as the school sex
education arm for the Kinsey Institute. Also not unanticipated was the
fact that this triumvirate colluded in popularizing recreational sex for
school children.

SIECUS-trained “sexperts” teach from the fraudulent and criminal
Kinsey canon, especially the “scientific” tables documenting the timed
abuse — oral, manual and coital — of infants and children by a group
of men Britain’s Yorkshire television entitled “Kinsey’s pedophiles.”
Kinsey, SIECUS and Hugh Hefner all sang from the same sheet music,
claiming that Kinsey’s brutal, pedophile-derived data proved sexual lust
and capacity in infants and children. This eroticization of children
has long served as the foundational canon for training the youngest of
children about sex.

Assuming that most parents are totally unaware of Playboy’s funding
of SIECUS and of the Kinsey Report, what is the reliability of the
Kaiser Foundation “science?”

Scientifically, the Kaiser team could not have interviewed a
statistically viable random sample of fully informed parents who
agreed that “trained” sexperts should teach their children that sex
could be healthfully split from the human soul and spirit. The
surveyors need to tell their subjects the truth for the data to be

Kaiser claimed that parents agreed that teenagers should be taught
how to use condoms (85 percent) and other forms of birth control (84
percent). Yet the investigators did not tell parents that the sexperts
refuse to be “sex negative.” Thus, they hide unpleasant sex facts. For
example, like condoms never protect against the human papilloma virus
(HPV), the most common sexually transmitted disease and the cause of
cervical cancer which kills 5,000 American women annually and
which is spread by skin contact not by fluids.

Readily available contraception gives children a life-long contract
for “sexual freedom.” The Washington Post reported on October 9, 1995,
that “teen pregnancies are higher in states that teach condom use.”
Despite the Center for Disease Control’s strong advocacy of condoms, not
one of the CDC’s five “safer sex” programs has demonstrated a decline in
out-of-wedlock births or STDs while the data reveal a not surprising
increase in pregnancy rates for teens who use condoms. Or how about the
fact that, as researcher Joel Brind reports, over 1.36 million abortions
were performed in 1996 and yet 12 out of 13 recent medical studies have
shown a significant link between abortion and breast cancer. The moms
and dads in Kaiser’s survey did not receive this information.

In addition, the 76 percent of Kaiser’s sample parents, who
reportedly want their children to know about homosexuality, were not
told the following facts regarding sodomy. They would not know that
these data on sodomy, as causal in AIDS, are commonly ignored in the
classroom — sodomy having been transformed since the 1960s into a civil
rights issue:

  • From America’s founding until the 1948 Kinsey Report, sodomy was
    understood as largely a deviant and illegal homosexual act with
    homosexuality listed as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric and
    Psychological Associations until 1973.

  • According to the December 1999 Center for Disease Control
    reports, heterosexual contact accounts for a miniscule 4 percent of AIDS
    in males and a total of 10 percent of all AIDS cases since reporting
    began in 1981. Despite the intense media spin, AIDS remains
    overwhelmingly a homosexual-drug user disease. The British medical
    journal, The Lancet, suggests that “increased condom use will increase
    the number of AIDS transmissions” that result from condom failures.

  • The “Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network,” or “Parents,
    Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays” and other adult groups work
    openly in senior and junior high schools nationwide, recruiting children
    to experiment with sodomy and other forms of sexual “outercourse.” The
    high rate of boys molested by “gays” is somewhat reflected in the five
    to one ratio of AIDS-infected boys to girls — the boys infected largely
    by an adult male.

  • It is important to note here that the only African country that
    has reduced the AIDS plague is Uganda. The media dismisses Uganda’s
    success in diminishing the AIDS plague as the U.N. aggressively promotes
    and distributes condoms as their profitable antidote to the sweeping
    spread of AIDS across the continent. Ugandans determined that the only
    way to prevent AIDS is chastity. Promoting abstinence and monogamy as
    public policy, AIDS is down by 30 percent in rural areas and 50 percent
    in urban areas.

Kinsey, the father of the sexual revolution, said sex early (from
birth) and often was the key to health. That meant sex with animals,
incest, alone, in a group, homo-hetero, whatever — “anything goes.”
America is nearing total sexual license. Teachers freely describe “how
to” perform legal and illegal sexual behaviors earlier understood to be
perversions of the sexual life, dramatically increasing sexual disease,
dysfunction, out-of-wedlock births and sexual violence.

When contraception and abortion were illegal, Americans survived
largely by self-discipline. Couple a massive dose of Kinseyan-school
sex education since the 1960s with mass media sexploitation,
contraception and abortion-on-demand and, my, my, “illegitimate” births
increased 461 percent from 1960 to 1997. Despite millions in public
funds, since the 1960s let us declare the obvious: Kaiser Foundation
style school sex-ed gets an “F.”

Forty years of facts lead to one conclusion. The “sexual freedom”
Kinsey predicted would bring us greater “health” has brought nationally
more disease, dysfunction and economic strain — especially to
struggling young female heads of households. We now know that Kinsey
deliberately lied, America is not healthier and sexual freedom is not

The SIECUS-Kinsey “science” crowd are finally losing their grip on
their lucrative government supported sex-ed fiefdom. Once holding
monopoly control of school sex education, their “comprehensive sex
education” allotment of schools in 1999 has shrunk to 58 percent, with
“abstinence-only” programs peeling off 34 percent of the schools program

This “scientific” salvo by the abortion-and-contraception-providing
Kaiser Family Foundation is one in a string of assaults against the
chastity and abstinence-until-marriage programs. These programs stress
old-fashioned self-discipline and respect for others — standards which
once flourished in American homes when we “waited.” We were, in fact,
measurably healthier for it.

Children are not sexual actors from birth and should not be
considered “emancipated.” Despite the latest desperate pseudo-science
produced by Kaiser, sex education is not succeeding. Parents don’t pass
the buck! Parents are the only teachers able to instill in their
children — day in and day out — self-respect and honor for the gift of
life. Parents and teachers should not be fooled by this latest megadose
of fraudulent Kinseyan propaganda doled out by the Kaiser Foundation.

Our children need the truth and a moderately strict supervising
parent has been shown to be the best “sex educator.” Use common sense
and, like the wise Ugandan leaders, stay on course with abstinence and
monogamy — firm in the conviction that children cannot and must not
engage in sexual behaviors prior to marriage. Their health and survival
— and our civil society — depends upon it.

Dr. Reisman,
president of the Institute for Media Education in Crestwood, Ky., is the author of

“Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences.”
Eunice Van Winkle Ray is president of RSVP America.

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