Gossip columnist Liz Smith recently reported that Rupert Murdoch’s
20th Century Fox will launch a blockbuster film starring Tom Hanks
(“Forest Gump,” “Philadelphia Story”) or Harrison Ford (“Indiana Jones,”
“Sabrina”) as Indiana University’s Alfred C. Kinsey, the “father of the
sexual revolution,” now often called “the pedophile professor.”

Ain’t that neat? Another Hollywood documentary comes to the aid of
the most brutal and degenerate of our robber-baron sexual barbarians —
this was inevitable.

In 1953, Murdoch telegraphed his Australian newspaper that they would
not publish a word of Kinsey’s “muck … preposterous document.
Fortunately average American woman totally unlike Kinsey creature.”
Muck it was. But, muck was the least of it.

Picture Hanks or Ford as Kinsey. Here he hires and trains brutal
child molesters to orally, anally and genitally violate infants and
children for his “data.” Picture these movie stars arranging the
filming and timing of the child tortures, promising his carefully
selected predators their “findings” would influence the world. They
would prove children “enjoyed” sex with molesters.

Kinsey told his predators the academic elite would teach their child
sexuality assessments as scientific truth to American children — and
shape school sex education as we know it today.

Will Hanks be the lucky guy setting up the 24-hour child sex
laboratory experiments — one on a 4-year-old boy Kinsey says had “26
orgasms” or similar tests on 2-month-old babies? Will he be shown
filming the screaming, weeping, convulsing, fainting children as they
fought their Kinseyan trained rapists?

Will Ford stand by as children are tied down to produce child sex
“data” for Kinsey’s book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male”? Will he,
as Kinsey, label hundreds of child guinea pigs “partners” of their
rapists? Not likely. More likely, 20th Century Fox will be continuing
the 50-year cover-up, advocating acceptance of our own Nazi-like horror
by remaking Kinsey in the image of Hanks or Ford. Ah, what monopoly
control of the mass media can do!

In “Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences,”
I document
Kinsey’s Promethean drive to free mankind from the bounds of his
limiting animal biology. A not-so-glitzy Indiana University (IU)
zoology professor during the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, Kinsey published junk
statistics instead of science. According to Gore Vidal, during the
1950s, Kinsey was “the most famous man in the world for a decade.”
Well, Kinsey’s influence is stronger today than in the ’50s.

So, to kick off the 50th anniversary celebration of the “Kinsey
Reports,” in 1997 former IU graduate and Kinsey Institute advisor, James
Jones published Kinsey’s second biography. While touting Kinsey’s
skills, Jones “outed” Kinsey and IU’s 50-year cover-up.

Jones exposed Kinsey as a sado-masochistic bi/homosexual
revolutionary. While the father of three children, he made pornography
in his attic of his own wife, his male staff and their wives as
performers. He sexually harassed his male students, using the academic
“casting couch” to select his comely, young male co-authors. Kinsey was
hardly the unbiased mid-western academic IU’s public relations division
repeatedly showed to the world.

To facilitate the sex research, IU built a soundproof laboratory
where Kinsey contained the screams of the brutal “experiments” from
reaching passing faculty and students on IU’s bucolic Bloomington
campus. So deep were the sexual pathologies of the father of the sexual
revolution, Jones reported, that Kinsey was found unconscious on the
floor of IU’s Wiley Hall after he tied a rope around his scrotum, tossed
the rope over a pipe and jumped.

Will “Indiana Jones” or “Forest Gump” leap over the pipe for that

Or, how about the sight of Kinsey’s bloody bathtub do-it-yourself
carving-knife circumcision? Will Hanks or Ford act out Kinsey’s
masturbatory self-torture, so obsessive that it apparently caused his
orchitis, a disease resulting in severely infected and swollen
testicles? His orchitis explains why news films at the time reveal a
tormented Kinsey — who sits leaning quite warily to one side of his
buttocks. Umm, ouch, Ford or Hanks?

Trillions of filthy lucre has been made by unscrupulous villains out
of Kinsey’s junk science, especially that of sex education and the mass
media — marinated in pornography. Both school sex ed and the sex
industry owe their sacred existence to the legal and attitudinal changes
inculcated based on Kinsey’s falsification of the sexual lives of normal
American wives and mothers, husbands and fathers and children.

We now allow schools to teach Tom and Becky the methods of
masturbation and to show them pornography based on Kinsey’s fraudulent
claim that both are healthy and the most intelligent people (pssst,
the Kinsey team
) engage in both sans harm. But, Kinsey’s
“orchitis” resulted from massive trauma to his genitalia and scrotum
due to his obsessive masturbation, the orgiastic success of which
eventually requires high pornography maintenance. One suspects that
Condon will not disclose the fact that Kinsey’s premature death was
largely due to his lifelong dependencies upon masturbation and

Which of the two movie heroes will play Kinsey as he turns down
Interpol’s demands for the letters he wrote to a German Nazi pedophile,
Dr. Fritz von Balluseck, trained for Kinsey’s “scientific” sex crimes on
children? During his 1957 child-sex murder trial in Frankfort, most of
the German newspaper headlines decried von Balluseck’s criminal Kinsey
child-abuse collaboration. But, then like now, IU hid the truth from
the American people and protected their Rockefeller grantee.

The man about to be re-lionized by Big Monopoly Media committed these
and other atrocities under the guise of science because he wanted to
create millions of Americans in his own sexually deviant image. Look
around. Did he succeed?

Kinsey’s efforts to change American law resulted in drastic
liberalization of fifty-two sex offenses (e.g., rape, indecent exposure,
adultery, abortion, obscenity, age of consent, sodomy, etc). Kinsey’s
data helped to eliminate alimony and to trivialize moral conduct as
required for child custody, etc. Kinsey’s ACLU groupies promoted his
junk science in order to legalize their own peccadilloes. This
accomplished, Kinsey’s “anything goes” legacy of sexual liberation is
embedded in the nation’s moral fiber today.

IU’s President Myles Brand was asked to open Kinsey’s files in order
to perhaps find and help Kinsey’s victimized children. Instead,
President Brand passed the request on to Kinsey Institute director John

Bancroft is the same man who told his fellow Brits, on Britain’s
Yorkshire television documentary “Kinsey’s Paedophiles,” that child
sexual experiments by pedophiles are justified, lest we be “ignorant” of
something or other. The Nazi doctors at Nuremberg of course expressed
this same view. Bancroft quite shrewdly — and just as illegally — has
refused Kinsey critics access to the publicly funded Institute

And, in 1998, during both Bancroft and Brand’s watch, IU again placed
its imprimatur on Kinsey’s propaganda. IU republished both of the
“Kinsey Reports” as though Kinsey’s fabricated statistics by Clyde
Martin — Kinsey’s young, statistically untrained sex partner — were
reliable “data.”

For 50 years Kinsey’s junk science has defamed and harmed infants and
children by attributing to them sexual lust and infiltrated schoolrooms,
laws and public policies. For 50 years these phony data have defamed
the sexual lives of the largely faithful and monogamous American women
and men of the 1930s and 1940s.

Adding insult to national injury, champion basketball coach, Bobby
Knight was recently fired by Indiana University righteous authorities
for being “abusive” and “harassing.” Just watch as these same
university trustees cover up Kinsey’s atrocities for the impending film
glorifying their zoological sex “expert.”

The stench of hypocrisy permeates the Indiana University campus, its
president and trustees, and, of course, the Kinsey Institute staff.
Instead of helping to beatify their psychopathic professor by staging
another phony cinematic show, Indiana University should open the
criminal child abuse files of the Kinsey Institute to public scrutiny
and eliminate the Kinsey Institute.

Let’s hear an ethical “No” from Hanks and Ford. Or next someone may
pay them big bucks to make a hero of Dr. Joseph Mengele (or did too many
of his victims survive?). How about Dr. Laura’s now famous
maxim, “Go do the right thing”?

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