Today’s Web column asks questions and points you to the answers.

What’s in it for me? A reader recommends Brian Kirkby’s Tax Clarity site. It analyzes Bush’s
and Gore’s plans for tax cuts in various areas — education, retirement,
estate tax (Bush) and environmental help (Gore). It also helps you
figure out which candidate’s plan will benefit you personally.

Is that someone you know? The FBI’s list of 10 most-wanted
is 50 years old this year and still going strong, with no
shortage of criminals to fill the ranks. Instead of hanging posters on
post office walls, the bureau now posts the list on the Web. The site
tells you all about the list, the rewards offered for the apprehension
of anyone on the list and, of course, the pictures, names and
information on the bad guys the FBI hopes to catch.

Need help with algebra? If so, a professor has set up a site,
Math911 Online that has free
tutorials that might help. Although Kevin’s Playroom is a British
site, it has some excellent links to homework helpers that will be
useful to students in any country.

Got time for a game? If so, Flipside has 90 of them for you to
play, ranging from board games and puzzles to word games and card games.

Hungry for sushi? The Asia Society has launched an Asian
cooking and food site, Asia Food.
Try the recipe of the day or search for a particular type of dish (from
appetizer to vegetable), a region such as Southeast Asia, or by keyword.
Articles cover various Asian cooking techniques and food of various
countries (including Australia). In each recipe, any ingredients that
are out of the ordinary (in non-Asian countries) are underlined. Click
on them and you go to a glossary of terms that explains the ingredient.

What’s a marine sanctuary? It’s an underwater site chosen by
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to protect its
environment and the creatures that live in it. At National Marine Sanctuaries
you’ll learn more about what they are, how they were established and
what they do. On Saturday, the latest will be added to the list —
Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Michigan, which contains many
historical shipwrecks.

How do they do that? At Trendy Magic,
you can enjoy two sleight-of-hand games, the original Mysterious Rabbit
and Color Theory.

What do you know? You choose the subject — geography,
history, literature, TV, movies, science, games — and the level of
difficulty of the quizzes at the Quiz

Are you calling me? You sit down to have dinner and inevitably
the phone rings. Why do you automatically know it’s someone trying to
sell you something? Well, instead of getting angry, try some
anti-telemarketing techniques likely
to scare the caller off. Just choose the type of item being sold — from
credit card to light bulbs — and see what’s worked for others. Although
the best idea of all is simply tell the person to put you on the list
for his company never to call again, it’s still fun to see some of the
smart remarks that worked.

Do you want to give? When you’d like to donate to a charity,
but don’t have the money, the various websites that let you click to
give (while a business actually donates the funds) are helpful. Star Giving goes them one further.
When you click, not only are you aiding a charity of your choice, but
you might win a fashion shoot with supermodel Niki Taylor, an appearance
at a New York benefit with Muhammad Ali or spend a day on the ESPN set
with Dan Patrick.

Can you afford it? It’s not widely publicized but many
pharmaceutical manufacturers have special programs to help those who
can’t afford the medicine they need. As you might imagine, the
process of applying can be complicated and it varies from company to
company. Prescription Drug
helps you find out if you’re eligible for a program and
aids you in filling out the paperwork. It’s free except for a requested
donation to cover mailing and copying costs, and that’s waived for those
who simply can’t pay. While this seems like a great idea to help the
people who need it the most, I gathered my info strictly from the
website and so can’t vouch for their legitimacy. Their privacy policy
simply says, “All information provided will be kept strictly
confidential,” without providing any details or independent verification
(such as trustE). My advice is that if you know someone who needs this
help, look into this service, but proceed with caution.

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