People want to know why I am not marching in the streets, or, at
least urging others to do so.

They want to know why I am not standing up for George W. Bush and
actively opposing Al Gore’s attempted theft of the presidency.

Readers e-mail me by the thousands urging revolt, civil disobedience,
revolution or insurrection over the electoral morass in Florida.

Well, guess what? I’m not that worked up about it. No, I’m not
shaking down our readers to take out full-page newspaper ads as some
Internet con artists are doing. I’m not taking the bait and turning
political activist. For my money, if Bush couldn’t take Michigan, the
home state of the U.S. auto industry, from an opponent who publicly
states he wants to ban the automobile, I wonder just how much he
deserves the presidency. But I’m sure not going to expend any political
or journalistic capital on saving his political behind.

What I am doing is what I always do — using the precious reporting
resources we have at WorldNetDaily to do the honest reporting that other
media outlets are neglecting. And, if I do say so myself, that’s a
pretty tall task.

Now, frankly, I’m glad that many of you are waking up to the
widespread voter fraud that has swung elections throughout the United
States for at least a decade — probably much longer. If it takes a
presidential election being thrown, so be it.

I can’t get over these Americans who wake up to politics once every
four years and then wonder why others, who participate in this contact
sport 365 days every year, aren’t as excited as they are.

Is this an unusual political season? You bet it is. This presidential
election will be remembered by historians for hundreds of years,
assuming our political system survives — but that’s really the bigger
question on the table.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: If you think
freedom-loving people can win meaningful political victories and turn
this country around through electoral politics alone, you’ve got another
think coming.

Look at the general confusion Americans are having over first the
election itself and now the mind-numbing morass that has followed. It’s
not about chads. It’s not about dimples. It’s not about recounts. It’s
about a dumbed-down American populace that is almost too stupid and too
immoral to govern itself. It’s a real close call right now. I wouldn’t
want my fate or the fate of my children in the hands of the American
people. They’re useful idiots and little more.

The American character cannot be changed through political campaigns
— even good ones between candidates much better than these two clowns.
People are not going to revolt — even if Gore walks away with the
presidency in this case. It’s not going to happen. Americans are too
fat, too lazy and too stupid. They would allow anyone to walk all over
their rights and trample their freedoms, so long as you don’t mess with
their Social Security and their Medicare.

“So what are you saying, Farah?” you might ask. “Are you giving up?
What needs to be done? How can we save this country and avoid another
mess like this one?”

Good questions. The answer is found in many places, and the war must
be waged on many fronts.

People who love God and love freedom and love the promise that was
America need to do what their enemies have done for the last 30 years.
They need to begin a long march through the cultural institutions — not
just play politics every four years. They need to reclaim their schools.
They need to reclaim their media institutions. They need to reclaim
their charities. They even need to reclaim their churches.

Believe me, dear folks, if you get your wish — and George W. Bush
squeaks through to claim the White House in the next few days — your
fundamental problems are not going away, not by a long shot. Sure it
bugs me when I see the rule of law flouted. Sure it bothers me when I
hear the Constitution denigrated in favor of pragmatic political
expediency. Sure it is incredible to me when I see my colleagues in the
media falling for some of the oldest political tricks in the book.

But you may soon get your wish and be very disappointed by it. I
think that’s where all this is leading. Sure, Gore tried to steal the
election. That’s what thieves and crooks do. What did you expect?
However, don’t let your guard down when you see your man, Bush, getting
sworn in Jan. 20. I predict he will be worse than any of us can even
imagine. But you won’t even be watching. You’ll still be celebrating —
intoxicated with the way you helped beat back the Gore challenge.

Keep your eye on the ball, folks. The important issue is not who wins
and who loses. It’s how the game of politics in America will be played
in the future — or even if there will be a future for free and fair
elections in our fair republic.

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