Editor’s note: This is Part 2 of WorldNetDaily international
correspondent Anthony C. LoBaido’s series on the plight of the Kurds,
who attempted to stand up to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein during and after the
Persian Gulf War. In Part 1,

LoBaido documented the current status of the Kurdish resistance
movement. For this report, LoBaido traveled to Scandinavia, where Iraqi
dissidents and Kurdish refugees still find themselves hunted by Saddam’s
exotic intelligence apparatus.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has sent hordes
of female assassins here and to other European destinations to wipe out
Kurdish refugees and defectors fleeing Iraq, and even has installed
spies on the Danish Refugee Council, according to the Danish Red Cross.

The assassins infiltrate Iraqi opposition circles and kill and maim
leading Kurdish and Iraqi opposition leaders by means ranging from
poisonings to car crashes. Graduates of a two-month training course held
outside Baghdad, these “Mata Hari” hit squads are code-named Operation
Falcon. According to British intelligence, they are staffed by belly
dancers, actresses and artists who claim to be seeking asylum.

It is all part of a bizarre and brazen attempt on Saddam Hussein’s
part to crush the life out of any opposition movement that could
conceivably threaten to unseat his maniacal dictator-for-life agenda.
And the Kurds certainly qualify as such a threat, since they have time
and again attempted to stand up to Saddam — with the encouragement, if
not sufficient support, of the United States.

Immigration out of control

This international spy thriller is taking place here in this
relatively idyllic Scandinavian nation because of Denmark’s experiment
with mass third-world immigration.

For it is not only Kurdish refugees from Iraq and Turkey seeking a
life away from the violence and intimidation suffered at the hands of
Saddam Hussein and the Turkish army. Immigrants are also fleeing here in
large numbers from places like Bosnia, Armenia, Kurdistan and Lebanon.
They are “the vast minority,” Carina Hildegard Gundersen, a Danish Red
Cross worker, told WorldNetDaily during a recent visit to some of the
camps outside of Copenhagen.

Sadly, many needy refugees who are legitimately in need of asylum and
who would obey the law and contribute to Denmark’s society and future
are caught up in a cultural and political crossfire. The wide-open-door
policy toward immigration is very controversial, and for good reason.

“Some of these people. The stories they tell you break your heart.
One woman from Bosnia, she saw some Serb soldiers throw her two children
into a cement mixer and kill them,” Gundersen said.

“Others are just evil and violent people who want to take advantage
of our asylum laws. We even had a few mass murderers from Rwanda in our
camps who had been at the forefront of the genocide in that nation
against the Tutsis. Quite recently, we had gangs of Armenians and
Afghanis killing each other with guns and knives in our camps. Many of
them had to go to the hospital,” she said.

“This is just the top of the mountain,” she added. “Just wait — the
immigration wave will change to a flood wave. The regular Danish people
will be expected to be superhuman people who live only to pay more than
50 percent taxes to pay for the welfare parasites. We are being
inundated. I have no doubt that the Muslims will launch attacks on the
Jewish rabbis. Afterwards, everyone will say, ‘How could that happen?’

“My daughters will no longer hear the sound of the roosters waking
them up in the morning, but rather the prayer call to Allah and the

Refugees to Denmark include black and Muslim immigrants.

The Danish Refugee Council reports that 5,702 people applied for
asylum in Denmark in 1998. In 1999, the number grew to 6,467. More
than 60 percent of them received permission to stay in Denmark.

Later, those immigrants received permission to bring their family
members from the Third World to Denmark. In 1998, some 9,687 family
members arrived here; in 1999, another 9,480.

“We can’t change the world,” said Gundersen. “I get through the day
by trying to help the good refugees who really need our help.”

There are several different kinds of camps in Denmark for refugees.
One camp, Sandholm, is a “closed camp” that is forbidden to outsiders.
Those refugees who flee persecution and who are still in great danger —
such as fighter pilots defecting from Iraq — are processed at Sandholm.

To these men, the saying, “You can run, but you can’t hide,” is
chillingly real, Gundersen says.

“The police are officially not allowed inside the camps, nor are the
intelligence agencies. Many times, we are forced to protect some Iraqi
defectors ourselves. I had a pilot living in my house for a few weeks
with my three daughters. It was crazy. But it was the only way to
protect him from the Iraqi agents who are still hunting him,” she said.

According to Gundersen, Saddam Hussein’s Bath Party has many
representatives in Denmark.

“They travel between Copenhagen and Iraq at will. They spy on the
refugees and defectors. Many of the refugees are abducted and killed or
simply disappear. Saddam even has spies on the Danish Refugee Council.
They work as interpreters to process applications and interview asylum
seekers. It is so odd that this is allowed to happen. We all know who
the spies are, and we are Red Cross workers,” Gundersen said.

“But Saddam wants the Kurds out of Kurdistan and into Scandinavia and
elsewhere. Why? So he can help destroy the Kurdish Resistance
within his own sphere of influence.”

Saddam’s female assassins

Saddam has set up a large force of female assassins who are carrying
out hits in England, Scandinavia and elsewhere.

These women are graduates of a two-month training course held in the
Salman Pak camp outside Baghdad. The camp is run by Brig. Gen. Muhammed
Khidair, director of special operations in the General Directorate of
Intelligence, and Hassan Azaba, head of Saddam’s personal spy network.

This charming Scandinavian city is home to thousands of new

The assassin network is run by Khidir Al Meshhadani, Iraq’s new
director of intelligence operations in Europe.

Code-named Operation Falcon, the corps consists of women claiming to
be seeking asylum themselves, primarily belly dancers, actresses and
artists, according to British intelligence sources. Iraqi female
assassins reportedly have been dispatched also to Turkey, Sweden,
Yugoslavia, Belgium, France, Holland, Germany and Austria.

“The regime is using women because they would raise less suspicion,”
says Dr. Ayad Allawi, secretary general of the London-based Iraqi
National Accord and a former ally of Saddam. “In our culture, we don’t
expect women to spy or kill. This is the most substantial operation we
have seen for years.”

Iraq isn’t the only entity hunting refugees in Denmark. On Aug. 5,
Michael Rughede, a journalist for the Danish newspaper B.T., wrote about
the arrival of Moulavi Abdul Raman Zahid, the vice minister of foreign
affairs in Afghanistan, to Denmark.

Many asylum seekers from Afghanistan who learned of his arrival
angrily complained to authorities in Denmark, demanding to know why
Zahid was permitted to visit the country.

Zahid declared while in Denmark, “We will find all who escape from
the country, and we will cut their heads off.”

The story of Hassan

WorldNetDaily interviewed one Kurdish Iraqi defector, a doctor named
Hassan from Karakook. Hassan told a sad and twisted tale of his journey
from Kurdistan through Iran, Turkey and finally into Denmark.

“The village I come from is very ancient. It has a system much like
feudalism, even in modern times. I left there only because of the
biological attacks on our people by Saddam. I had to leave because my
son started an underground newspaper. He had no money, but he had strong
opinions on the freedom of the Kurdish people,” Hassan said.

“I funded the newspaper. The Islamic parties were against the paper
because it spoke of Christianity and freedom. I, too, was intoxicated
by these ideas of self-determination. The Islamic parties connected
with Saddam, they sought out our little newspaper enterprise. But we
were clever and hid it well. Then they began to intimidate my wife and
two daughters to such an extent that we had to leave our home. We had
been in this town for many centuries, my family.”

Hassan said his village was also attacked by the Turkish army.

“The Turks were very brutal in our region. They would throw people
out of helicopters. They would cut off the heads of PKK (Kurdish
Worker’s Party) supporters and soldiers and put them on a stick as a
warning to others. I tell you this: We Kurds in Kurdistan who are close
to Iraq, Saddam gives us many problems. But the Kurds who are attacked
by the Turkish army, they are much, much worse off.

“Sure, the PKK has killed many thousands in Turkey with terrorism,
and Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the PKK, he has done much evil. But
the Kurds like us who refused to go along with his terror campaign, we
were still hunted down and killed by the Turkish army. They never asked
us, ‘Do you support the PKK?'”

Hassan finally decided to run away.

“I decided to leave Kurdistan for Iran. But the Islamic party I fled
sent agents that followed me there. They had finally uncovered our
printing press. In Iran, we Kurds were placed in a large refugee camp.
I had to flee the camp when the Islamic party agents closed in on me.
After that, I was caught in the mountains on my way to Turkey and
conscripted into the Iraqi army, where I served as a doctor. At first, I
hated God. I thought he turned his back on me. Then eventually, I was
able to treat many Kurds and Iraqi soldiers injured and wounded in
fighting. I learned from Iraqi military experts about how to survive a
biological and chemical attack. Moreover, I was able to teach many of
those I treated about Jesus, and as a result, many came to know him as
their Lord and Savior.”

Hassan continued, “When there is a biological attack, the first thing
that happens is you smell a sweet and strange scent. During my
attempted escape to Iran, I was in a cave in a small village where the
Iraqis came hunting for Kurdish rebels. We were sitting in the cave
eating dinner. We heard an airplane fly over and then came that smell.

“A woman was holding a baby in her arms. She was feeding the baby
watermelon. The chemical residue went into the melon, and the baby ate
it and died. Other people were affected by the gas in such a way that
they could not move. I and others survived by breathing air that was
smoked through a water pipe.”

Hassan went on to elaborate about the Iraqi biological and chemical
weapons programs.

“While posted to the Iraqi army, I met many Russian and Chinese
military advisers who were experts on biological and chemical war. There
were also Japanese from the Om Shin Rikyo cult that did that nerve gas
attack in Tokyo. They talked all the time about unleashing biological
or chemical weapons in the major cities of the West and Western allies.
At that time, I actually got to meet Dr. Hassan Izbah. He is called ‘Dr.
Death’ by all who know him. He is the main person Saddam uses to work
with various cults and terror groups around the world. To me he is a
Nazi like Dr. Mengele.

“Finally, I deserted the Iraqi army and again headed for Turkey.
This time, I made it through to the other side. I paid off a Turkish
military commander with 100,000 krona and got fake papers made up for
me. I then took a bus to Istanbul and boarded a plane for Denmark. When
I was debriefed here, I told the Danish intelligence agents about the Om
cult. They said they were aware of this but could not do anything about
it. They said that if the people were aware of this, panic would result.
The stock market might collapse and there would be mass panic. Mass
panic? I am in panic because they won’t do anything to prevent what is
waiting for us all. Biological weapons don’t discriminate. They kill
everyone in their path. Good and evil, Muslim, Christian, Jew, black and

Hassan concluded, “I know that the Lord brought me through this
ordeal so I could warn people about what is coming.”

No bed of roses

Gundersen claims that some of the worst immigrants are the Russians
and Armenians.

“We can’t talk to the press,” she explained. “We are forbidden to
tell our countrymen what is going on inside the camps and in our
society. But enough is enough. There is no time to waste. A Danish
intelligence officer told me that of every 50 thefts in this country, 45
are carried out by immigrants.

“Then there is rape and murder and assault. These are almost
exclusively carried out by non-whites and non-Christians. I know there
are good and bad in all races, but the data does not lie.

“They threaten me — ‘Do you know what I can do to you?’ One man, a
Palestinian, leftt he camp and went into town. He got drunk with his
stipend money and then beat and kicked a Danish man. Then we had to pay
a lawyer to represent the Palestinian in court and pay his fine. And he
was not deported.

“They steal everything, even the gas from my car in the parking lot,
and they slash my tires if I don’t give them what they want
immediately,” she said.

“Sometimes things get really crazy. Last year, when the United
Nations declared that a major portion of Kurdistan, in Northern Iraq was
now safe to return to, many of the Kurds in Denmark were going to be
deported. The Kurds in the camp planned for a week an uprising. One of
the teen-agers warned us what was coming. They bashed in all of the
windows in our offices and threw stones at us, big stones. All of us
hid under the desks. They bashed all of our computers. We had to sit in
the winter with plastic on the windows and no heat. Then one of them ran
into my office and poured gasoline all over himself and me and
threatened to light us on fire if he were deported. I don’t like having
to face down their collective rage.”

“Really, I think instead of giving them a monthly stipend and asylum
we should give them a map and a border pass and a train ticket back to
where they came from. The government can do this in a humane way. Once
the radicals take over in Scandinavia and drive out the black and Muslim
immigrants, it will be done in a brutal and ugly way. But that is the
future of this nation, I am afraid.”

Three of Gundersen’s Red Cross coworkers joined the discussion: “The
situation has become unmanageable. These immigrants don’t want to
assimilate. They don’t belong in our culture. The Muslims and Somalis
form gangs and pillage through Copenhagen. They want to rape and use the
system — the Muslims in particular. They want the Red Cross to change
our symbol to a crescent moon, like on the Islamic flag. They want their
own political party. They can’t serve in our army, thank God. Why would
we bring a bomb inside our own nation? It is suicide, I tell you.”

WorldNetDaily encountered numerous Muslim immigrant taxi drivers who
openly spoke of “jihad” and “killing all of the white people, especially

At the same time, WND interviewed scores of ordinary Dutch and Danes
who all agreed that there will be “a war within 10 years to drive out
the immigrants. It will begin in Russia and spread to Scandinavia.”

Said one Danish taxi driver who voiced the typical opinion, “When the
blacks and Muslims get enough numbers in Denmark, they will turn on us
and try and kill us. But Danes are not stupid. They see the white
farmers being killed in Zimbabwe. We know our government won’t protect
us. But there are guns all around here. You can buy them everywhere and
already the average person is preparing for the war to come.”

Michael Jorgensen, another Red Cross worker, told WorldNetDaily, “We
don’t need this mass immigration from Lebanon and Kurdistan. Western
governments should have supported the Christian outposts and enclaves
that existed in the Middle East instead of abandoning them. We need our
own people, marrying our own and having many babies. It is not racist to
save our own race and civilization. That is natural. The European Union
speaks of genocide as a crime. I say it is a crime for them to destroy
our race and civilization through mass immigration.”

Karen Monahan-Graham, an unemployed Canadian woman who has taught
English as a second language course to Kurdish refugees in Canada, told
WorldNetDaily, “I love the Kurds and feel for their plight. But they
come to Canada with six children. And they get welfare and a new car. I
have to ride my bicycle around like Pee Wee Herman, even in the winter.
And I can’t get a job. I can’t get into grad school because of racial
quotas. But when I tutor the Kurdish children, I see their innocence.
One boy, Cameron, he is so cute and he runs up to me and hugs me and
that makes me really happy. So we must separate the political issue from
the human issue.”

Beate Van der Hausen, a German Internet systems analyst who works in
Copenhagen, told WorldNetDaily, “We have many Kurds and Turks in
Germany. We need them as workers. Why? Because we have aborted and
murdered our own children to such an extent that there aren’t enough

Van der Hausen continued, “When I couldn’t find a job in my field, I
even worked in construction, believe it or not, because they didn’t have
enough men who would work hard and not steal any tools. So to me, if the
Kurds or anyone want to come to our country and work hard and obey the
law, that’s fine with me. But we don’t need any criminals. We have
enough of our own already.”

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