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Dr. Laura vs. the bullies

Paramount’s “Dr. Laura” continues to win the hearts and minds of
America. The cinematically and morally fresh and uplifting daytime
television series, launched Sept. 11, 2000, continues to bring the
immensely popular radio personality into millions of American homes.
Dr. Laura’s frank talk, girded by her commitment to covenant biblical
values of honor, faith, loyalty, trust, marriage, birth, child and
marital protections, has clearly distinguished her broadcasts from the
national malaise of raunchy or trivial clutter dominating daytime talk

But this has not stopped powerful adversaries from arraying about Dr.
Laura to censor her and her message about honor, responsibility and even
holiness cold. One would have to be deaf not to know by now that Dr.
Laura’s remarks regarding the seldom published facts about the “gay”
issue have provoked the bully boys to campaign relentlessly to censor
her. Free speech be damned.

What makes Dr. Laura controversial can be found in the 1998 book that
she and co-author Rabbi Stewart Vogel wrote entitled “The Ten
Commandmants: The Significance of God’s Laws in Everyday Life.” The
following extensive quote is drawn from her preface, since it
establishes the foundation of Dr. L’s current television program and its
unerring success:

Schlessinger and Vogel made good their promise in “The Ten
Commandmants: The Significance of God’s Laws in Everyday Life.” Dr. L
has also made good that promise in her unique television show. Don’t
fall for the spin that claims the program isn’t outstanding — because
that is a flat out lie.

The bullies who eagerly or blithely tolerate Howard Stern and Jerry
Springer labor to deny Dr. Laura’s millions of listeners the right to
hear her advice on network television. The thugs have harangued her
sponsors and several corporations have slinked off into that fearful
night: American Express, Gateway Computers, AT&T, Procter and Gamble,

However, other corporations have disdained the shrill threats and
mean-spirited efforts at intimidation. Liberty-loving Americans need to
come along side the folks who support Dr. Laura; Room Store, Marlo
Furniture Chains, America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses, Checkers
Fast-Food, Nasonex Allergy Nasal Spray, L.A. Weight Loss Centers, Bally
Total Fitness Centers, Honey Nut Chex and Total Cereals, Brinks Home
Security and others. Watch the program and support those who support
Dr. Laura.

There are a number of difficulties we all face today: Should I leave
my husband? Stay home with the kids? Breast feed in public? Adopt a
child of a different race? Boycott a baptism? Allow my teenagers to
have pornography in their rooms? Have a baby at 50? Date my boss?
Have sex before marriage? The subjects that impact our lives are dealt
with by Dr. L in her unique style of candid assessment, wit, charm and
old-fashioned, “Mother Laura says.”

Dr. Laura’s TV crew wanders our streets, questioning average folks
about their views on a given moral problem. In keeping with her basic
theme, “Go, do the right thing,” Dr. L presents her assessment of the
most morally responsible action. Especially challenging is her call to
self-absorbed parents not to let the state or a nanny rear their young,
but to be the best parents they can be for themselves and their
children. Dr. L points out that parents will either invest time and
treasure in their children when they are small or they will be investing
time and treasure in their children from adolescence on throughout

The bully boys have silenced Dr. Laura’s speech about threats to
children from the “gay agenda.” The campaign against her has been
partly successful certainly. She does not talk about the “gay rights”
war against the Boy Scouts’ rejection of homosexual leaders. Nor has
she recently addressed the mainlining of sodomy techniques to elementary
schoolchildren delivered under the smokescreen of sex education or AIDS

So the bullies won a brutal round or two in the fight against all
that Dr. Laura stands for. But, she is still on TV, still in
production, still nagging on fully 98 percent of the television
markets. Only a small number of these markets have banished her to the
wee morning hours.

So let’s do the right thing by Dr. Laura. Keep listening, watching
and recommending her show everywhere we can. For, she promised, after
watching her program “you might feel annoyed at the challenge coming
from your soul and psyche, but you will ultimately feel enlightened and
elevated.” Dr. Laura promised. And, she has kept that promise.

Viewers who want to ask Dr. Laura a moral and/or ethical question can
call the new 1-888-203-4442 hotline, e-mail her at

[email protected].

Dr. Judith Reisman,
Ph.D., is the author of

“Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, 2nd Edition”
which is available here at WND. Eunice Van Winkle Ray is founder and director of

RSVP America.