Welcome to 010101. Yeah, that’s today’s date, no matter how you slice it.
Cool, huh?

It’s the Year 1 — and it brings with it so much potential. Isn’t it
great how the New Year offers each of us a chance to reinvent ourselves, to
start fresh, to resolve never to do anything bad again?

Yet, we’re all human, and, those of us smart enough to figure it out,
understand it is our nature to sin.

But, I digress. Mainly, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish every
WorldNetDaily reader, staffer, contributor, advertiser, strategic partner —
heck, even the non-strategic partners — the happiest New Year.

This is truly the dawn of a new millennium, and, anything seems possible.
My New Year’s resolution is to make WorldNetDaily.com indispensable reading
for millions of new readers worldwide — to position this dynamic and
growing news agency as the premier Internet newssite.

We’re there in many ways already.

  • WorldNetDaily continues to score loyalty points with its 1.5
    million-plus existing readership base, consistently being voted the favorite
    website of any kind in the

    Global 100 popularity charts,
    week after week. That hardly makes us the biggest website in the world, but it does mean our readers love us. And for that we are truly grateful.

  • WorldNetDaily continues to rank — month after month — as the No. 1 newssite in the category of “stickiness,” or time spent per user. It also generally ranks in the top 20 in this category among all websites of any kind — a truly remarkable achievement for a small Internet business in a crowded field of large companies that have spent literal fortunes trying to attain such distinctions.

  • While many Internet companies were going belly-up in the last quarter of 2000, WorldNetDaily was setting records for company revenues in November and December.

But what about the future? What can WorldNetDaily readers look forward to in 2001? I’m glad you asked.

Among the additions and improvements we expect to make to the site this year:

  • BizNetDaily — a daily business and technology section;

  • LocalNetDaily — a first attempt at offering local news and information to communities across the United States;

  • ShopNetDaily — a revamped, reinvented online storefront with new products and new partners;

  • News, news, news — our franchise, of course, will continue to be the best independent investigative reporting into government fraud, waste, corruption and abuse with no sacred cows.

Enough bragging, already. Yeah, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished to date and excited about the future. But I’m smart enough to know that I’m not smart enough to pull all this off myself.

WorldNetDaily has been blessed. I mean that. I truly feel that God has His hand on this business in a special way — that any success we have is attributable directly to His gifts, His blessings, His providence. And I resolve to thank Him for that every day in the New Year.

While I’m at it, I want to thank my wife and partner, Elizabeth, for her ideas, her energy, her enthusiasm, her dedication to this dream of ours. She has selflessly and tirelessly labored, with too little thanks and appreciation, to make WorldNetDaily the best it can be.

Right up there in the klieg lights of my thankful mind is Managing Editor David Kupelian, who has shouldered so many of my responsibilities in the last year, freeing me up to be a businessman in addition to being an editor.

To keep this from reading like an Academy Awards speech, I’m going to avoid mentioning any other names. But there are many going through my mind — editors, reporters, administrative staff, columnists, contributors.

And then there’s you. Without you, all of our efforts would seem pretty hollow. You are, indeed, the measure of our success. Thank you, dear readers, for the patronage of our advertisers, for buying our products, for visiting our site frequently, for spreading the word about WorldNetDaily to your friends and relatives. I mean it. Thank you. Thanks for the encouraging letters, too. Sometimes I feel like they are all the reward I need for the hard work.

But, then again, what a miracle it would be if WorldNetDaily led the 2001 Cyberspace Odyssey into profitability. What a statement that would be to the world. What a message it would send to the competition and to our colleagues.

What a testament it would be to doing good journalism — to the concept that the truth really does set us free.

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