OK, that does it. I’ve seen everything, now. America has gone off the deep end. There’s no other explanation for this kind of insanity.

Here’s what has me shocked, mortified, shaking my head in disbelief, appalled and, nearly, speechless.

This from the Las Vegas Review-Journal: A narcotics detective suspected of molesting a 16-year-old boy won’t be charged with any sex crimes by prosecutors, who said such action would be (are you ready for this?) “discriminatory toward homosexuals.”

Detective Vinten Hartung (that’s his name, folks, it’s not a typo), 42, is still being investigated for two lesser charges of stalking and furnishing alcohol to a minor. But the big charge — the felony — of “soliciting a minor to engage in the infamous crime against nature” will be dropped. Neither will there be a federal felony charge of using the Internet to solicit a minor for sex.

“We in essence concluded neither the state nor the federal authorities are able to pursue the sexual offenses,” said Clark County District Attorney Stewart Bell. “It discriminates against a class of people, and that’s not allowed under the equal protection clause of the Constitution.”

Do you believe these people?

Here are some more pertinent details: Hartung was placed on paid leave in November after the father of the 16-year-old boy complained that the detective would not leave his son alone. An investigation found that Hartung and the boy were, in the words of the newspaper, “involved in an intimate relationship after making contact in an America Online chat room.”

Intimate relationship? A cop is chasing around a 16-year-old boy, plying him with alcohol, stalking him and molesting him. And in 2001 we call that an “intimate relationship.”

Here’s some more from the absolutely incredible newspaper report: “Prosecutors said they had to grapple with the fact that Nevada’s law on soliciting a minor to engage in the infamous crime against nature makes it a felony to engage in homosexual sex with anyone under the age of 18, but the state’s age of consent is 16.”

Deputy District Attorney Doug Herndon said using the law “would be singling out homosexuals, which is bad. We don’t want to do that.” Herndon said the intent of the law is to go after pedophiles who solicit children. Well, guess what? That’s exactly what this creep is — a pedophile. The 16-year-old boy is a child.

Now, folks, do you see the problem with all these so-called anti-discrimination laws that are being enacted to “protect the rights of gays, lesbians and transgendered people.” What they are doing, in effect and among other things, is legalizing child molestation.

The Vinten Hartung case is a prime example. This monster is on paid leave from the police department. Paid leave! In other words, he has been rewarded with a paid vacation for molesting this boy. There won’t be any charges and he’ll probably get his job back.

Do you think he and the 16-year-old boy will settle down together? Or do you suspect this pedophile will be back on AOL soliciting other kids, getting them intoxicated and molesting them?

What would you do now if this were your son? He’s being stalked, intoxicated and molested by a police officer. You report the problem. An investigation shows your fears were justified. But the authorities say there is nothing they can, should or will do. What now?

In other words, the state — in the form of an armed policeman — is raping his kid and then turning around and saying it can’t do anything about it because it would be discriminatory. Think of it. Put yourself in the father’s place — or the boy’s.

I can tell you exactly where this kind of state-mandated insanity will lead: It will lead to street justice.

Just like our basic, common-sense framework of morality has been turned on its head, our justice system is totally upside-down. And this is a perfect example. All the right laws are on the books — even new ones about using the Internet to prey on kids. But the problem is it is “discriminatory” to apply them.

Well, of course it is discriminatory. Anytime the law is applied it is discriminatory — against criminals. What’s wrong with that? That kind of discrimination is a good thing.

Now do you begin to understand why the Boy Scouts don’t want homosexual scoutmasters in their ranks? It would be an invitation to this kind of sexual abuse. And, worse yet, the abusers might not even get prosecuted.

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