A coalition of traditional-family advocates has announced the release of a comprehensive “opt-out” form for parents who disagree with pro-homosexual education programs and curriculum content in California public schools.

The form is similar to one announced by the Pacific Justice Institute earlier this month, but represents the work of several organizations, including PJI, and references federal, as well as state, statutes.

Designed to give parents more control over what their children learn in government schools, the opt-out form was created by the California Student Exempt Project. Member organizations include the Campaign for California Families, Life Legal Defense Foundation, Pacific Justice Institute, the Pro-Family Law Center and United States Justice Foundation.

“With homosexual curriculum coming into all public schools, it is imperative that parents and grandparents take action now to protect their children’s eyes, hearts and minds,” said Andrea Franklin, team coordinator for project and field operations director for Campaign for California Families. “The Student Exemption Form is the most helpful opt-out form ever created for California parents. It will save children from dangerous new laws promoting perverse sexual behavior.”

Franklin has been a home-school teacher, private-school teacher and public-school substitute, and her husband is a public-school math teacher.

“My vision was to pull this team together of legal experts,” she said, adding, “I also see a need to protect the teachers. There is a crying need to protect teachers from having to teach this.”

While pointing out the group’s “opt-out” form does not allow teachers to be exempted from teaching homosexual material they may object to, she believes teachers who oppose such material can take heart from knowing there are parents who agree with them.

The Student Exemption Project is a way for traditional-family advocates to “stand up and say ‘enough is enough,'” Franklin remarked.

The form was created in response to new state laws signed by Gov. Gray Davis in the fall that incorporate “sexual orientation diversity” education into all public schools. It refers to several sections of law that state parents may require the school to obtain express, written permission from them before teaching their children anything related to sexuality, “family life” or similar topics.

“In light of a State Legislature that is hostile to parents, the Student Exemption Form offers a measure of protection for moms and dads,” said Scott Lively, president of the Pro-Family Law Center. “This form will become a standard tool for parents to protect their children from harmful sexual matter in the California public school system. Every parent should have it.”

Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, added, “This opt-out form plays an important role in our program, which includes the providing of legal counsel, free representation to parents and a six-point, step-by-step method on how best to utilize this form.”

As reported by WorldNetDaily, PJI is also providing a more generic form for families outside California who object to pro-homosexuality programs and curricula in other states.

One organization standing in support of the new education laws is the P.E.R.S.O.N. Project, which stands for public education regarding sexual orientation nationally. Responding to WND’s earlier story about PJI’s opt-out form, co-founder of the project Jessea Greenman wrote:

“The intention of these new laws, duly passed by California’s elected, representative legislature,
is to increase public understanding about sexual orientation and family issues through educational efforts in the public school system.

“It has long been a practice that parents may consent or decline to consent to various public school activities proposed for their children. Ironically and sadly, in this instance, the Pacific Justice Institute is encouraging parents to foster continued ignorance on the part of their children about an important social issue, namely equality for all.”

She continued, “Studies have repeatedly documented that prejudice is rooted in ignorance. California’s legislature has undertaken to reduce the amount of prejudice and hatred directed, in our society, against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people by going to the root cause: lack of information and understanding.

“In exhorting parents to remove their children from educational opportunities, the Pacific Justice Institute is supporting continued ignorance and prejudice,” she asserted. “The Pacific Justice Institute would do a greater service to its cause by engaging the issue by encouraging vigorous free, fair, full and fact-based discussion and debate on the subject in the public schools. That is how our democracy has always best dealt with public issues.

“Coincidentally, since January 1, 2001, we have received a sudden influx of hate e-mail to our website. Some have been so bad that the internet service provider cancelled the sender’s account. It is deplorable that people, out of their own ignorance and prejudice, would attempt to harass and intimidate people whose only intention is to advance mutual understanding through information and discussion.”

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