I don’t wear Levi’s anymore.

And I don’t drink Coors beer, attend the Episcopal Church or patronize Disney.

I used to enjoy listening to Melissa Etheridge, until it became common knowledge that she was homosexual. After that I could never figure out whether she was singing about a man or a woman, and her songs just lost their appeal.

Preceding Ellen Degeneres’ public coming out a few years ago, her show was one of the few I looked forward to watching, which is saying a lot, because I don’t generally watch TV. I thought her 30-minute sitcom was great fun, her personality charming, and her character amusing.

Then she had to go and tell the world that she really preferred women in her relationships, and the immediate effect was that I never watched one of her shows again.

It really burned me up.

I have spent innumerable hours over the past years trying to figure out why I react so profoundly to those who publicly flaunt their alternative lifestyles. I mean, in the course of my years, I have known many homosexuals, some of whom I liked, and some of whom I disliked. But I never defined the individual by his or her homosexuality, and so long as they were not forcing it in my face, I couldn’t have cared less about their personal preferences.

Which is probably what bothers me the most about this whole movement to mainstream homosexuality.

It’s not that 4 percent of the population happen to be homosexuals, it’s that 4 percent of the population are trying to force their lifestyles on the rest of the country.

Because no matter how you look at it, homosexuality is always about one thing: sex.

The special-interest groups that have spearheaded the homosexual movement repeatedly argue that their purpose is to end discrimination against homosexuals and to secure equal rights. All they want, they say, is to be treated equally, with equal opportunity to marry, to raise children, to serve in the military, to join the Boy Scouts.

They claim that homosexuals are born that way, and that to deny them any opportunity because of their homosexuality is to discriminate against them and to deny them their civil rights.

The only problem is, there is no way to know if anyone is actually born a homosexual, and because of this, most people still view it as a behavior.

And as a behavior, it does not entitle one to marital benefits, it does not necessitate legislation that would ensure inclusion into any group that disagrees with it, and it does not guarantee that people are going to universally embrace homosexuality as a healthy lifestyle.

But the homosexual movement keeps pushing its agenda down everybody’s throat.

The greatest example of their progress is the ongoing and vicious attack against the Boy Scouts of America, whereby the Boy Scouts of America are being maligned as a bigoted, intolerant, discriminatory group because of their policy of not allowing avowed homosexuals as troop leaders.

And why don’t they allow avowed homosexuals to be troop leaders? Because the Boy Scout organization is based on a set of standards that emphasizes things like God, duty and moral straightness. And as remarkable as it may seem, it is difficult for a lot of people to reconcile professed homosexuality with moral straightness. So while the Boy Scouts of America are under attack as being bigoted and intolerant, it is the attackers who are displaying an incredibly contemptuous bigotry and intolerance.

Which seems to sum up the entire homosexual movement.

It is not the average American who is intolerant, but the fanatical homosexual who has no respect or tolerance for any institution that does not condone or promote homosexuality.

And as each battle wages, the battles appear to be less about discrimination and inclusion and more about good and evil.

I cannot fathom the mind that believes one can teach homosexual matters to children in an effort to make them tolerant, but they’re doing exactly that in California. I cannot comprehend the thinking that would pit childhood innocence and decency against outspoken aberrant lifestyles, but that is what is occurring with the Boy Scouts. I cannot believe that churches across the country are falling out left and right and declaring that
a man may marry a man or a woman may marry a woman, but that’s precisely what
they’re doing.

This is not about equality, or discrimination, or intolerance. This is about insanity.

And every church and community and organization that finds itself submitting to the homosexual agenda should remember one thing:

Any mind that bows before a zealot risks getting its head lopped off.

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