For anyone who ever thought that Hill and Bill Clinton — the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics — would ever go quietly, or for that matter leave at all, they are sadly mistaken!

Instead, the organized crime racketeering operation, which was run so “successfully” from the White House and out of the Democratic Party for the last eight years (Judicial
has been forced to file several racketeering lawsuits) has, in the days leading up to the presidential inauguration of Jan. 20, simply been consolidated in key factions of the Democratic Party apparatus. Not all Democrats are part of this Clinton crime family, and indeed, in recent weeks, several have come forward to finally condemn the rampant criminality of the Clintons and their administration.

The list of Clinton crimes during the last eight years — which requires a continued mob operation to ensure that they stay “buried” — is long, and in the words of the criminal defense bar, which has prospered handsomely during this siege, “includes but is not limited to:”

1. Misuse of confidential government files (Filegate) and Internal Revenue Service audits
(IRS-gate), to smear and destroy anyone who would question, much more challenge, the Clinton crime family. This crime apparatus had to be put in place to ensure that meaningful government law enforcement and Congressional oversight would not occur or be effective.

2. The auctioning off and sale of taxpayer-financed government goods and services in exchange for political campaign contributions and personal profiteering. Among the items sold by the Clinton crime family, which Judicial Watch uncovered in its various lawsuits, and the media and Congress in their investigations, were: a) seats on overseas trade missions; b) export licenses for high technology sales to Communist China and elsewhere; c) commissionerships and judgeships; d) rides on Air Force One; e) overnight stays in the White House’s Lincoln Bedroom; f) graves at Arlington Cemetery; g) meetings with key Clinton-Gore administration leaders; and h) other favors of innumerable proportions.

3. The compromise of U.S. national security, by using the Justice Department — under Attorney General Janet Reno and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder — to cover-up the Clinton administration’s complicity in allowing American secrets from being transferred and
sold to foreign interests, such as occurred at the Commerce Department and Los Alamos with Communist Chinese infiltration.

4. The subversion of the federal judiciary, where Clinton-appointed judges — receiving case assignments “under the table” from the (Democrat) chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia — let Communist Chinese agents, like Maria Hsia and others, “off the hook,” with little to no punishment.

5. The use of the “race card” to smear and brand any opponent seeking justice for “Chinagate crimes” as anti-Asian or anti-Asian-American. (Recently, the “race card” was even used to try to unfairly smear new Attorney General John Ashcroft.)

6. The misuse of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms, Immigration and Naturalization Service, and other law enforcement agencies to unnecessarily harm, terrorize, and in some cases kill American citizens. This occurred at Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Atlanta Olympics (where the FBI tried to frame an innocent person, Richard Jewell, for the bombing) and in Miami — with the illegal pre-dawn Easter raid which harmed innocent Cuban-American bystanders who were simply praying for little Elian Gonzalez when “storm troopers” beat and gassed them in premeditated haste, forcibly seizing Elian from his Miami relatives’ home.

7. The dissemination of misinformation used not only to obstruct justice in court proceedings — such as the Monica Lewinsky and 40-plus other Clinton scandals — but the actual suppression and destruction of evidence, as occurred with the discovery by Judicial Watch that millions of White House e-mails were never produced.

8. The hiring of private investigators to not only dig up dirt on perceived adversaries of the Clintons — such as Juanita Broaddrick, the woman allegedly raped by Bill, and other abused women such as Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones (all Judicial Watch clients or former clients) — but to scare and threaten them.

9. The failure to respect and protect the servicemen of the U.S. Armed Forces, who not only risked their lives, but were injured in the line of duty — such as Jack Daly, the Navy lieutenant commander who was lasered by a Russian spy ship in U.S. territorial waters. The Clinton crime family not only refused to investigate the incident, it tipped the Russians off to early bona fide attempts by the military to board the Russian ship and learn the truth. Worst of all, the Clinton Pentagon refused to admit that Daly was ever injured in the line of duty. This is but one incident concerning rank and file U.S. servicemen and their abandonment and betrayal by the Clinton crime family.

10. The looting and theft of White House property.

The list of Clinton crimes is unending, and during the last eight years most Republicans, with the exception of patriots like Congressman Bob Barr, were complicit in the ongoing criminal enterprise. Either because of their own indiscretions, or because of the fear of being smeared — as occurred with the House Impeachment Managers who were “outed” — the Republican Party behaved like a bunch of palace eunuchs, holding only “show trials” for political purposes.

Now, as a new American president, George W. Bush, enters the White House amid newly minted Clinton scandals over illegal gifts, furniture thefts, vandalism, destruction of court evidence and pardons, even the liberal media is being forced to concede that Judicial Watch and others were correct: the Clinton crime family was and is “vast and formidable.”

In the face of this, President Bush, in “the spirit of accommodation and bipartisanship,” refused to even comment meaningfully, much less charge his law enforcement apparatus to take any action. (See companion article, “Storm clouds brewing over the Bush presidency.”)

But, the Clintons and certain allies in the Democratic Party are not so inept, fearful or sanguine. They know exactly what they must do not only to keep buried from justice their considerable criminality of the last eight years, but also to advance their leftist agenda — which is not so much about ideology or politics, but the continued crime enterprise to amass great materialistic wealth at the expense of the American taxpayer. To ensure that the crime enterprise does not falter, in the closing days of the administration the Clintons took the following actions:

Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected senator of New York. Hillary thus becomes the effective head of the Democratic Party.

The installation of Harold Ickes as the chief of Senator Clinton’s new political action committee. Ickes, whose history includes legal representation of mafia crime figures in his fancy New York City labor practice, is a full-fledged member of the Clinton organized crime family. It was Ickes who, as deputy White House chief of staff, organized, implemented and then covered up the sale of seats on trade missions and other Chinagate-related crimes. Importantly, Ickes was among the co-conspirators of Hillary who, according to several witnesses, including Nolanda Hill, the confidante of former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, masterminded the scheme with the consent and knowledge of Bill Clinton and his lovely bride. After he left the White House in scandal, Ickes then went on to run Hillary Clinton’s successful Senate campaign. He remains her closest adviser. Alexis Herman, who assisted Ickes in the Chinagate caper, is also working with the Clintons.

The installation of Terry McAuliffe as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. McAuliffe, who also played a significant role in carrying out Hillary Clinton’s schemes to sell taxpayer-financed services to the highest bidder for campaign contributions, and who is the Democratic fund-raiser “extraordinaire,” has been placed by both Clintons as the functional head of the Democratic Party. This means that the Clintons continue to be in control of not only the party, but the crime operation as a whole.

Bill Clinton’s presidential library. The don of the crime family is, of course, Bill Clinton, a.k.a. the “Godfather” — who will rule from his palatial roosts of his presidential library not only the banks of the Arkansas River, but atop a Trump-like fortress overlooking New York City’s Harlem district.

Notwithstanding the enormous cost to the U.S. taxpayer, Bill Clinton’s multi-million dollar personal and professional residences in Arkansas, New York City and, now, in Washington, D.C., provide him and his wife with a power command center operation second to none. When coupled with the mantle, power and benefits of the U.S. Senate and the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton crime family is well positioned to not only effect and further ongoing illegal acts, but to position Hillary Clinton for a “jackpot” run on the presidency in 2004 or 2008.

The return to the presidency is, of course, the great prize; because it provides the means to sell access for bribes, as well as to further the megalomaniacal quest of the Clinton crime family for power, prestige and money.

No government official or entity will be permitted to get in the way of the Clinton crime family; certainly not George W. Bush or Congressional Republicans — who, with their own share of “skeletons,” are afraid of their own shadows.

Their definition of the terms “move on” — which President Bush has been muttering in the face of every newly minted Clinton scandal — clearly has a different meaning for the Clintons.

Unlike the word “is,” there is no claimed ambiguity of their intentions to regain the White House in 2004.

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