Will this nightmare never end?

How many scandals must we unearth before America turns on Bill Clinton? Remember his last boast? “I may not live in the White House anymore, but I will still be around.” Hopefully the stench of that boast and his actions will open everyone’s eyes to the pure evil that is Bill Clinton.

Today, more than a month after Bill Clinton left the White House, the full details of his 140 pardons are starting to emerge. They paint an ugly picture of governmental corruption at the highest level. Clearly, during the last days of the Clinton administration, money talked and criminals walked.

Think about what he did. Congressman Dan Rostenkowski stole from the American people and was sent to prison. Good enough for a pardon from Bill. They convicted Mel Reynolds of having sex with a minor during his congressional reelection campaign. Sounds like a “pardonable” offense to Bill Clinton. Clinton pardoned big time drug dealers whose parents gave tons of money to the Democrats. He even cut a deal for himself, and the sordid, horrid, unbelievable list goes on and on.

I’ve already written about Marc Rich. Sunday, Bill Clinton blamed the Israeli government for the pardon. That sounds like treason to me. Because if he used his power to help a foreign government and harm the interests of the United States, he violated his oath of office.

Bill Clinton is such a feckless liar that he even lied about three Republican attorneys in his pathetic New York Times op-ed piece Sunday. That’s right, he lied on a Sunday. How could he think that he could get away with all of this?

My friends, Bill Clinton doesn’t care about the truth. He is the Antichrist. His job is to lead as many good people astray as possible. His job is to seduce people into believing that anything goes and nothing matters. He doesn’t care about the truth because the truth has no value to him.

We now know that if you had enough money and the right connections, you could buy your freedom, even if the entire federal legal system opposed you. Here’s the nightmare question. If justice was for sale during the final days, when did the Clintons start selling out the American people and how much money did they get?

We know that Bill and Hill stole furniture from the White House when they left. We know that they accused the right wing of plotting to overthrow Clinton when both knew he was a philandering dog. We now know that they sold presidential pardons for campaign contributions. What else have these evil people done?

What other crimes against the people have they committed? At what point will the fingers start pointing at Hillary? At what point will the demands for her impeachment start?

The latest bombshell is that they paid Hillary’s brother $400,000 to get Bill to grant pardons or sentence commutations for really bad people. In fact the payment terms for brother Hugh Rodham was “performance” based. If he could use his relationship with the president to do something that the Justice Department and the judicial branch of the U.S. government opposed, they would pay him more.

When the press exposed this smarmy deal, Bill and Hill said, “we knew nothing about it. We are so shocked.” That’s total garbage. It just adds to the growing list of lies from the most evil couple to ever live in the White House.

Bill Clinton’s brother-in-law went in and out of the White House during the final days of his presidency like a whirling dervish. Hugh Rodham is the personification of the fat-cat lawyer. He doesn’t work for free. If the American people accept the latest Clinton lie, the end times are truly upon us.

My friends, it should now be clear to everyone in the world that Bill Clinton is totally evil. He believes in nothing. He lies about everything. He has sold his soul for sex, money and power. Hillary has sold her soul to her devil so that she can run for president in 2004. That, praise the lord, will not happen.

Hillary’s star is already starting to dim. By the time that we expose all of the sins of her husband, she will be lucky to keep her job as a senator. Because Bill Clinton does nothing without the advice and consent of Hillary Rodham Clinton. You can take that to the bank.

So now it is time to figure out why this happened. Remember the 1996 election? Remember those who said that character didn’t matter? What do you think about character now?

Remember Monica (we don’t even need to use her last name) Lewinsky? Remember those who said that violating his marriage vows was OK? They said lying to his wife and the country had no impact on Clinton’s ability to lead America. What do you think about that now? Do you still think that a man can lie all of his life and then change his stripes when they promise wealth if he continues to lie?

Four years ago, I said that everything had consequences. It should now be clear that the Antichrist is among us in Bill Clinton. Never have we seen so much talent used for such evil. Today, this “man” is doing everything in his power to convince us that evil is good and good doesn’t matter. I shudder to think about what we will learn as the days and weeks unfold. For Bill Clinton is a truly evil man and I would put nothing beyond him.

Some want to put Clinton’s sins behind us and move on. They are wrong. 2,000,000 Americans are in our jails and prisons for violating our rights. We owe it to them to treat Bill Clinton the same way we treat white hillbillies and black teens. The day we allow Bill Clinton to get away with the total abuse of his responsibilities to our great nation is the day that our great nation dies.

Bill Clinton had the right to grant pardons, but he didn’t have the right to be corrupt.

The good Lord is challenging all of us now to stand up for what we believe. Force our politicians to apply the law to this evil man. Hold him accountable for his crimes against the American people.

Send him to prison for the rest of his life if the truth is as bad as it seems. Don’t let him cut another deal to avoid responsibility for his sins. He has done too much harm and gotten away with too many crimes.

There is a lesson for all of us from what we are learning about Bill and Hill. Everything has consequences. Everything has a price.

God is not an abstract notion. He is Lord. Good and evil are not just words. They are real choices that we must make every day.

America, the Antichrist walks amongst us today. His name is Bill Clinton.

Reject him. Reject the mark of the beast. Reject him for your salvation and the salvation of your family.

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