In the wake of two more shootings at U.S. high schools last week, a Texas state lawmaker whose parents were killed by a gunman 10 years ago has introduced a measure to allow some school officials to carry concealed weapons while at work.

Texas Rep. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp

Republican Rep. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp introduced H.B. 2353, as yet untitled, which would amend current state law prohibiting concealed weapons on school grounds.

According to the text of the bill, if passed the law would be changed to allow a school superintendent or principal to carry a concealed gun as a protective measure for children.

The law would apply only to school officials in counties of 20,000 or less, and only if the official currently has a state-authorized concealed weapons permit.

The law would take effect Sept. 1; any violations of current state law prohibiting concealed weapons at school would be prosecuted, the bill said.

Hupp, who is also a licensed chiropractor, is recognized worldwide as a leading advocate for the individual right to carry a concealed weapon.

In 1991, after leaving her gun in her car in order to comply with Texas law, Hupp witnessed the killing of both her parents and 21 others in a Luby’s Restaurant in Killeen.

Since the shooting, she has successfully run for the Texas legislature and has testified numerous times across the country in support of gun rights.

As a first-term congresswoman, her accomplishments include legislative approval for the establishment of an upper-level, public university in central Texas, the inclusion of additional days for the ballots of overseas military personnel to be counted in an election and the creation of a toll-free hotline to verify the safety record of an abortion facility.

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