I don’t know California Gov. Gray Davis, but I submit the man does
not have a clue.

Yesterday, he blamed the most recent spate of California’s rolling
blackouts on Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric because
they have not been paying the “qualifying facilities” (those energy
consortiums that supply the power). The reason they haven’t been paying,
according to the Honorable Davis, is because they have been pocketing the
money instead. He claims that the utility companies are raking in the dough
by charging their customers, and then are failing to pay the power suppliers.

“It’s wrong and irresponsible of the utilities to pocket this money and
not pay the generators,” Davis said at a news conference. “They’ve acted
irresponsibly and immorally, and it has to stop.”

And I say, “It’s wrong and irresponsible for elected officials to
intentionally lie to the public. They’re acting irresponsibly and immorally,
and it has to stop.”

I am not certain at what point in time the Democrats became the party of
lies, but nothing illustrates their pathology better than the past few years.
Their very own commander in thief, Bill Clinton, set such a great example
when he lied to the nation, to a grand jury and to everyone within earshot
that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman” that Democrats
everywhere now operate as though the truth is subjective and fact a matter of

They’ve probably been lying a lot longer than that (their record of
voting for civil rights comes to mind), but never has their propensity for
twisting the truth become more evident than in these past few years.

This is not only alarming, it is detestable.

In recent months, their misbehavior has been escalating to a fevered
pitch. There is the election fiasco, whereby prominent Democrats are still
proclaiming, on national airwaves, that Al Gore really won the election.
Sen. Hillary “I don’t recall” Clinton, before the Florida totals were
completed for the final time, announced that “when the votes have all been
counted, Al Gore will have won.” How would she know he won? Is she some
kind of psychic?

Terry McAuliffe, newly elected Chairman of the DNC, said in the
aftermath of the most recent Florida recount (number 123,345) that “Al Gore
won Florida.” (This two months after Bush took office.) What he fails to
mention is that by Florida state law — enacted not by Republicans, but by the
Democrats who controlled Florida years ago — the only valid vote is one in
which the ballot is clearly punched through or marked for one candidate per
office. Anything else does not constitute a vote.

Sen. Joe “I’m troubled” Lieberman, recently and incredibly referred
to himself as “vice president of the government in exile” when speaking at
the Temple Emeth in Delray Beach, Florida in mid-February. He also said, “I
think we won Florida,” regarding his and Al Gore’s loss of the presidential
election, and “It will be a snowy day in Palm Beach County if we ever let
what happened last November happen again.”

And it is troubling. Here you have a U.S. senator and former
vice-presidential candidate who will not only blatantly lie to his
constituents about the election results, but is reinforcing their belief that
the election was stolen. Do these people ever educate themselves about the
facts? Or are they just completely devoid of both intellect and integrity?

And then there is the double-headed conscience of the Democrats, Dick
Gephardt and Tom Daschle, who have been working fervently to elicit outrage
over President Bush’s proposed tax cuts. By avoiding the facts — like
just how much the poor and middle class are actually subsidized by the rich
through nefarious tax codes that disproportionately place the greatest burden
of government expense on the backs of the wealthy, they work instead to get
the little people frothing at the mouths over the injustice of a tax cut that
would return the most money to those who actually paid in the most money.

Never mind that the top 5 percent of earners pay almost half of the
income tax. Never mind that those with wealth are the ones who create jobs
that enable people to be employed so that they can pay for their house, their
food, their transportation and not have to beg the government for a handout
or, heaven forbid, break their backs growing their own food, sewing their own
clothes or chopping their own wood to keep warm.

Because, in the absence of our capitalist society, that is exactly where
they would be.

But that’s right, I forgot.

The Democrats don’t like capitalism. They don’t like concepts such as
self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. They don’t want people to help
themselves. They’re not interested in allowing men and women to earn a
living and keep their wages and dictate the course of their lives. They
don’t care about the fundamentals of freedom.

If they did, they’d be out of a job.

So, instead, Democrats claim to be working for the little people. Which
is about as close to the truth a Democrat will ever get. Because they are
working for the little people — only, they’re working to keep the little
people little, the uneducated dumb, the unhealthy sick. They’re working to
cripple industry, curtail freedom and stunt growth.

They’re working to turn the American Dream into the Socialist’s Nightmare.

Stop the Democrats Now!

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