Will the International Criminal Court have the ability to preempt and eliminate the hard-won rights of U.S. citizens? A treaty signed by former-President Clinton — that is now being reviewed by President Bush — could easily lead to the destruction of U.S. sovereignty and constitutionally guaranteed protections, warns one veteran U.S. congressman.

In Sunday’s WorldNetDaily, Geoff Metcalf interviews Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, a man who is considered by many to be the U.S. House of Representatives’ leading spokesman for liberty, sound money, free market economics and constitutional government and who was recently a guest on Geoff Metcalf’s online radio talk show. Paul lays out the shocking truth surrounding the International Criminal Court, and what concerned Americans can do to stop it.

Read Metcalf’s in-depth interview with Rep. Ron Paul this Sunday.

Editor’s note: The upcoming April edition of WorldNet magazine, WND’s monthly print magazine, will be devoted entirely to the issue of the 16th Amendment, the IRS and income taxes, and will include extensive comments from Rep. Ron Paul on the subject. The March issue features an in-depth expose of the Federal Reserve System. Readers may subscribe to WorldNet at WND’s online store.

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