They’re still frothing at the mouth over Bush’s tax cut plan.

By the sound of it, according to the compassionate Democrats, if the stupid Republicans manage to push this bill through the Senate with the aid of those treasonous Blue Dogs, the whole economy could go belly up, not to mention wreck plans for their continued wealth redistribution schemes.

Socialistic opponents have been fervently working to discredit Bush’s tax cut plan ever since he unveiled it. They’ve claimed that passing this tax cut could endanger everything from Social Security to reindeer herds. Oh, wait — that was a different counterclockwise problem.

This tax cut plan won’t affect the reindeer herds (though it could theoretically get them off federal welfare and back into the mainstream).

What the tax cut might do is destroy the budget surplus and, most horrifyingly, return money to the rich. The only thing the bleeding hearts haven’t brought up yet is the children.

No — they did bring up the children.

They said cutting taxes so broadly could endanger education, and schools might not be able to operate at the caliber they presently do.

Which might not be such a terrible thing, especially considering how so many brilliant honors kids are graduating from high school only to take remedial courses in English and math when they get into college.

But I’m getting off track here.

After weeks of polling, Democratic opposition is losing steam after it dawned on them that a lot of constituents wouldn’t mind a tax cut, even if it will only buy them a muffler for their used car. Not only that, but it would be a real shame to lose an incumbent seat over the cost of a stupid exhaust pipe.

So they reconsidered, and proposed their own, moderate, tax cut, that in times like these (economy quaking, layoffs looming, and the stock market proving yet again that nothing in life is guaranteed), couldn’t hurt, particularly if it gave a tax cut only to the financially challenged.

It was promptly shot down.

But we still need a tax cut, particularly in light of the little fact that we are now paying more taxes than we’ve ever paid in the history of this country — and maybe even Sweden.

So the flak’s been flying in Washington and the parasites have been posturing with their own solution to sucking our blood — just a pint at a time instead of a quart, and Bush the exterminator hasn’t budged an inch.

Cut taxes across the board, cut governmental spending and make the budget work.

I’m just wondering how many times he’s going to have to say it before it sinks in.

It’s not the government’s money; it’s the people’s money. The government doesn’t make the economy work; the people make the economy work.

A tax surplus means the people have been taxed too much. And just forget about the stupid reindeer!

He’s talking people.

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