After only a few months of the Bush Administration, it should be obvious to any thinking person that the globalism favored by the Republicans will actually accelerate in the coming years. The Republicans will not stand in the gap to save Western Civilization — that will have to come from Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and perhaps Russia.

Evils, insanity and injustices like abortion — even at nine months — affirmative action and massive Third-World immigration will continue on unabated. Let’s not forget the slave-labor camps for Christians and political dissidents in Communist China or the two million black-African Christians in South Sudan slaughtered, starved and crucified since 1993.

When Bush Jr. speaks of “defending America’s allies,” thinking people must cringe at the mere thought of it. Taiwan and South Korea are being betrayed even as we speak. Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, South Africa, Angola, Rhodesia, Congo-Katanga, South Sudan, Chile, Venezuela, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Lebanon and the Kurds all either have suffered — or are in the process of suffering — through betrayal by America and the West.

This of course is troubling to concerned Americans which have even a minimal interest in freedom and standing up against evil. Communism, Marxism, Islamic jihad, transnational drug lords and rogue states like North Korea and Iraq combine to form a significant bogeyman. A bogeyman scary enough to even keep Alan Greenspan — the man who has replaced the God of the Bible as the center of Western civilization — awake nights.

What might a real man of God and a real lover of freedom have told America and the world this past January 20th during his inaugural speech?

Such a speech might have gone something like this:

My fellow Americans, greetings from the ‘Bully pulpit.’ Before I tell you what I can do for you in the next four years, allow me first to tell you what I cannot do.

The President of the United States cannot help married people to honor their wedding vows or remind parents to fill their children’s lunchboxes with proper food on school mornings.

He cannot make children respect their parents. He can’t stop students from cheating on exams, bullying each other or killing each other with bombs or gunfire. He cannot force you to treat others with civility and respect.

The leader of the “free” (non-globalist) world cannot force children to aspire to be astronauts and engineers instead of the next quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.

He cannot stop Europeans from being discriminated against when you apply for entrance to elite universities, jobs at the FBI, CIA, NSA, the military or in corporate life. He cannot stop discrimination in the culture against Christians, Orthodox Jews or Muslims.

In fact, this president wants to tell Americans of all races, creeds and colors this one universal immutable truth: During your lifetime you will most likely — at some point — be told that you are too young, too old, too white, too black, too Christian, too Jewish, too Arab, too Indian, too Chicano, too blonde, too gay, too heterosexual, too fat, too thin, too short or too educated to get the position in life you deserve. All that the president can do is remind you of that old axiom, “You can’t keep a good man (or woman) down!”

The president cannot make you stop mutilating your bodies with body-piercings or tattoos — which incidentally cause over 40 percent of all Hepatitis-C cases annually in the United States. He cannot trade in your gangland style clothes or retread 1970’s fashions — or morals for that matter.

The power of the Oval Office cannot stop people from engaging in dangerous sexual behavior, behavior that exposes them to the horrors of AIDS and disease.

He cannot stop the unwanted pregnancies that have resulted in 30 million abortions in the United States since 1973. Those 30 million people — none of whom will have their murder investigated by the FBI — would have contributed 17 trillion dollars to America’s GNP.

Incidentally, that is the exact real-time number of our national debt.

The president cannot turn Sunday back into the Sabbath. He cannot stop you from squandering your time watching sports on television or debasing the morals of your children with television shows like South Park. He cannot help you find or rediscover your religious faith.

The president cannot stop people from using drugs to fill an inner void. He cannot tell you that alcohol is a dangerously addictive drug.

He cannot force you to spend your money wisely, to save for a rainy day and avoid credit cards. He is unable to make you understand that the ultimate purpose in life is helping others, using the talents God gave you and walking ever closer with the Lord — rather than shopping at the mall.

The president cannot make you volunteer time to programs like adult literacy, the Salvation Army and Big Brothers-Big Sisters.

Alone, the president cannot save the Boy Scouts from the Sodomites, nor their perverted agenda from Gomorrah.

The man on Pennsylvania Avenue cannot develop the means to dispose of the millions of tons of high-level nuclear waste spread across the American landscape. In fact, we haven’t as yet figured out what to do with the original atomic wastes from the Hiroshima bomb. And we somehow can’t stop buying high-level nuclear waste from the Russians and storing it in railroad cars in Colorado and Idaho.

He cannot stop the Marxists and liberals in the State Department and Federal Reserve Bank, nor those at the United Nations, Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Hollywood from destroying everything that made America the greatest nation in the world.

The president cannot stop the red, white and blue stripes and stars in the American flag from representing the blood of aborted babies, abandoned saints in China and Sudan, defacto corporate-globalist white supremacy, or the New Age and the occult.

He cannot bring our divided nation together once again. The reality is that America has broken into many different racial, political and religious factions. These groups hold value systems so different from one another that once the love of money proves to be a false glue — nothing will be able to hold back the coming blood bath. With these things in mind, my fellow Americans, as the next president of the United States I can only do one thing — tell you the truth.

The truth is ugly, but as real Americans you must be brave enough to face it.

The truth is that America’s primary and secondary schools resemble zoos, prisons and brothels more than places of learning. Even 5th graders are having sex. Sometimes, as happened recently in Cincinnati, these 5th graders traded sodas for sex. At many high schools around America, sex lists have appeared in which the young men seek to have sex with every girl they can. And many girls actually want to be on these lists.

But there is a lot more truth to be told. There is no cure for AIDS and one isn’t likely in the foreseeable future. Exotic diseases — some man made — are a growing threat. So is Ebola.

Our once pristine rivers, lakes and oceans are polluted beyond imagination. Some of our drinking water, including the Tuscalosa Aquifer, has been contaminated by nuclear waste.

America’s agricultural blessings are under severe attack. Our wheat belt is shifting north into Canada. Drought threatens cities like Reno, Nev., and Tucson, Ariz. An earthquake that will devastate California in the near future is all but certain.

While we celebrate our victory in the Cold War, let’s remember than more than one in five people on earth still live under communist tyranny. In China, North Korea, the Shiite Islamic states and Russia there are nuclear and biological weapons — and the missiles to deliver them — aimed at America’s crime- and drug-infested, jungle-like cities.

American workers used to make things that would last. In 1986, a Flying Fortress Bomber was salvaged off the coast of Japan, where it lay under the sea since the waning days of World War II. A corrosion study found that only the tip of one propeller has rusted. Surely our grandparents knew how to make things that would last.

Sadly, these days, America’s financial and economic genius lay in shady gold-for-debt Third-World relief schemes, credit cards, cheap slave-labor imports, movies, music, athletics, insurance, weapons sales and high-tech exports.

That most Americans don’t realize that our country is lost is a sign of just how lost we really are. Like a fighter pilot struggling to reorient himself in the midst of a dogfight, we frantically seek a fixed point on the horizon to help us pull out of our collective dive and avoid a fiery crash.

We await the beacon that will show us the difference between racism and the hopelessness of the human condition. The difference between lust and love. The difference between the polarized visions of the American dream. Is it all about money and sex and power? Or is it about love, kindness, courage, self-denial and goodness?

As the next president of the United States, the best and only thing I can do is to remind you of all that has made America great and all that can make her great once again.

The president cannot make the needed change in our national direction without your help. The answers won’t come from the White House. They will have to come from your house.

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