China’s enmity is now apparent to most Americans. Of course, we should
not hate the Chinese people. Our displeasure should be focused on China’s
leaders. Yet people and leaders exist together, in one package and one
country. This tragic fact cannot be helped. The communists are a minority
in China, as they are in every country — but they are a ruling minority who
determine state policy. They use the Chinese people as a weapon against
other countries. They employ nationalist propaganda to build Chinese
indignation against American “imperialism.” World revolution is their goal.
And we must never forget what world revolution signifies.

Let us recall the words of Deng Xiaoping, the recent helmsman of the
People’s Republic who said in his “Collected Works” that “although our
socialist system is still imperfect and has suffered disruption, it is much
better than the capitalist system.” The governing idea of the People’s
Republic is yet the overthrow of capitalism, the “liquidation” of the world
bourgeoisie and the smashing of so-called “American imperialism.” These are
China’s goals, however crazy they might seem.

American statesmen who think trade with China is a device for filing
down communist fangs are mistaken. Even Chinese citizens are fooled by their
government’s behavior, and often suppose that ideology is dead. Yes, very
few Chinese believe in communism. Yes, most Communist Party members are
opportunists who follow the party line with a cynical smile. But all the
same, the top leadership in Beijing believe in the precepts of Marx, Engels,
Lenin and Mao. Some may think such beliefs have been moderated in recent
years, but the moderation is purely tactical, temporary, and based on
long-term strategic considerations. We have to understand that Nixon was a
fool for visiting China, Carter was a fool for recognizing China, and we are
all fools together for buying from China! It seems that we are stuck in this
relationship, which is used to facilitate Beijing’s military buildup against

The recent dispute with China should have been taken as an opportunity
to reduce our imports from China. It was a perfect excuse. At the same
time, however, we did not want to sacrifice our captive servicemen. But now
we are free from all that. We can discuss a cutting of trade relations. Of
course, such a discussion will not happen. But I say, let us boycott China

Go to the store and see all the items that have “Made in China” labels.
Consider the powerful economic interests we’ve set into motion which now act
to paralyze our opposition to future Chinese encroachments, as they have
already paralyzed our reaction to the Chinese presence at the Panama Canal.
But all is not lost. We can solve this problem ourselves. The people in
this country can organize a boycott. We can do what our government doesn’t
have the courage to do. We can vote with our pocket-books.

China’s communist government is our enemy. World revolution is their
goal. This must be understood and acted upon.

“Our system will improve more and more with the passage of time,”
promised China’s late ultimate leader, Deng Xiaoping. “By absorbing the
progressive elements of other countries, it will become the best in the
world. Capitalism can never achieve this. It is absolutely wrong to lose
faith in socialism and think that it is inferior to capitalism just because
we have made mistakes.”

Socialism is still the plan in China. And this socialism is not some
harmless idea held by a silly college teacher. Marxism-Leninism has already
resulted in a hundred million deaths around the world. Today the communists moderate
themselves, but this is a strategic measure. Tomorrow they will kill again.

China’s current president, Jiang Zemin, told a group of PLA generals in
the winter of 1994-1995, “I am aware of the fact that the West remains our
chief enemy.” In a December 1999 speech Jiang said, “We must assess the
trends in the world and envisage our country’s destiny with Marxism-Leninism,
Mao Zedong Thought, and Deng Xiaoping Theory in particular.”

The founder of the communist Chinese regime, Mao Zedong, once said, “We
thank Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin for giving us a weapon. This weapon is
not a machine gun, but Marxism-Leninism.”

It is hard for Americans to grasp that China’s ruling ideology is
considered a weapon. We must remember, however, that ideas have the power to
motivate millions of human beings. Ideology is the basic fuel of every
totalitarian war machine. “We must not in the least neglect or slacken
criticism of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideologies of ultra-individualism
and anarchism,” said Deng Xiaoping, Mao’s successor.

The timing of China’s next aggression is unknown. Last week they
decided to moderate their position. But every month they put up more
missiles, they test more nuclear warheads and launch more ships. When will
they strike? China’s leaders are unpredictable, says China expert Steven
Mosher, “because the Chinese elite practice what might be called the politics
of historical revenge.”

Shortly after Mao’s death, comrade Deng spoke to the Chinese Communist
Party Central Committee about “the international united front struggle”
against American imperialism. “We belong to the Marxist camp,” said Deng,
“and can never be so thoughtless that we cannot distinguish friends from
enemies.” He added that all “American imperialist leaders” were enemies.
The only reason for trading and clinking glasses with these enemies was to
acquire “scientific knowledge and equipment.” Deng emphasized that in the
future America “will have no way of avoiding defeat by our hands.”

A few of us think that China has been secretly allied to Russia since
1960, that the Sino-Soviet split was a strategic deception and that America
has blundered down a strategic dead-end. Col. Stanislav Lunev, a defector
from the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff, revealed
in August 1998 that when he was stationed in China (during the 1980s) he
suspected that a secret alliance was then in place between Moscow and
Beijing. Sadly, Lunev’s testimony has been ignored by an American establishment that refuses to put two and two together.

In his 1984 book, “New Lies for Old,” KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn
claimed that the Sino-Soviet split was a disinformation operation. While the
world was being treated to stories and evidences of a Sino-Soviet split in
1960, communist leaders were privately affirming solidarity and eternal
friendship. “More than a year after the reported withdrawal of Soviet
economic and technical specialists from China, in July-August 1960, at least
some of the KGB advisors were still in place there,” wrote Golitsyn.

Based on his own analysis of Sino-Soviet strategy, Golitsyn predicted
that Russia and China would openly ally in the future, after the West had
been disarmed by the apparent collapse of the Soviet Union and by the
Sino-Soviet split. And yes, America has disarmed — to a tremendous extent.

There is now talk of further reductions in the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Our nuclear arsenal will be unilaterally reduced by half if George Bush gets
his way. That this has happened exactly as predicted — and that thousands of
Russian military experts are in China today — shows that a degree of
Sino-Soviet collaboration unthinkable to the Kissinger-Nixon crowd has reared
its ugly head (and with great effect). Not only have China and Russia
engaged in joint naval exercises, but they are sharing intelligence and
hardware on all fronts. We have long played the China card, but now we are

But why do the Chinese and Russians oppose us?

Marxism-Leninism is an ideology which Americans know almost nothing
about. The motivations of Chinese and Russians leaders remain a mystery only
because Marxism-Leninism remains a mystery. We need a crash course on the
basics of Marxism-Leninism. We need to understand that Lenin’s theory of the
World Revolutionary Process is a strategic blueprint for the destruction of
Western Civilization. According to Lenin we are living in the era of the
transition from capitalism to socialism. This is when the forces of the left
are mobilized into a “union of all revolutionary forces” to overthrow the
world bourgeoisie.

Lenin advanced the idea of merging socialist revolution with a war
against the Western powers. He wanted all the colonized peoples of the
world, the former slaves and those under Western control, to unite against
the civilization of capitalism (Western Europe and North America). Poor
nations would rise against rich nations, assisting the discontents of the
richest countries to seize power. This formula is not so much science as it
is strategy masquerading as science. It is a plan for taking control of the

We see this strategy continue to unfold in Colombia, Venezuela, South
Africa and Congo. Russia and China’s alliance with the Arabist governments
of Syria and Iraq are in keeping with the overall plan. The allies of Moscow
and Beijing need not be strict communists. It is enough if they seek to
battle the so-called imperialist powers. Here we see how Lenin’s
revolutionary formula is also the formula for a world war. It is a plan of
alliance, where non-Western countries unite for a final battle.

Look at who Russia and China are supplying with weapons. Across the
map, military supplies continue to pour into Russia’s Cold War allies — to
communist Angola, to the ANC in South Africa, to North Korea, Vietnam and
China. If communism was defeated in Russia, and if genuine repentance for
the communist past existed in Moscow, such a policy would not be possible.

It has been said that the strongest anti-Communists are former
communists. Suddenly this rule is suspended for the entire Russian
establishment. And this can only signify one thing: Russia’s establishment
is still communist. Russia is yet guided by Lenin, whose corpse remains on
display in Moscow.

Why didn’t they bury him?

No answer to this is given!

The socialist revolution of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao is an economic
revolution. Once the communists get control of the entire planet they will
restructure all spheres of social life. In fact, communist change agents are
at work even now, in America — at your local public school, in the
halls of Congress, at your local newspaper, church and university. The
communists are always few in number, but they are well organized and
ideologically armed.

“It is impossible to deprive the deposed bourgeoisie of its privileges
immediately,” declares a communist text from the 1980s. So the Marxists
advance by degrees. The recent incident with China shows that they are not
ready to directly take us on. Rather than push the issue by keeping our
servicemen, they wisely sought to preserve trade relations with the “stupid

It would have been better for America and worse for China if they’d
kept our people hostage, leading to the economic isolation of the People’s
Republic. But the Chinese leaders are not stupid. They returned our people
without forcing America to accept blame for the incident, saving face behind
the facade of an irrelevant American apology for landing a crippled plane
without permission.

Now that our people are returned, we should boycott China anyway.

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