Behind ‘The Third Boer War’

By Anthony C. LoBaido

Editor’s note: This column is the story behind Anthony LoBaido’s recently published epic novel, “The Third Boer War.”

The story of how I came to write “The Third Boer War is stranger than the
fictional plot of the novel itself. It was a 10-year odyssey that
challenged my will and faith at a level I had never before experienced.

Between June and December of 1991 I traveled to South Africa to complete the
foreign journalism internship for my master’s degree at Baylor University in
Texas — where I had earned a full scholarship for an International
Journalism degree. South Africa was the epitome of my youth. While working
in South Africa, then still pro-West, Christian and anti-Communist and
anti-globalist, I became the first and only journalist in the world
to gain entrance into the elite, mercenary-run training camps of
South Africa’s Afrikaner Resistance Movement. These investigations produced
ground-breaking journalism.

My articles were featured in the South African Sunday Star,
Durban Times, Belgium Way Press (translated into French) and Soldier of
Fortune magazine. Former South African President F.W. De Klerk even used
photographs appearing with my articles in his campaign to dismantle
Apartheid in the March 1992 referendum. Nelson Mandela went on national
television holding a copy of one of my stories, railing against the
anti-communist Afrikaners. Of course the liberal Newsday — my hometown
Long Island newspaper which I delivered in rain, snow or sunshine for years
as a young boy — rejected all of these stories outright.

Can you imagine that?

Using my Afrikaans language (the Dutch/German hybrid spoken by the
Boer/Afrikaners) ability as a gateway, I was able to get inside the
Afrikaner mentality in a way that few other foreign/Western
journalists had ever been able to. I was given a unique insight into the
complexities of South Africa’s contemporary geopolitical situation. Most
prominent of these was the 30-year “Border War” the Afrikaners fought in
Angola against the Soviet Union, Cuba, East Germany and other Soviet allies
who tried to invade their nation.

Of course most Americans have been totally brainwashed about the Afrikaners
and South Africa. In general, the public has been told that the Afrikaners
are Nazis who hate blacks. Movies like “Lethal Weapon 2” have sadly only
fueled this propaganda lie of the leftist, Marxist Hollywood elite.

The reality is of course, 180 degree in the opposite direction. The
Afrikaners carved the richest and most prosperous nation out of the
wilderness of Africa. They fought and bled and died for Great Britain and
America in World War I and II. (Despite the fact that the British killed
26,000 Afrikaner women and children in the world’s first concentration camps
during the Boer War 1899-1902). Afrikaner pilots fought for South Korea —
along with the Rhodesians — during the Korean War. Yet South Korea voted
for anti-South Africa and anti-Rhodesia sanctions at the United Nations
after all they did for Seoul at their darkest hour.

The Afrikaners even helped Israel to build their own nuclear weapons. Could
there be anything more anti-Nazi than arming Jews in Israel with their own
atomic arsenal against their Soviet-backed Islamic jihad adversaries?

Of course not.

The Afrikaners in general were and are the greatest people I have ever
encountered — and I have lived, worked and traveled to the four corners of
the Earth. They are tough and rugged and Christian. Their ruggedness exceeds
that even of the Israelis and South Koreans. The Afrikaners were against
abortion, which was illegal in their nation from the 1600’s until the ANC
took over in 1994. Television was kept out of South Africa until the mid
1970s. Pornographic magazines were also illegal until the late 1980s.
Shops in South Africa closed on Saturday afternoon to prepare for the Sunday

All in all, despite the many egregious flaws of Apartheid, South Africa was a
maverick, Christian, anti-communist, pro-West nation and the
brightest outpost of Christian, European civilization in all of Africa. The
Afrikaners were also the key member of an anti-communist alliance during the
Cold War featuring El Salvador, Chile, Taiwan and Israel. When America would
not help the Contras any longer, it was the Afrikaners who sent arms — and
the means and will to take out Marxists like Bishop Romero in El Salvador.
When the American Congress lied about helping South Africa stop the Soviets
and Cubans in Angola, it was left, as always to the Afrikaners, to handle
the communists on their own. And then did — as always.

Yes, the human-rights abuses under Apartheid committed by the government hit
squads — led by lunatics like Eugene de Kock and Dr. Wauter Basson — are the epitome of evil. But they represent one
tenth of one percent of the Afrikaner nation. These crimes and, in fact, the
entire war in South Africa were committed in the suppression of a Marxist
terrorist war, launched by the Soviet-trained African National Congress. The truth be known, some of these crimes were so horrible that I
would have probably joined the ANC myself had I known about them in the
early 1990s.

On the other side of the coin, the ANC’s crimes are legion. These included
putting tires filled with petrol around the necks of their enemies and
lighting them on fire. Terrorist bombings of Afrikaner women and children –
like the infamous Church Street attack — represent the very worst of this
asymmetrical campaign. The ANC also tortured and murdered its own black
communist cadres — especially in the Angola terrorist training camps.
Nelson Mandela even ordered and then covered up the slaughter of unarmed
Zulus at the Shell House massacre after he was released from prison.

The Mandela myth

Not many people realize that Nelson and Winny Mandela have a great deal of
blood on their hands. Despite the lies spread to the gullible American
public on Oprah and Larry King, even Mandela admits in his autobiography
that he should have been summarily executed for his crimes.
He spent little time at Robbin Island, and actually lived under house arrest
in a comfortable estate complete with every amenity imaginable.

Speaking of the Mandela myth, only last week, Harry Wu, perhaps the world’s
leading human-rights dissident told me
, “When I think of [Nelson]
Mandela, I feel very sad. When he became president of South Africa, he
abandoned Taiwan and recognized China instead. Taiwan and [anti-communist,
Apartheid] South Africa had been close allies. Mandela has extensive human
rights knowledge. He may not be a communist, but the new leader of South
Africa, Thabo Mbeki is definitely a communist. Recently he went to Cuba to
meet with Castro, and he was trained in Moscow.”

Nelson Mandela, upon his ascent to power, legalized abortion and advanced the homosexual agenda. He even put homosexual rights in South Africa’s new
constitution — the first time this was done in the history of civilization.
The country has been overrun with illegal immigrants, pornography, AIDS and
crime. Mandela, in true Marxist fashion, even emptied the jails of all the
rapists and murderers. This is known as “anarcho-tyranny,” and has led to a
general state of anarchy in “The New South Africa,” just has it has in
Venezuela and the New Indonesia under their de facto Marxist governments.

Furthermore, Mandela told his cadres to “burn down their schools,” meaning the whites’, and not to learn Afrikaans, which he called the “language of the oppressor.” Of
course Mandela did give his inaugural address when he became president in
Afrikaans. In that way he reminds one of Cambodia’s Pol Pot, who spoke
French fluently, yet sent anyone else who spoke French to the Killing
Fields. Mandela’s illiterate and unemployable minions, who now run the
nation, have led South Africa down the slippery slope of anarchy.

Mandela traveled to Libya, where he awarded Muammar Gadhafi
South Africa’s highest medal of military honor. Both Mandela and Gadhafi have
committed numerous terrorist acts. Mandela ordered the famous Church Street
bombing, which went off at rush hour to maximize casualties of Afrikaner women,
children and babies.

Considering Nelson and Winny Mandela’s blood-stained track record — their
support of abortion, pornography, Marxism, communism, the homosexual agenda,
world government, necklacing, free sex, murder, terrorism, sanctions and
propaganda — they stand as a prototype of the Antichrist who is to come. Not
only are they not condemned for these actions, they are actually praised for
them. When Nelson Mandela traveled to Libya and gave Gadhafi South Africa’s
highest medal of honor barely anyone in the West raised an eyebrow. Remnant
believers and those not fooled by these lies will immediately call to mind
2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2, which speaks of the “Great delusion of the end

And that is really the point of “The Third Boer War.”

The world is out of control and we must look at our own lives and our own
sins and repent. We must be preparing for judgment, as Americans, a part of
Western Civilization and, human beings on planet Earth. We must realize that most basic lesson of all — there is good and evil in every race, culture, creed, nation and political party.

A strange dark light of evil has swept over the world, and there is nothing
we can do to stop it. Sometimes that evil can appear as beautiful as Donna
Dixon, the star of “Spies Like Us.” And this dark is so powerful that it
takes the very call of the Lord to pull us out of this terrestrial world —
which Satan has seemingly taken hold over at a frighteningly accelerating
pace, leaving one breathless.

I wrote “The Third Boer War” between 1992 and 1994. It took 2,000 hours of
research and writing to do so. That is 40 hours per week for 50 weeks. I
spent my life savings writing that book. I dropped out of my Ph.D. program
at Texas A&M to do so. I lived like an animal with Vietnamese immigrants at
one point. I sold my plasma and even took experimental pharmaceuticals in
clinical tests for money to buy food. I ruined my back while hunched over
the computer all those hours, but I don’t regret one minute of it.

Return to South Africa

In February of 1995, I once again traveled to South Africa to try and sell
The Third Boer War. I immediately found a promising lead from Chris Van
Rensberg Publishers. When I called them and spoke about my idea for the
novel, they were positively ecstatic. They told me, “We will rush right up
to Sunnyside [a suburb of Pretoria] and get the book from you. Don’t even
show it to any other publisher.”

And true to their word, they did come up almost immediately to my apartment
and take the novel for consideration. We even signed a preliminary
agreement. They were indeed going to publish it, but then were afraid that
the ANC would cancel their government publishing contracts, so they backed
off the project.

Later, the head of J.P. Van der Walt and Sons, the oldest publisher in South
Africa personally read the novel and loved it. He wanted to publish it in
Afrikaans but only if I could first find an English language publisher to
publish it in the UK or USA. I tried countless hundreds of publishers in
the U.S. and Europe, but only Macmillan was interested in seeing more

It seems that a novel that was Christian, anti-communist, pro-European,
anti-abortion, spoke of the end times, the Antichrist, angels, the UFO
delusion and the Mandela myth was against the entire agenda of the liberal
transnational elite who have taken almost complete hold of Western
Civilization and hence, the world. Since political power cannot be fully
achieved until cultural power is fully seized, “The Third Boer War” was shut

Yes, my novel had been blocked — first by ANC pressure and then the economic
collapse of South Africa. But other wheels were in motion as well.

When I had returned to South Africa in 1995, I was also able to write about
Executive Outcomes, a private, mercenary army run by ex-Special Forces
members of the SADF. Executive Outcomes fights around Africa and the world on behalf of multinational corporations in search of lucrative mineral rights. Even “60 Minutes” ran a segment on Executive Outcomes, only it came years after my own story, and failed to speak of any of EO’s connections to the DeBeer’s diamond cartel and upper echelons of the Marxist ANC and
British government.

During this time I was also asked to speak on Radio Donkerhoek, the last
“free” radio station in all of South Africa. This station was run by
Commander Willem Ratte, one of the Special Forces leaders of the SADF’s war
in Angola against the Soviets. Eeben Barlow, the head of Executive Outcomes,
told me personally that Ratte was “the most professional soldier in the
history of the SADF.”

Ratte is a national hero who was imprisoned by the ANC on false charges. He
is the one man the ANC truly fears. After I spoke on Radio
Donkerhoek with Ratte — about the ANC and globalist agenda — two days
later, Nelson Mandela sent in the army, complete with helicopters, to shut
down the radio station. Such is the ANC’s fear of the truth.

Of course silly me, I had no idea that so many people were paying attention
to me. I should have known better. Back in 1991, George Bush Sr. had sent
300 CIA agents to Pretoria to assist De Klerk in betraying the nation to the
ANC terrorists. Bush even has a display at his Texas A&M library promoting
his “foreign policy achievement” of this betrayal. Ironically, in the summer
of 1993, I was hired by Texas A&M and President Bush to produce a documentary
on his life to raise the many millions to build that library. That video was
featured on CNN on Aug. 8, 1993.

One Afrikaner intelligence agent told me that the ANC had several agents
assigned to watching me during my 1995 trip. Back in 1991, a top man at the
American embassy, Barry Walkey had even called my little cottage at Rand
Afrikaans University to check up on me. British intelligence had called The
Sunday Star to raise a fuss about my popular articles.

Of course, the British had long sought to bring back South Africa into the Commonwealth. MI-6 Intelligence understood all too well that once the South African people understood that the Afrikaners were Christians who saw anti communist blacks as brothers, and also hated Nazism, they would no longer be afraid to stand up for what was right.

Membership in the Afrikaner Resistance Movement increased by 50,000 after my
articles were run. This multicultural alliance led eventually to the
“Freedom Front” which but for a last-minute CIA-inspired split would no
doubt have saved South Africa from its current Marxist and globalist

During this time, the famous Peter Hawthorne of Time magazine contacted his
New York office on my behalf and asked that I be given the chance to write a
story on the Afrikaner rightists. Of course, the blue-eyed boys in New York

To me it was just one giant game of wiffle ball in the back yard, a pseudo
fantasy in which I had become the character in my own novel. Yet it was all
chillingly real and deadly serious.

In the end, “The Third Boer War” challenges the reader to ask many difficult
questions. Most prominent of these is the nature of white supremacy and its
21st century agenda. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro — a big fan of Afrikaner
military supremacy — has recently stated that the Western-led, one-world
global economy has its roots in the Nazi Holocaust. Castro has even
requested to hold Nuremberg style trials for the white, transnational
corporate elite of the Western World.

A quick perusal of the Nazi agenda in the 1930s and 1940s would include
homosexual rights (Hitler used the Brown Shirts, then killed them off in the
“Night of the Long Knives”), eugenics, abortion, euthanasia, a
corporate-government business alliance and the persecution of Jews and
Christians. One cannot forget the alliance with Marxism (Hilter’s pact with
Stalin, however brief, mirrors Clinton lunatic and delusional “strategic
partnership” with the butchers of Communist China). How sad it must be for
liberals in America to see how close their agenda is to Adolf Hitler. Just
who are the real Nazis today? Is it the Afrikaners, who gave the Jews the
atomic bomb? Or the liberals who run the halls of power in America, Europe,
Canada and Australia?

My days in South Africa were the greatest I have ever known. When South
Africa died, a part of me died along with it. Yet the Afrikaners did teach
me who the real enemy was: China, Russia, Shiite Islam, Marxism, the United
Nations, Socialist International, Madison Avenue, Hollywood, the Marxist-leaning U.S. State Department and the Federal Reserve Bank. For that, I will
always be grateful to them.

The joy I had standing in the light of the brave Afrikaner Christians, and
their Zulu and Indian allies is something I shall never forget.
Indeed, since that time, I have devoted my life to helping persecuted
non-white Christians like the Karen of Burma, Hmong of Laos, Montagnards of
Vietnam, South Lebanon, UNITA in Angola, South Sudan and, of course, the

Many readers ask me, “Will there be a Third Boer War?” Certainly that is
possible. The murder of white farmers in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia and South Africa
is a bad omen. As are the killings of whites recently in Wichita and the
Seattle Fat Tuesday riots. Whites have had it too easy and too good for far
too long — and certainly Western civilization today stands at its greatest
crisis since the days prior to the invasion of Genghis Kahn and the
creation of the Magna Carta which turned back the divine right of kings.

There is a prophecy well known to the Afrikaners that says they will
once again rule South Africa. The prophet was a man named Nicolaas Siener (Afrikaans for “Seer”) van Rensburg. To even mention this prophecy
terrifies the ANC, which has proven to be a total failure at “running” this
once great nation.

In the book, “Voice of a Prophet” by Adriaan Snyman, Seer van Rensburg’s
prophecies about the Afrikaners were brought to light. Some 100 years ago
van Rensburg, had more than 700 visions about the future of South
Africa and the rest of the world. He was a modern Nostradamus who became a
legend during his lifetime. Between 1899 and his death in 1926 he correctly
predicted the outcome of the Boer War, the Great Flu epidemic of 1918, the
UK’s loss of all her colonies, Independence for Ireland, the atomic
disaster at Chernobyl on April 26 1986, the death of Princess Diana of
Wales, plagues in Great Britain, civil war in Bosnia, the assassination of
Apartheid’s grand designer, Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, the former Prime Minister of
South Africa, the release of Nelson Mandela by ex-President F.W. De Klerk, and
high tech warfare waged from the skies and beyond. Finally, van Rensburg
predicted a great racial war in South Africa.

Perhaps the anarchy of the 1990s is a punishment on the Afrikaners for
having fallen away from the Lord. After all the Afrikaners — who endured
the Great Trek away from the British and the eventually won victory over the
Zulus at Blood River — stopped their trek at the gold and diamond mines of
the Transvaal. Had they continued north, into the heart of Africa, the fate
of that glorious continent might have been spared today’s Apocalyptic

Certainly European civilization is killing itself with mass immigration and
abortion — and has never recovered from World Wars I or II when Europe went
to war with itself. As Ratte once told me, “Could you imagine South Africa
with 30 million whites?” To this I would add, “Could you imagine South
Africa today with 50 million whites, blacks, Indians and Asians who
love nothing more than God, and hate nothing more than sin and evil?”

However, the Afrikaners have shown the West that we don’t have to settle for
home-schooling and hiding in our little alienated world while evil
antichrists take our birthright and destroy the minds of our children. It
is our God-given right to fight for our civilization, culture, land and
future. A future that is free of control from the evil elites which now vex
our very souls. To paraphrase Churchill, “They will either be at our throat
or [dead] at our feet.”

Indeed, if we would only stand up and fight them, as our forefathers would
have done and did in the American Revolutionary War. It would be better to die
with honor than to live in shame. The victory is already ours — all we need
do is claim it.

Certainly the Hmong, Karen, Montagnards, Sudanese, Angolans, South Lebanese, Kurds and others would stand along side us as we battle the new
white supremacy and the Nazi agenda. Then there are the blacks, Mexicans,
American Indians, Arabs, Orthodox Jews and others who would surely fight with us
against the great evils of our time.

We know that if racism every dies it will die one friendship at a time. And
in this spirit we know that a new day will one day dawn over Africa. A
better day, free of godless Western corporations, AIDS, ivory poachers and

For Anthony LoBaido, despite my many difficulties in publishing this book, I
will always have my memories of adventure in South Africa. I will never
forget the colorful characters I met, men like Willem Ratte, Eeben Barlow or
the firey Eugene Terreblanche. I’ll certainly find comfort in the memory of
listening to South Africa’s radio stations sign off in the wee hours with a
reading from the Psalms and a request to God to bless the nation. A
Christian South Africa where white people lived free of discrimination —
not the occult, New Age, perversion-preferred, Hollywood-cleavage,
abortion-mongering, politically correct basket case into which the America I once
knew and still love has decayed.

I’ll always remember Aletta, the blonde Afrikaner beauty who once asked me
to marry her. And every April Fool’s Day I’ll think of Carina, another
beautiful Afrikaner who stole and broke my heart in a way that eclipsed the
pain of my novel being blocked. Nor will I ever forget Davison, Louise,
Monty, Corne and Henika and all the rest of the Boer/Afrikaners who brought
my adventures to life.

They’re all waiting for you in “The Third Boer War.”

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