Pardon the misspellings and syntax errors, but below you will find a verbatim copy of an angry e-mail written by a fan:

    From: James Harris

    Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 10:31 AM

    To: [email protected]

    Subject: Just discovered your site

    Dear Mr. Farah,

    I just discovered your site (via Salon) today and was finding most interesting until I read the article about Salon selling “porn” and how your site will no longer be linking to theirs.

    I have never understood what it is about the human body that people such as yourself despise. Perhaps you might consider getting some help for your phobia.

    At any rate, your site (which I really was enjoying) will no longer recieve any more hits from me as I cannot in good concience support an organization that promotes the fear and hatred of sex and the human body that is at the root of most of the misery on this planet.

    Yours Sincerely,

    J. Harris


Maybe I took too much for granted when I commented to WorldNetDaily reporter Julie Foster on Salon’s decision to promote erotica.

“Salon is clearly desperate, as the capital it raised evaporates in the next several months,” I said. “It’s sad to see any business turn to sexual exploitation of this kind, but especially sad for a content site. I think it goes without saying that WorldNetDaily would never consider such a move. We believe our unique newssite has already developed a viable revenue model. But, even if we hadn’t, I can assure you that pornography, gambling, prostitution and other similar vices would still be off the table — no matter how lucrative they might seem.”

I also announced, in that article, that, as a result of Salon’s decision to market porn, WorldNetDaily would no longer link to news and commentary articles at the site.

Well, I guess I hit a nerve with the porn fans.

It’s not that I hate the human body, as Mr. Harris suggests. Nor is it that I have a phobia about sex.

In fact, I quite like my own body. I like my wife’s even better. And I do like sex — as long as it is in the context of marriage.

Why do I hold that sex should be practiced only within marriage? I’ll be honest with you. It’s simply because of a law handed down by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. There’s no other reason for it. It’s called the Seventh Commandment. God said it. I believe it. That settles it.

Now I know people like Mr. Harris are chuckling right now — thinking me even more of a simpleton than they imagined. I don’t care. But don’t think for one minute that commitment to marriage equates with hatred of sex and the human body.

But that brings us to the central point — pornography.

Pornography is evil — no matter how you slice it. Studies show the images actually trigger chemical reactions in the human brain that are akin to addictive psychoactive drugs. They are extremely unhealthy. I have never known anyone addicted to porn who was a healthy person. Porn is a blight on society, on the family and on the individual affected by it.

As if that weren’t enough, think of the way it victimizes, exploits and demeans the subjects themselves.

Porn also is linked to rape and molestation. Ask any vice officer who has spent any time investigating sexual crimes and he will tell you that porn is always found in the perpetrator’s home. Always. Not most of the time. Always.

Now does that mean all porn users are sexual predators? No, but obviously porn feeds the desire to act out the fantasies. For that reason alone, society would do well to discourage its use and distribution.

And that’s all I’m doing when I announce that WorldNetDaily will no longer link to, now that it has become a sex merchant. I’m just doing my own little part to discourage sin. I’m not prosecuting anyone. I’m not persecuting anyone. I am using my platform here at WorldNetDaily to denounce evil and to hold up a higher standard.

I’m a little surprised my move is so controversial. It must say something about the depths to which sin has led our culture.

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