Court papers and FBI documents suggest that a white supremacist group with ties to an Oklahoma-based racist community may have helped perpetrate the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, WorldNetDaily has learned.

Also, according to documents obtained by WND, a group of white supremacists known as the Aryan Republican Army, whose members reportedly included convicted OKC bomber Timothy McVeigh and possibly Terry Nichols, robbed banks in the Midwest in the years leading up to the bombing, in order to finance “terrorist acts” against the federal government.

Jennifer McVeigh, Timothy’s sister, even admitted in a sworn affidavit to the FBI that her brother was involved in a bank robbery and that she helped launder some of the money.

Finally, Stephen Jones, McVeigh’s original defense attorney, wrote in a revised version of his 1999 book, “Others Unknown,” that his client admitted to casing banks with Nichols prior to the OKC bombing.

White racists to blame?

Court records and FBI evidence logs obtained by WorldNetDaily show that Aryan Republican Army members Mark W. Thomas, Peter K. Langan, Scott A. Stedeford, Kevin W. McCarthy, Richard Guthrie and Michael W. Brescia – all of whom were indicted Jan. 30, 1997 – not only had ties to McVeigh and possibly Nichols, but they also had ties to Elohim City, a racist community that was under surveillance by federal law enforcement officials and also visited by McVeigh.

Furthermore, investigative reporter J.D. Cash – who has spent years following the activities of McVeigh and the ARA – said the movements of a number of ARA members and McVeigh were “nearly identical” in the years and months leading up to the attack on the Murrah building.

The association of McVeigh to the ARA, as well as the group’s anti-government sentiment, is also the subject of a soon-to-be-released book by Indiana State University criminologist Mark Hamm, who could not be reached for comment prior to press time.

And, during testimony in his 1997 trial, Aryan Republican Army member Kevin McCarthy, in a question about the “purpose” of the ARA said it existed “to commit terrorist acts against the United States.”

“There was no Arab connection to these guys,” one source told WND. “They were racists. They didn’t like Jews, blacks or other minorities, including Arabs.”

In fact, the source – who requested anonymity – said, “everything the ARA did, as well as McVeigh, came right out of the book, ‘The Turner Diaries,'” a white supremacist bible that preached a holy war against all non-whites and non-Christians.

McVeigh provided copies of the book to friends and associates, and had a copy of it with him when he was arrested.

Misleading witnesses, authorities

On the issue of a possible Mideast connection, FBI evidence logs show that when ARA members were arrested for a number of bank robberies in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa throughout the early 1990s, among the items found were books on how to speak Arabic.

“Sometimes during robberies, these guys would use different languages to throw people off,” Cash said, noting that the FBI found many different phraseology books for various languages in the possession of ARA members. “Sometimes they used Arabic.”

The FBI logs show the books, “Berlitz Turkish Phrase Book,” and “Say It in Arabic,” as found in the possession of ARA members.

Also, Cash pointed out that the ARA members used various disguises during their robberies, including disguises that made them appear to look like they may have been from the Middle East. Other disguises, the FBI logs show, included masks of presidents such as Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

The FBI logs also showed that ARA members possessed jackets and shirts with “FBI,” “ATF” and “Police” written on them. And agents found a list of FBI field offices, including the Murrah Building location.

Perpetrators freed

Sources said that Brescia, who some suspected was present with McVeigh when the Ryder truck used in the bombing was rented in Junction City, Kan., was recently released from federal prison after serving about four years of an original five-year sentence for bank robbery and his role in the ARA.

Guthrie was found hanged in his cell shortly after making a deal with federal authorities and beginning a book about the ARA’s activities. Meanwhile, Langan is appealing his life sentence and unconfirmed reports said federal authorities have released Kevin McCarthy, who earlier agreed to testify against his ARA brethren.

Mark Thomas, sources said, is still in prison in an undisclosed location, as part of a federal witness protection program.

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