On the evening of July 17, 1996, at 8:19 p.m., TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747, took off from Kennedy Airport, bound for Paris, France. At 8:31 p.m., over 730 people watched Flight 800 explode, killing all 230 of the people aboard. Not long afterwards, millions of Americans watched their televisions in stunned horror as search and rescue crews looked for survivors among the flaming debris. Only dead bodies were recovered.

Flight 800 is mostly an ugly memory for people these days. The U.S. government issued an explanation that a fuel tank had somehow exploded. Yet, they flatly denied any evidence existed of foul play, including the possibility that Flight 800 had been blown out of the air by a missile.

All but a few journalists accepted the government’s version of events. Few bothered to investigate the numerous eyewitnesses, the radar records and the physical evidence that all suggested a strikingly different explanation of Flight 800’s untimely demise. And those few who did question the government’s version were made to look like fools or, worse, thrown in jail and prosecuted as criminals for meddling in an official investigation.

What really happened to Flight 800? In light of recent FBI disclosures of buried evidence that resulted in a postponement of the execution of convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, new questions are being raised about other high-profile U.S. government terrorism investigations – including the explosion of TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

WorldNetDaily recently ran a five-part series of explosive, revealing commentaries by independent writer and Emmy-award-winning producer Jack Cashill detailing what he learned in the course of producing “Silenced: Flight 800 and The Subversion of Justice,” a documentary video which presents compelling evidence that Flight 800 was shot down by missile fire and that a massive cover-up by the U.S. government followed that tragic event.

Tomorrow, WorldNetDaily staff writer and talk-show host Geoff Metcalf interviews Jack Cashill about previously undisclosed issues surrounding the production of “Silenced: Flight 800 and The Subversion of Justice,” and looks into recent and fascinating events in this still developing story of deceit and cover-up.

How has our government responded to the revelations brought forth in Cashill’s documentary? What are the reactions of pilots and government officials who have seen this stunning video? Be absolutely certain not to miss tomorrow’s Sunday edition of WorldNetDaily and Metcalf’s revealing interview for new insights into what really happened to Flight 800.

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