Jack Cashill, the man behind the stunning documentary video “Silenced: Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice,” was abruptly pulled from participating on last night’s edition of CNN’s “The Point.”

Hours before the broadcast, after the studio was already set up, Cashill got a call from the show’s producer telling him his appearance was scrapped because Jim Hall, ex-chairman of the National Transportation and Safety Board would not go on the show with him.

“Someone upstairs told her that responsible journalism means I can’t appear on the show without a counter balance,” explains Cashill. “But, ironically, it’s OK for Jim Hall to appear by himself.”

TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747, exploded in July 1996 shortly after taking off from New York’s Kennedy Airport, killing all 230 people onboard. The explosion was witnessed by 736 people. The U.S. government issued an explanation that a fuel tank had somehow exploded. Officials flatly denied any evidence existed of foul play, including the possibility that Flight 800 had been blown out of the air by a missile.

Cashill’s investigation, however, reveals documented facts that fly in the face of the official explanation. His video presents compelling evidence and eyewitness testimony that Flight 800 was shot down by missile fire and that a massive government cover-up followed the tragic event.

WorldNetDaily recently ran a five-part series by Cashill that chronicles his investigative work. The WND contributing writer’s latest column explains why the federal government would cover-up the truth about the Flight 800 tragedy.

Cashill points out that CNN’s definition of “responsible journalism” changed from yesterday to today.

“The producer called me yesterday and asked me if I minded going on the show by myself,” Cashill said. Then this morning, the producer informed him she had Hall coming on to join Cashill.

“I had an ominous feeling. It sounded too ripe,” Cashill said.

Hours later, the producer called again and apologetically canceled Cashill with the explanation that Hall’s publicist had insisted Cashill not go on, according to Cashill.

Instead, Hall appeared on the program alone. When asked why it was acceptable for Hall to appear alone and not Cashill, a CNN network source replied that Hall had credibility because he was a former government official, but that Cashill’s only credibility was that he was a documentary producer.

“The control of information here is so transparent,” says Cashill. When asked if he felt CNN had been pressured by the government to silence him, Cashill responded, “I don’t know.”

The cancellation doesn’t surprise Cashill. In 1997, James Sanders, a former police officer turned investigative reporter and author of “The Downing of TWA Flight 800,” was due to appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” along with FBI agent-in-charge Jim Kallstrom. When Kallstrom refused to appear with Sanders, according to Cashill, Sanders was canceled and Kallstrom appeared on the program alone.

“At least there are people at CNN who tried, and my hat’s off to them,” says Cashill.

“I still hold out hope for them. But that hope would be amplified if viewers were to call CNN about this.”

Purchase Cashill’s video, “Silenced: Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice.”

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