WASHINGTON – Anne Marie Smith, the United Airlines flight attendant who claims to have had a yearlong fling with U.S. Rep. Gary Condit, charges that the congressman talked about other men during phone sex, according to her lawyer.

Washington police investigating the disappearance of intern Chandra Levy, who also was seeing Condit, know about the disturbing phone conservations, the lawyer says, and are looking closely at anyone Levy might have been involved with through the married California Democrat.

Levy has been missing since April 30 or May 1, and police have not ruled out foul play.

Smith, who was based in San Francisco before recently going on leave, had several long-distance phone conversations with Condit over the past year in which Condit allegedly urged her to participate with him in sexual acts with “other guys,” her lawyer James H. Robinson said.

“What was really unusual was his phone sex, in which he would talk about his sexual fantasies,” Robinson told WorldNetDaily. “He said he had friends who he wanted to get involved in strange things.”

Robinson says he doesn’t know to which “friends” Condit was referring, saying only that they were male friends.

He said Condit once intimated to his client over the phone: “I have a fantasy about a bunch of guys and one woman – you.”

Michael Lynch, Condit’s chief of staff in Modesto, Calif., did not respond to a request to discuss the phone sex charges.

Robinson, speaking from his Seattle home, where Smith has been staying, asserted that the alleged phone sex was always one-way and that Smith “never participated” in, or egged on, his fantasies.

He adds that Smith, although she says Condit is very “charming” and “controlling,” did not entertain any of Condit’s alleged fantasies, and says his client does not know if Condit acted out his multi-partner fantasies with Levy or other women.

Robinson, however, says that Smith suspected that Condit may have engaged in bondage-and-discipline activities at his Adams Morgan condo.

On one visit to his condo, Smith noticed “neckties tied together that were tied to the feet of the bed and shoved underneath the bed,” Robinson said. “They looked like they’d been there awhile.”

When Smith confronted Condit about the ties, he joked it off, Robinson said, saying “Oh, oh, honey, I was just thinking about doing that with you.”

“She didn’t believe him,” Robinson said.

Also, he says that Condit made one closet in his condo completely off limits to Smith, making her suspect he kept bondage-and-discipline equipment in there.

“She had to use a hall closet by the front door for her suitcases,” Robinson said.

The lawyer, who’s been licensed to practice in Washington state for three years, says he does not know whom Condit had in mind for the alleged orgies.

“I shudder to think,” he said.

But he notes that Condit had many Hell’s Angels friends, some of whom are ex-convicts.

“He once told Anne that his brother, who’s a policeman, would kill him if he found out he was going to a party thrown for a cop-killer,” Robinson said.

Condit’s brother, Burl, is a Modesto police sergeant.

Smith and her lawyer have accused Condit of pressuring her to sign a false affidavit in the Levy investigation, and have provided evidence to the U.S. attorney’s office here. Suborning perjury is a felony.

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