A tax activist ended a three-week hunger strike yesterday after Department of Justice and congressional officials committed to a public hearing on the authority of the IRS and the enforcement of U.S. income tax laws against U.S. citizens.

On July 1, Bob Schulz, chairman of
“We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education,” and Oklahoma businessman Roland Croteau vowed to abstain from food until the IRS produced a list of government officials that would meet this fall in a public forum to discuss their theories on taxation.

Schulz and other members of the loosely tied and self-described “tax-honesty movement” believe the 16th Amendment was fraudulently ratified. The amendment made income taxes constitutional, and because of its improper implementation, says Schulz, Americans have been duped into believing a lie – that they are required to pay income taxes.

U.S. Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant and Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett, R-Md., signed a written agreement yesterday that commits the government to send their top tax and legal experts to a two-day September hearing to be conducted on Capitol Hill.

“The American people are entitled to answers. It is in our nation’s interest that we participate and answer these questions,” stated Bryant.

On Tuesday, Rep. Bartlett initiated a formal congressional inquiry to the IRS demanding official government responses for Schulz.

IRS Director of Office of Congressional Affairs Floyd Williams called Schulz Wednesday, offering to send attorneys to meet with members of his group. But in contrast to the activist’s demand for a public hearing, the agency said it would only meet in private and without video or audio recording. Schulz rejected the offer.

Yesterday, Bryant agreed to Rep. Bartlett’s requirements that the “congressional briefing-like hearings” be conducted in public and be recorded and broadcast live. The meetings will have appropriate procedural controls and security. It is expected Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Il., former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee will gavel the sessions.

The agreement, penned on congressional letterhead, was signed at the Department of Justice headquarters. Bryant assured both Rep. Bartlett and Schulz there is “virtually no chance of being overridden on this matter.”

“I assure you. The IRS will be there at those meetings,” promised Bryant.

“I have met with these gentlemen face-to-face and have looked in their eyes. I am satisfied they are men of honor. We have cemented our agreement with a handshake. The fast ends today,” declared Schulz referring to Bryant and Rep. Bartlett.

“I wish to thank every person who helped in this effort,” continued Schulz. “It could not have happened without prayer power. … Faith in God, country and the people of this nation will ensure we prevail.”

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