A new draconian censorship law to control and monitor all postal and Internet communications is being pushed through the South African Parliament by the ruling Marxist African National Congress party.

President Thabo Mbeki has given the South African people just 21 days to comment on the bill, which is expected to pass Aug. 13.

The bill was quietly introduced last Friday. It is virtually assured passage, since no such measure sponsored by the ruling ANC has been rejected.

The new law will give the ANC the ability to censor, block and intercept all postal and Internet communications. As reported by WorldNetDaily, the communist dictatorship in China has passed similar legislation and has vigorously enforced it.

According to Harry Wu, the world’s leading human-rights dissident, China has
a new friend in South Africa, and Mbeki is a communist to be reckoned with.

“When I think of Mandela, I feel very sad,” Wu told WorldNetDaily. “When he
became president of South Africa, he abandoned Taiwan and recognized China
instead. Taiwan and [anti-communist apartheid] South Africa had been close
allies. Mandela has extensive human-rights knowledge. He may not be a
communist, but the new leader of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, is definitely a
communist. Recently, he went to Cuba to meet with Castro, and he was trained
in Moscow.”

Farmers at risk

Meanwhile, the killing of South African white farmers by ANC cadres – long denied by the government – has accelerated to the point that the Afrikaner-Boers are ready to take drastic measures.

According to Rapport, a South African publication, a security company run by former Angolan prisoner of war and Afrikaner-Boer hero Captain Wynand du Toit wants to start using armed former military parachutists to protect besieged farmers from armed attackers in the Gauteng region.

The report, written by journalist De Wet Potgieter, stated:

“Since apartheid ended in 1994, more than 1,110 farmers have already been murdered in more than 6,000 heavily armed attacks, making this ethnic Afrikaner-Boer minority group the highest at-risk-of-murder group in the entire world. Du Toit ‘s security company was contracted by the Lanseria region community after the latest murder of Lanseria farmer Denis Peters several weeks ago. Du Toit’s tabled plans to create a military-style task force using ex-Recce parachutists through his company, Lanseria Protection Services, has however drawn angry fire from various members of the SA security forces. His elite unit, made up of former SA defense force war veterans, can and do arrive at crime scenes within minutes after emergency calls to carry out citizens’ arrests – unlike South Africa’s grossly under-funded, low-morale police force, who are frequently seen to be used only as target practice by South Africa’s … criminal gangs with their AK-47s.

“LPS uses a small fleet of private aircraft, helicopters and ground vehicles, headquartered near Lanseria small-craft airport near Johannesburg – and because of his obvious leadership qualities and Afrikaner military background, some government security experts now are darkly hinting that du Toit might be creating a new security problem for the ANC government itself.

“Du Toit – who is a former SA Defence Force reconnaissance (“Recce”) officer who became an overnight Afrikaner-Boer folk hero after his dramatic release as a war prisoner in Angola (at a time when the apartheid-era government denied ever having invaded there), is now proposing to form his own military-style Recce Task Force to help patrol and protect Gauteng’s entire besieged agricultural and suburban community.”

Chris De Kock, a South African security expert told Rapport, “If the (Afrikaner-Boer) farming community were to (form armed vigilante groups), this would be construed by the (ANC-led) government as an organized, armed insurrection attempt by a specific ethnic group against the State, and it would be seen as threatening the State’s security,” he warned.

Nicola Hillerman, A South African advertising executive now living and working in China, sees the latest threat to farmers as part of a larger societal decline in her homeland.

“I speak about South Africa’s decay with [expatriate] South African friends,” Hillerman told WorldNetDaily. “I can’t discuss it with those living in South Africa, as it is far too depressing. There is a huge amount of rape and murder of whites in the East Cape, mainly farmers.”

Concluded Hillerman, “South Africa is no longer what we once knew. The Third Boer War may be coming sooner than people think.”

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