WASHINGTON — Bill Clinton’s misuse of Arkansas state police assigned to his security detail when he was governor didn’t stop at procuring mistresses, WorldNetDaily has learned. He also allegedly had them keep track of his extramarital scoring.

After troopers picked him up from trysts with various Arkansas women, Clinton allegedly would rate their performance in bed, giving points for certain sex acts. He had troopers keep a record, say informed sources.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, allegedly enlisted the troopers to chauffeur her to secret meetings with the late Vincent Foster, her law partner at the time, at a resort hotel about 50 miles north of Little Rock, Ark., sources say.

Records of the trips, along with the sexual rating system, are contained in several boxes recently returned to the state police by former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s office, say sources familiar with the records. The documents were subpoenaed in 1995 as part of the Whitewater investigation.

“The documents relate not only to Clinton state troopers dropping him off and picking him up from his late-night sexual rendezvous with women, but also to the ratings system,” said a source familiar with the contents of the boxes.

“They’d sit down and go over it [the rating system], and make little notes and put them in a box,” he said.

The boxes, which contain hundreds of other documents, were found stashed in the attic of a home used by Chelsea Clinton’s nanny. The home is on the grounds of the governor’s mansion in Little Rock.

Other notes stored in the boxes allegedly record secret meetings between Hillary Clinton and Foster.

“State troopers delivered Hillary to meet with Vince Foster,” said the source, who requested his name be withheld. “The meetings were clandestine and took place when Bill Clinton was out of the state, which was often.”

At least one note allegedly documents a meeting between the two at the Red Apple Inn golf and tennis resort in Heber Springs, Ark., a remote town about an hour’s drive north of Little Rock.

Attempts to reach former President Clinton and Sen. Clinton for comment were unsuccessful.

Starr in February 1995 subpoenaed all trooper documents generated by Clinton’s security detail.

Col. John Bailey, who was the director of the Arkansas state police at the time, ordered officers, who were not part of Clinton’s detail, to search for the documents. They found the boxes in the attic and turned them over to Starr’s investigators.

Starr returned 11 boxes on May 10, prompting the editor of the Arkansas Times and a former FBI agent to file Freedom of Information requests to see the documents.

But the state police refused to make the records (save a small, 90-page portion) public, arguing they are the governor’s working papers and therefore exempt from FOIA requests. And they’ve turned the boxes over to John R. Tisdale, Bill Clinton’s lawyer in Little Rock.

Tisdale is a partner at Wright Lindsey & Jennings, the former law firm of Bruce R. Lindsey, who was Clinton’s closest White House aide and top damage-control specialist. Lindsey, whose father helped found the firm, is now a paid consultant to the Clinton presidential library in Little Rock and is handling FOIA requests for any White House documents, including e-mails, transferred to the library.

The boxes of documents stored by the former troopers are “embarrassing to both Clinton and the state police,” a source said. “They’ll be destroyed, now that they have them back, if they haven’t been already.”

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