On Thursday, a South Dakota man was gored to death by a buffalo.

Now, we’re being Gored to death by sore loser Karenna Gore.

She’s baaaack.

Spoiled rich girl, Karenna Gore Schiff, still hasn’t gotten over daddy’s
lost election. In the August issue of Glamour – that fine supermarket
checkout-aisle publication – we’re treated to her two-page whining screed
to fellow liberal sore losers across America.

On newsstands today, “Karenna Gore Schiff’s Guide to Not Getting
Bush-Whacked: Al Gore’s ‘First Daughter’ Tells You How to Make George
W.’s Term a Lot Less Scary” reads more like “Karenna’s Guide to
Limousine Liberalism for Hypocrites: Al Gore’s Sour Grapes Daughter
Prepares You For Her Scary Future Run for Office.” And by the way,
Karenna was never “First Daughter.” That’s fantasy.

Chock-full of support for Million Mom gun control, partial-birth
abortion and environmental extremism, Karenna’s agenda scares up
visions of Hillary. But complete with a full-page, pseudo-patriotic,
cover-girl pin-up photo, she tries to mask her radical-fringe views with
a super-model visage. It doesn’t work. The American flag backdrop
rings hollow behind this White House wannabe valley girl’s cowardly
attack on Alzheimer-stricken Ronald Reagan. Ditto for Karenna’s gushy
promotion of the NOW-infested Feminist Majority Foundation and the Ms.
Foundation-addled White House Project. Karenna, America has traditions
against defiling Old Glory.

Stuck amidst such Glamour treatises as, “Sexual Astrology Reveals,” “Ask
the Doing it Doctors Anything,” “Get a Kick-Box Butt” and “Be His Best
Ever in Bed: What Men Won’t Ask For Out Loud But Secretly Wish For, ”
the scion of Al Gore sniffles that the “presidential election didn’t
exactly turn out as I’d hoped.” Get over it, Karenna. The election was
eight months ago. Your dad lost. Move on.

The latest issue of Glamour is pro-choice – the choice of “International
Sex Handbook,” on Page 148, or Karenna insulting the intelligence of
millions of American women who voted for Bush, on Page 196. “Women were
courted with sweet talk – now it may seem like a blind date is behind the
wheel.” No, we voted for the better guy – eager to restore honor to the
White House, cut taxes, and help poor and middle-class families with
market-solutions like vouchers, incomprehensible to Karenna, amidst her
life of nonstop privilege. Bush is more like a steady, reliable
boyfriend … with a jilted, “Fatal Attraction” stalker, called
Karenna, who won’t go away, even though it’s clear she – and her daddy – are not wanted.

Karenna doesn’t know much about American women. Remember, she’s the one
who advised Pops to hire her buddy – failed Alpha Male tutor, Naomi
Wolf. Earth tones are out-even in Karenna’s Glamour mag.

Amidst ads for thong panty-liners and surveys asking “Should you be as
wild as you want to be [in bed]?” Karenna writes of “working moms” and
complains about Washington’s influence over “our paychecks.” Huh?
Karenna doesn’t earn one and doesn’t work. Married into the
multi-millionaire Schiff Family, Karenna lounges around her swanky $3
million apartment in Manhattan’s wealthiest, toniest neighborhood.
Maybe next she’ll lecture us about virtues of public education. Oops!
She didn’t live that experience either. When Karenna talks of “the
vexing challenge of finding a balance between work and family,” we know
she’s watched too many movies on Lifetime. Puh-leeze. After spending
her life partying with MTV glitterati and New York socialites, the only
thing this woman has balanced is caviar and brie … and maybe her fat

It’s tough making a decision between page 126’s “The Best Vacation Sex I
Ever Had,” or Karenna’s rant decrying possible drilling for oil in
Alaska, voicing Papa Al’s concerns and referring us to websites of
radical, Nader-esque groups like Public Interest Research Group. Too
bad she and father Gore never had such ecophile concerns as large
stockholders in Occidental Petroleum, which planned to drill up
Columbia’s Amazon rainforest, right on the home of the U’wa Indians. Or
the Gore-forced government sale of the 47,000-acre Elk Hills, Calif.,
oil reserve to Occidental. No. But today, Karenna preaches
fuel-economy standards – something she’s expert at … from her steady
diet of limo rides.

It’s callous and foolish when Karenna, the mother of one, who is
pregnant with her 2nd child, rages against the Unborn Victims of
Violence Act. That legislation would make it a crime for an attacker to
cause harm to her and her soon to be born child. The gall of those
legislators. No worries for her – she lives in 24-hour doorman digs in a
high-security world. It’s those who don’t that the legislation was
designed for. Likewise, it’s those same moms who need guns for
protection – whose safety Million Mom marcher/gun-control pusher Karenna
wants to endanger. Out of touch with most Americans, Karenna not only
supports partial-birth, late-term abortions, but also the flouting of
parental relationships – she believes it’s OK to “circumvent parental
consent laws for abortion.”

“Lest you think I’m a total sourpuss. …” Yeah, we do. But misery loves company. And look at the company she’s in.

Karenna’s deservedly stuck on pages 196 and 233 – the “back of the book.”
Fittingly, Glamour’s real cover girl this month is actress Heather
Graham – whose claim to fame is full frontal nudity in “Boogie Nights.”
The magazine, which endorsed Al Gore for President, has more in common
with Larry Flynt than most women. This month, Glamour’s “Health Report”
features depraved questions and answers about anal sex, vibrator
addiction, and breast implants – all of which your kids and Karenna’s can
read in the checkout lane.

Nice going, Karenna. You and Glamour are real champions of women and

Karenna was a “2000 Glamour Woman of the Year,” along with gun-control
Million Mom March creator Donna Dees-Thomases, condom-hawking has-been
actress Sharon Stone and other similarly confused women. Karenna
received this dubious distinction as “the voice of Generation Next,”
Glamour’s Lynda Laux-Bachand said, for being a spokesperson for young
people in politics.

Who made this silly magazine the arbiter of my generation’s voice? This
bitter, self-anointed, out-of-touch airhead doesn’t speak for me.

Karenna and Glamour need to get beyond Nov. 7, 2000. And get their
warped minds out of politics.

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