The killing of white Afrikaner farmers in South Africa is intensifying, as members of the ethnic minority attempt to draw international attention to their plight.

According to a journalist covering the killings in South Africa, since the Marxist ANC took power in 1994, 1,118 farmers have been murdered in the nation.

“Where is President Bush on this issue? Where is Colin Powell? I know this is blacks killing whites, so that is politically correct. The media don’t seem to care. And apologists like Andrew Young are saying, ‘Killing whites is OK; it’s part of reversing colonialism,'” said Henda Wolfardt, a South African farmer who lives near Ventersdorp with her husband and two sons.

Wolfardt explained to WorldNetDaily, “We farmers are under siege. The communists want to drive us off the land. There is going to be a war in South Africa. In fact, it has already begun. The ANC has woken up the tiger in the Afrikaner. We see that the New World Order is a lie, and there is no place for white Christians or Orthodox Jews in it.

“A war has been launched against us. We have no choice but to fight for our very survival. The emerging non-white majority in what used to be the Western world is very race-conscious and filled in many places with anti-white rage. Farmers feed everyone, regardless of their culture or race. So why kill all the farmers, unless you want to start a genocide?” Wolfardt asked.

The Afrikaner are descendants of Dutch and other Europeans who settled South Africa in the 19th century.

Adrianna Stuijt, a Dutch journalist who was once a dedicated anti-apartheid activist, has been covering the farm killings in South Africa extensively.

Stuijt told WorldNetDaily, “Those tragically murdered farmers in Zimbabwe got huge international headlines, but thus far, the 1,118 murdered farmers in South Africa are being ignored – why would that be? I never like to use the purely racist terms ‘white’ or ‘black’ I instead prefer the ethnic minority references such as ‘Afrikaner’ or ‘English-speaking South African,’ or ‘South African of Chinese origin,’ ‘Xhosa-speaking men,’ etc. South Africa has more than 15 ethnic minority groups, and to refer to these people in such purely racist terms has become such an overwhelming habit of the ruling ANC that we do not to emulate this.”

One of the worst farm attacks in recent days came July 27, when Johan le Grange and his wife – an impoverished Afrikaner couple in their 80s who lived with their daughter and two small grandchildren on a Witbank subsistence farmlet – were ambushed by eight armed Xhosa-speaking men at 8 p.m.

The frail Mr. le Grange was tortured before he was beaten to death. Mrs. le Grange was sadistically burnt with a hot iron but managed to survive the attack – although she remains in a severely traumatized condition, Witbank police have confirmed.

Mr. le Grange thus became the country’s 1,118th murder victim in more than 6,000 farm attacks since apartheid ended in 1994.

After the murder of le Grange, the eight Xhosas (the majority tribe of the ruling ANC) then went to the le Granges’ daughter’s house nearby – on the same small holding – tied up the younger woman and her 4-year-old daughter and assaulted them repeatedly.

After a long period of torturing their two female victims, the attackers fled with their only means of transport – an old farm truck – as well as two small handguns and a few items of cheap costume jewelry. Police found the le Grange farm vehicle abandoned at a nearby squatter camp shortly afterwards. Investigators believe the daughter’s quick thinking probably saved her tiny baby’s life: She had managed to hide away the infant shortly before seeing the eight heavily armed attackers entering her house.

Stuijt told WorldNetDaily, “The details of this attack on a small holding near Witbank were so sadistic that one policeman could not contain his emotions while describing the scene on the telephone to our reporters. It is so very hard for reasonable people to explain why a large group of young, strong, heavily armed men would want to [do this]. What was the purpose? Personal gain must be ruled out here. Why all that sadistic torture? Why attack poor people? …

“The police said the torture of the 80-year-old, frail couple, their daughter and grandchildren – and especially of the women – had been incredibly sadistic, with hot irons, nails torn out, hours of burnings and beatings. Astonishingly, the attackers did not find the infant, which the mother had hidden away just before the eight men had rushed into her home. God had another plan for that babe, clearly. We posted an appeal from the police for information on the front page of To date, it has not yet appeared in the mainstream South African news media except on Radio Pretoria broadcasts.”

Meanwhile, one of South Africa’s opposition minority parties, the Freedom Front – which mainly represents the Afrikaner ethnic minority community – last week urged the United Nations Human Rights Commission to probe the plight of the country’s increasingly besieged Afrikaners. Dr. Pieter Mulder, the leader of the Freedom Front, presented the petition to the U.N. commission’s Pretoria representative, Biong Deng.

Mulder called the precarious situation of the 4 million-strong Afrikaner ethnic minority “a politically-motivated ethnic massacre.” The party’s petition stated, “The international community should reconsider its involvement with the Afrikaners in South Africa with a sense of urgency.”

Mulder said the Freedom Front also was concerned deeply about “a growing anti-Afrikaner sentiment. Afrikaner-bashing is in. A definite anti-Afrikaner sentiment was allowed to be rooted in this country.”

He said many of the criminals who appeared in courts, accused of murdering Afrikaners, were hailed by organized ANC demonstrators as heroes. At many similar court appearances anti-Afrikaner hate speech is deliberately encouraged with printed poster slogans such as: “All Boers are dogs.” Many such slogans are heard chanted by ANC supporters at many appearances of defendants. “Boer” is the Dutch word for farmer.

“Most Afrikaners are of the opinion that some of the most negative, racist interspersed arguments and utterances are, at times, publicly made by spokespeople for the government,” Mulder said.

He said there was “some orchestration” behind the more than 6,000 attacks on Afrikaner farmers since 1994.

“In 25 percent of these attacks, nothing at all is taken. And in the vast majority of cases, people would break into a house at 10 a.m. and then wait until 3 p.m. for the people to return. Surely this makes the alarm bells ring.”

Mulder said the Mbeki government did not appear to be bothered about the anti-Afrikaner atmosphere – in spite of many official petitions and appeals from the Afrikaner community over the last six years. Last December, another appeal for increased security on farms was handed to Mbeki. It contained 350,000 signatures from members of the agricultural community – farmers and workers alike.

“We will continue addressing this matter through the local constitutional channels, of course, but it is now also time for the matter to also be urgently internationalized,” Mulder said.

He hoped the commission would put the matter on the agenda for a future sitting, “and that this might lead to the world starting to ask questions.”

Deng said the memorandum would be forwarded to U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson in Geneva. Meanwhile, the South African Human Rights Commission also announced that they would “examine the safety problems of the country’s farmers.”

Commissioner Charlotte McClain – who already heads an inquiry into human rights violations on farms – told a media briefing in Cape Town last week that there had been “a number of initiatives to address this issue. About two years ago, there was a summit that former President Nelson Mandela had put in place to address the underlying issues related to the ongoing farm killings.”

Asked whether farmers who had been the victims of attacks could also make submissions to the South African Human Rights Commission, she said, “That’s correct. We’ve also had queries … related to the killings on farms.”

McClain was asked if the government could be held responsible for this lack of security on farms.

“Well, we’re not a court of law, …” she said, “but if it relates to issues of safety, we would bring in the necessary persons and ask what is happening in terms of plans for farmers.”

Wolfardt told WorldNetDaily that she has no intention of leaving her farm.

“The blacks are killing whites in Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and even in the U.S. in the recent riots in Seattle and Cincinnati. In Australia, the Aborigines are calling for the blood of the white farmers. The Russians are fighting against Islam in Chechnya. White Christians are attacked in the Balkans and Macedonia. What will it take for people to wake up?”

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