Delegates to the national Reform Party convention in Nashville, Tenn., have approved a plank supporting a pro-life position on the abortion issue, as well as other planks on controversial social issues.

According to attendees, the pro-life plank was approved by a two-thirds vote of all delegates July 29. The vote is noteworthy because in the past, the party founded by billionaire H. Ross Perot meticulously avoided taking any positions on most social issues.

“This is a clear indication of what has been believed since the 2000 Convention in Long Beach – that the Party is now mainly conservative and pro-life,” said Jon Hill, chairman of the Massachusetts Reform Party, in an Aug. 1 statement.

Beverly Kidder, public relations director for the national party, confirmed the adoption of the pro-life plank, adding that the focus of the party, however, remains preserving American sovereignty.

“I think we were moving forward to clarify the position of the party today,” she told WND, noting that the pro-life plank passed on the second vote.

Delegates at the national convention also voted to:

  • oppose genetic cloning and manipulation;

  • support public religious expression;
  • support the Second Amendment;
  • support parental primacy;
  • oppose homosexuals in the military;
  • oppose hate crimes laws.

“We also reconfirmed our global trade policies,” Kidder said, “meaning, ‘to eliminate trade deficits, to promote balanced trade, to get out of the World Trade Organization, North American Free Trade Agreement and the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs.'”

She said delegates also voted for the use of U.S. troops to patrol American borders and a 10-year moratorium on immigration, reducing immigration figures to just 250,000 a year after that.

“We also want a law clarifying the 14th Amendment,” Kidder said. As the party membership sees it, “[the amendment] does not give automatic citizenship to children of illegal aliens.”

“The dangerous incremental erosion of sovereignty, now at an advanced stage, which we are now experiencing, results from the globalist program of most present Republican and Democratic federal legislators, and this tendency is also mirrored in the agendas of President Bush and his predecessor,” added Hill, in his statement.

“We can therefore not forget that protection of American independence needs to remain the priority, or all our other important national goals are likely to be defeated,” he said.

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