One of Massachusetts’ largest Boy Scouts councils was trying to be too clever by half when it adopted a so-called “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy last month regarding the admission of avowed homosexual scoutmasters into its ranks.

The Boston Globe reported Tuesday that the board of the Massachusetts Minuteman Council, which is an umbrella organization of 330 Scout troops with 18,000 Scout members in Greater Boston, “quietly and unanimously approved the bylaw on July 19. … The policy bars exclusion of anyone on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation,” according to Brock Bigsby, Scout executive for the council.

So exactly which part of the national Scouts bylaw prohibiting gay scoutmasters do these idiots on the Minuteman Council not understand?

Under the listing of “In Support of Values,” the national BSA website states, “We believe an avowed homosexual is not a role model for the traditional moral values espoused in Scout Oath and Law, and homosexual conduct is inconsistent with the values we wish to instill” (my emphasis).

Amazingly, Bigsby says the Minuteman Council’s “carefully worded policy” is “consistent with the National Boy Scouts Council’s stance on homosexuality, since the doctrine would permit avowed homosexuals to lead Scout troops – as long as they do not discuss their sexual orientation,” the Globe said.

Says Bigsby, “Discussions about sexual orientation do not have a place in Scouts.”

Then why do liberals continually badger the national BSA leadership into having public discussions about homosexual policy – you know, if it does “not have a place in Scouts”?

Why, then, did this council “quietly” approve this outrageous new policy – you know, if the policy really was “consistent with the National Boy Scouts Council’s stance”?

I smell something, and it isn’t printer toner.

The national council’s prohibition explicitly states that “avowed homosexuals” need not even apply. The Supreme Court has supported that policy, because as a private organization in America, the BSA – like the NAACP, the National Gay and Lesbian Alliance, and all other liberal groups – can make its own rules, like them or not.

But the liberals want more. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to make the rules for everyone, and they want those rules to be their rules, like them or not.

“Heil, Hitler!” Mr. Bigsby.

As if Bigsby’s neo-Nazism wasn’t bad enough, Eric Ferrero of the ACLU’s Lesbian and Gay Rights Project told the Globe this: “To have a policy that takes sexual orientation off the table entirely instead of making homosexuality seem like a dirty little secret is encouraging and significant. …”

Say what?

Hasn’t the national BSA leadership already taken homosexuality “off the table,” by prohibiting it in the first place? Yes.

Also, by not asking and, therefore, not “telling” when a gay man becomes a scoutmaster, doesn’t that gay scoutmaster then have a “dirty little secret”? Yes.

“Sieg Heil,” Mr. Ferrero.

The Minuteman Council is trying to get away with saying that, as long as nobody asks if gay scoutmasters are gay, then they aren’t gay. Sounds like Bill Clinton is leading this council, doesn’t it?

The BSA’s prohibition against gay scoutmasters is crystal clear and non-negotiable. It is a prohibition that is supported by the Constitution and has been upheld by the highest court in the land.

Therefore, the national BSA leadership has every duty to contact the Minuteman Council pronto and tell its officials to either rescind their ridiculous new policy or lose affiliation with the BSA altogether.

Maybe someday the leftist idiots trying to “convert” the BSA will look past their own intolerance and discover that the protections afforded the Boy Scouts are the same ones that allow leftist idiots to exist as well.

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