From Foggy Bottom to the Pentagon to Ft. Meade, rumors of rebellion fill the air. The cancer of corruption that swept out of Arkansas and into D.C. in January 1993 soon permeated America’s intelligence agencies. During the 2000 presidential election, George W. Bush quietly promised the intelligence cadre this malignant tumor would be excised if he was elected, according to WorldNetDaily sources.

Now, seven months into the new administration, the Bush surgeon looks and sounds remarkably like Rodney “can’t we all get along?” King. The malignant tumor within intelligence feigns remission. No need to expend political capital here, the Rodney King cadre gleefully proclaimed. Compassionate conservatism can turn to more important business, they declared – like increasing the size and power of the Department of Education.

Intelligence professionals feel betrayed. The lawlessness of the Clinton administration is ignored. The potential for continued corruption of the intelligence apparatus is significant as long as the cancer remains within.

This is the scenario outlined to WorldNetDaily by insiders who insist warring factions inside the intelligence community may be choosing sides, preparing for a showdown. One faction is even rumored to consider stooping to such tactics as honesty and facts, threatening to hide behind a facade of integrity as an excuse to destroy the cancer within – a level of lawfulness not seen inside the Beltway in recent memory.

WorldNetDaily has learned that this battle may explode into the open on ABC radio in New York tonight when five retired federal intelligence officials will reveal that missile-fire is believed to have brought down TWA Flight 800 July 17, 1996, at 8:31 p.m.

Shortly after the giant 747 splashed into the Atlantic, just south of Long Island, compelling witnesses began to come forward. Some were interviewed by military intelligence personnel in spite of Justice Department efforts to neutralize witnesses as credible evidence.

FAA technicians picked up the phone and told the White House an apparent missile merged with Flight 800 shortly before it disappeared from the screen. The Navy radar at Riverhead, New York, recorded an object hurtling onto the radar screen moments before Flight 800 began to disintegrate.

As the evidence of missile-fire rapidly mounted, military intelligence analysis of that evidence pointed to missiles. That analysis was passed upward into the politically-contaminated upper reaches of the Clinton administration, where it was killed.

Precisely what did the analysis reveal? Who destroyed that analysis? Who replaced it with the contrived and politically correct “mechanical”?

WorldNetDaily has learned that intelligence officials who can answer these questions will come forward tonight during a four-hour WABC radio, New York (770 AM) program beginning at 9 p.m. eastern.

Stay tuned as WorldNetDaily continues to follow this rapidly unraveling story of deception and betrayal.

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    James Sanders, a former police officer turned investigative reporter, is the author of “The Downing of TWA Flight 800” and “Altered Evidence,” among other books.

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