Acknowledging it has reviewed WorldNetDaily’s reports on the crash of TWA Flight 800, the Department of Justice rejects evidence presented in a compelling documentary suggesting the plane was shot down.

Prompted by an inquiry to Attorney General John Ashcroft from WND reader Reagan D. Lynch of Midland, Texas, the DOJ’s response was given by the criminal division. Executive Officer Gwendolyn L. Turner wrote a letter to Lynch, saying the division has reviewed WND’s reports about the video documentary, “Silenced: Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice,” by independent film producer Jack Cashill.

Cashill’s hour-long documentary looks into different explanations and theories about the catastrophe and gives voice to witnesses the FBI, National Transportation Safety Board and CIA chose not to hear. From tampered and stolen evidence to de-bunked theories about the plane’s post-explosion trajectory and the modification of eyewitness testimonies, “Silenced” showcases the startling — many consider overwhelming –evidence discounted or ignored by government officials.

While the documentary does not attempt to point a finger at who allegedly shot down Flight 800, it does condemn officials for covering up what may actually have happened.

After reviewing the articles about Cashill’s documentary, including a five-part series by the filmmaker detailing evidence that the plane was shot down, the DOJ “found no credible evidence in them to substantiate Mr. Cashill’s conclusion that the federal agencies attempting to ascertain the cause of the destruction of TWA Flight 800, including the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), were engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct justice,” wrote Turner.

In the investigation’s early stages, government officials looked into and publicly discounted theories that a missile or bomb had downed the airliner, despite the large numbers of eyewitness who testified to exactly that. The official explanation of the tragedy is that a fuel tank in one of the plane’s wings had exploded. Turner refers to that explanation in her letter to Lynch, but she acknowledges the cause of the explosion is still unknown.

“While the cause of the explosion in the wing tank may never be determined to a mathematical certainty, an exhaustive investigation by the FBI and the NTSB found no basis to conclude that the explosion was the result of a bomb or missile,” the letter continues.

But many find the government’s explanation of the crash unsatisfactory. A few of the unanswered questions are: What happened to the federal Aviation administration’s radar data showing a high-velocity object colliding with Flight 800? Why hasn’t the NTSB been able to prove a mechanical error caused the spark that ignited the fuel explosion? Who was driving the “mystery boat” at sea under the site of the explosion, and why did it speed away after the incident? What evidence was being removed from the aircraft’s reconstruction site the night three FBI agents were caught fleeing the scene at 3 a.m.?

In his documentary, Cashill explores these and many other unanswered questions about the catastrophe. And although it is confronted with the surprising and disturbing evidence in “Silenced,” the government maintains its position and considers the matter closed.

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Read filmmaker Jack Cashill’s five-part series detailing the theory that TWA Flight 800 was downed by a bomb or missile.

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