Last week I stated that government cannot educate, so we shouldn’t waste 12 years of our children’s lives pursuing the impossible! Here are additional supports for the thesis that American government-controlled education should be abolished:

Government can’t educate without destroying the very object of education: the search for truth. Either government employees dictate “truth” to the formative youth or the government employee insists that objective truth does not exist. Either alternative is ludicrous and unthinkable to the rational mind.

By its very nature, government is hostile to any authority higher than itself. God, being that authority, will eventually be removed from all subjects in order to lift up the state by marginalizing or eradicating the reality of God.

Government is power and force. Inherently, government only checks its growth when forced. One way to consolidate its power is to indoctrinate youth in their most formative years, as that “philosophy” will never be eradicated. Lenin said: Give me a child for the first five years of his life and he will be mine forever. Lincoln said: The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of governance in the next. We reject established religion and state-controlled press in our nation yet the single greatest guarantee of those two evils is government education.

Government-controlled education is a means to an end, not an end in itself. A parent will sacrifice many things in defiance of tyranny: name, position, money, power. But when it comes to our kids – the state knows our Achilles’ heel and it will use that to its advantage. The threat of social services thugs invading the homes of innocent Americans to wrest the children from the parents’ arms in retaliation or for purposes of intimidation has been exhaustively documented. (Just look at some of the stories we run on WorldNetDaily or those chronicled by the Home School Legal Defense Association.

Government-controlled education allows government to set the standards of what is taught and how it is taught. Is government able to teach anything that will contradict its own interest? The answer is a resounding “no!” Government cannot self-critique. Are all American wars moral? Is paper money constitutional? Is the Federal Reserve legal? Were Wilson, FDR, or LBJ good presidents and moral men? Is Ritalin good for children? Is ADD caused by the methods of government education? Do mandated vaccinations cause crib death, asthma and allergies? Is there anything “safe” about sex outside of marriage? Does abortion kill a baby? Do we live in a democracy or republic? Is socialism moral and is man destroying the earth? If you can’t tell me the civil government ‘s answer to these questions, you haven’t been in a government school! These issues are addressed every day and they are framed from the government’s perspective. If a child objects they are made an object of ridicule and disgust by government-school educators and students. Now I ask you, is that the role of republican government?

All human endeavor is morphed or molded by the unnatural insinuation of government. A few examples: children now view government as their ultimate authority, not their parents and God. Peers are the intimates of children whereas in times past parents and siblings held that position of intimacy. Children once worked with their parents or as apprentices – now the state forces us to delay adulthood until the 20s – of devastating effect. High taxes necessary to support government education and its resulting societal decay have forced mothers out of their homes and created latch-key children in an endless and vicious cycle. Work, research, relationships, loyalties, beliefs, maturity, dress, language, religious belief and leisure activities, health related choices, the very perceptions of reality, have all been perverted by the introduction of government controlled education.

I would love for every American whose child is currently in government school to counter these statements or begin planning their own curriculum.

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