I wish Americans had less faith in government.

It seems no matter what they see, hear and read, Americans still cling to the idea that government knows best, that’s it’s competent, that it’s moral.

I got to thinking about this again recently following WorldNetDaily Washington bureau chief Paul Sperry’s revelation that the District of Columbia police and the FBI had not yet interviewed Chandra Levy’s job supervisors.

Think about that. This is the highest profile investigation – criminal or not – in the country. There are lots of detectives assigned to it, lots of FBI agents, even the Justice Department has involved itself directly in the inquiry.

Yet, until Sperry called Levy’s supervisors, no one had bothered to consider the fact that they might know something or be able to contribute some information that could lead to the missing intern’s whereabouts.

That’s not good police work. But it’s typical of the way government works – at all levels. I’ve seen it time and time again in some of the biggest investigations in this country’s history – from Waco to TWA Flight 800 to Oklahoma City to Vincent Foster’s death.

There’s also the issue of what I call “inconvenient facts” that get buried in these so-called investigations.

For instance, CNN ran a story four years ago today headlined, “Nose gear doors baffle TWA crash investigators.” It seems the National Transportation Safety Board back then had a problem. Their investigators in the TWA Flight 800 probe were mystified as to why there were signs of impact damage on the doors that close over the front landing gear of the plane.

“According to several people involved in the investigation,” the story said, “for the last two weeks National Transportation Safety Board investigators have been trying to figure out what could have caused the nose gear doors to blow inward – and whether whatever caused that damage happened before the plane’s center fuel tank exploded.”

Why was this a problem for the NTSB? Because it had already decided that TWA Flight 800 exploded because of internal problems rather than because of any outside force, such as the missiles witnessed by dozens who saw the plane explode.

Here’s the clincher from the CNN report: “One crash investigator told CNN on Friday that the discovery keeps open the question of whether the fuel tank explosion was the primary or secondary event in the in-flight breakup of TWA Flight 800. But Shelly Hazle, an NTSB spokeswoman, downplayed the significance, emphasizing that investigators will have to see how this newly discovered evidence fits into their theory of how the plane blew up.”

You see how it works? First you formulate your theory, then you find facts to back them up and discard any “inconvenient facts.” That’s exactly what the NTSB did with TWA Flight 800.

And if you doubt what I’m saying for one minute, I urge you to watch the compelling video documentary “Silenced: Flight 800 and the Subversion of Justice.”

Or, a couple of weeks from now, you can watch another new video in the WorldNetDaily online store on the Oklahoma City bombing to see the way “inconvenient facts” are ignored by these high-profile national investigations.

In “The OKC Cover-up,” a collection of homemade videotapes of television newscasts in the early hours of the Oklahoma bombing coverage, you will see local and national news people report that two other unexploded bombs were discovered by bomb-squad investigators in the Alfred P. Murrah federal building. The bombs were said to be very sophisticated and bigger and more powerful than the one that caused the primary explosion in the front of the building.

What ever happened to those bombs – which were described as the keys to finding the perpetrators of this crime?

They disappeared. They were never introduced as evidence in the case. They were “inconvenient facts.”

You’ll learn about other “inconvenient facts” in this new video on Oklahoma City, too. You’ll hear from one of the nation’s foremost military explosives experts on why Timothy McVeigh’s truck bomb could not – under any circumstances – have caused the extensive damage to the structure of the Murrah Building that we all saw.

Yet, CNN and the Associated Press and the other establishment news agencies in this country show no curiosity at all about such matters. They’re used to “inconvenient facts” just disappearing at some point in the coverage of a big story.

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