The Battle of America has begun! So be it! As I have warned many times, the United States has come under attack by the combined terrorist forces of Islam. If you want to know who is responsible and what we are fighting, just look at the response of the Muslims that were photographed cheering in the streets of their cities around the world. They danced for joy in their streets as the news of thousands of Americans killed in New York and Washington, D.C., broke.

As I write, the news is breaking that just before 9 a.m., a jetliner flew into the north tower of the New York World Trade Center. Minutes later, a second plane flew into the south tower. A massive third explosion collapsed the south tower of the World Trade Center as dozens of floors of the building just fell away, as thousands fled in terror. Moments later, the second tower simply vanished as it collapsed completely.

It is unknown how many have been killed, at this moment, but each of the buildings house as many as 50,000 workers. The Pentagon was hit by a third crashing airliner. The FAA grounded all air traffic nationwide. All U.S. aircraft in the air at the time were diverted to Canadian airports.

At least one, according to another report, crashed in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. After the attack, all trading was halted at the NYSE, and the country was essentially shut down.

The White House, Treasury and other government buildings in Washington were evacuated. To all intents and purposes, the government, the financial sector and the air transportation systems have been shut down as pandemonium reigned supreme. The city of Washington proper was ordered evacuated.

Make no mistake about it, the majority of radical Islamists in the Middle East hate us and would like to see us destroyed as a nation.

There are only a few nations in the world who actively harbor, and support financially and logistically terrorist groups. Among them are Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria and Libya. The airwaves are jammed with denials by Islamic governments, even as the various militant Islamic terror groups are lining up to take credit for this catastrophe.

Moments after the attacks, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed credit. Unlikely they had either the capability or the intelligence to have pulled off something this sophisticated, but it certainly underscores the level of hatred felt by the Islamic world toward the United States.

As Palestinians danced in the streets with joy at the copious quantities of American blood spilt by persons as yet unknown, there are still those who deny what has taken place before their very eyes.

The diplomats, politicians and pundits who so recently were pleased to condemn Israeli responses to terror in that tiny country from the comfort and safety of their easy chairs in America and elsewhere are strangely silent today.

Across America, those same elected officials and television commentators are calling for blood, although we don’t even know who did it, yet, although we have a pretty good idea. If Israel reacted the same way, they would be the first ones to brand them as racist, genocidal maniacs – for exactly the same reasons they are now using in their own calls for revenge. It is far less easy to condemn the Israelis from the front lines than it is when you believe you can “feel their pain” from your easy chair. Now that they can really feel their pain, many apologists for Arafat & Company are singing a different song.

It is time for us as Christians to pray that our nation first repent for its great sin of pushing Jesus Christ and the Word of God out of our public consciousness, and then to pray that God will spare our nation and direct us in this critical hour of our history.

In my video, “Where Is America In Prophecy,” I warned that America will be destroyed as a world power and that terrorism was one way this could happen. This scenario seems to have begun. I do not believe this is the last attack. An even more serious threat hanging over the U.S. is a chemical or biological bomb attack. Right now, I wouldn’t rule out any possibility.

Let us pray that our leaders realize the full implications of these attacks, and that they will have the courage to use our military power in an unrestricted way to not only bring to justice those responsible, but to deal such blows that no terrorist organization will be left alive to do this again.

I believe we need to warn the nations whom we know harbor, protect and support terrorist groups to hand them over or face the full military fury of the world’s last remaining superpower. If we act like wimps now, we will encourage far worse attacks than these present ones.

And to the Islamic terrorist groups of the world I say: “You have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible rage.”

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