A pro-family group is taking legal advice over its inclusion on a list of “Christian Hate Groups” by an anarchists’ network it says is inciting violence against conservative campaigners.

The American Family Association is likened to Afghanistan’s fundamentalist Taliban movement at the website infoshop.org, which describes itself as “your online anarchist community.” Also listed is the Family Research Council, whose Washington, D.C., address is detailed with the comment: “We don’t advocate that you do anything to their lovely building.”

The groups are spotlighted, along with the Christian Coalition and Promise Keepers, on a page offering “practical advice for the free person who wants to stop religious hate groups from running your life.” It invites visitors to “join us as we kick some dirt into their graves, burying their hideous fascism once and for all.”

AFA heads the list of “Christian Hate Groups” and is identified as “probably the last religious right organization with any political clout. Of all the religious right groups, this one is the closest to the Taliban in mindset, agenda and actions.”

The FRC is described as “the ‘think tank’ and paymaster to right-wing hate groups,” which raises money “primarily by flaming hatred of gay people.” The “infamous” Christian Coalition is said to be “a mere shadow of its former self.” PK “went out in a blaze of glory … several years back.” Also included is a Virginia-based group that fought the distribution of a gay newspaper in public libraries.

AFA Vice President Tim Wildmon said that the organization’s lawyers would take “a serious look” at the anarchists’ website. The comments on the page were “a veiled threat of violence towards pro-family or Christian groups,” he said. But “they are the ones who are sowing fear and hatred – you don’t see anything of that nature at our website.”

Wildmon said that AFA was “much more in the mainstream of traditional American thought” than anarchists. He rejected the website comparison with the Taliban. “They are saying … if you have moral objections to such things as pornography or homosexuality or abortion, and try to work within the system to uphold the values you believe in, that makes you like someone who will take a gun to the head of a lady who isn’t wearing her head garb right and blow them away in a soccer field. It’s ridiculous.” The FRC declined to comment.

“Chuck0” Munson, the webmaster for infoshop.org, defended his comparison of the AFA to the Taliban.

“Most people would say they are like the Taliban,” he said. “I certainly think that among all the groups they are certainly the closest in politics and practice,” he told Charisma News Service.

“They might not cut off people’s arms, but I am sure they would like to see a religious state in the U.S.; that is always something that a lot of the groups have pushed for over the years.”

Munson, whose site is a clearinghouse for anarchist news, views and activities, and billed as “family-friendly,” said the comment about the FRC building had been intended as a joke. “I’m certainly in favor of doing actions against property, especially corporate property. People, I don’t really like that.”

The leaders of AFA, FRC and other prominent Christians have also been targeted recently in a “die soon” wish list by a radical pro-homosexual website. Creators of usQueers.com claim they don’t advocate acts of violence toward the people, but “if a person on this list dies (preferably a horrible death), a line will be drawn through their name.” The deceased will then be added to the site’s “good riddance list.”

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