I really used to enjoy flying. But not any longer. Why?

Because young girls are being frisked and having to lower their pants in public by sleazy security screeners.

Because documented lying and cover-ups by the federal government in previous air disasters – especially TWA Flight 800 – and other terrorist incidents have continued unabated.

Because passengers and pilots are unable to carry firearms for protection.

And add to those reasons ongoing excuses for more bloated government and control over citizens’ lives, long lines, inadequate bomb detection equipment, and rude security personnel.


It is time to demand the federal government stop lying, and stop tampering with the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. Until then, my family and I are going to stop flying unless there is a life-and-death emergency – and I hope you will join us. It’s time to boycott the airlines.

It is not safe to fly

I know, some of you are saying this is not a practical answer, especially for businesses.

Well think about this: Companies have all sorts of choices as to how to implement meetings. At one time, I worked as a supervisor in the general services department of a well-known multinational corporation and I know first-hand that many of the trips our people took were, in fact, discretionary.

Additionally, fax, e-mail, teleconferencing and Internet messaging capabilities have all reduced the need for air travel. Individuals take trips for all sorts of reasons, but most of them are optional. And prior to deregulation of the airline industry, trains and buses were a simple fact of life for many years in America.

It is my belief that the reason the president, attorney general and others in the federal government are trying so hard to control and cover-up the precarious nature of commercial air travel is they have done such a poor job of protecting our airports that they and the airlines are scared people will just stop flying if they learn the truth. But they are just making things worse for everyone.

Do you feel safe flying with the federal government’s record of obstruction and lies about major air disasters? Don’t you wonder why they won’t tell the truth about TWA Flight 800, KAL Flight 007 and, most recently, United Flight 93?

Do you feel safe knowing that some overzealous pervert wearing a badge may be frisking your children, girlfriend or other family members?

Do you feel safe knowing that no matter how much hype the government and airlines spew out that people are slipping through airport security screens every day with all sorts of dangerous devices – while you remain unarmed?

Do you feel safe knowing that the airlines so far have been unwilling to pay for effective bomb-detecting devices that screen all luggage?

Do you feel safe knowing airport screeners may have ties to terrorists?

I know I sure don’t.

It’s not reasonable to fly

As things stand now, I would rather drive or take a boat or a bus or a train.

I don’t like rude airport personnel who think they can do whatever they please to me and my family.

I don’t like my constitutional rights being violated with unlawful searches and seizures – and by preventing me from protecting myself and my family.

I don’t like being forced to stand long hours in huge lines because our government and airlines are unwilling to let passengers protect themselves.

I don’t like validating our government’s latest attempt to increase its power and size using their bogus paternalistic excuse of protecting me and my family.

As I said: Enough.

Citizens: Will you join me in pledging to boycott the airlines until the federal government tells us the truth about Flight 800 and Oklahoma City?

Will you join me in boycotting the airlines until they stop violating our constitutional rights?

Managers and business owners: Will you do everything in your power to curtail air travel within your company until our government tells us the truth and restores our constitutional rights?

If so, forward this commentary to everyone you know now. E-mail me at [email protected] to indicate your support for this boycott. And check in regularly at WorldNetDaily.com to learn what action, if any, our government and airlines are taking to mend the wrongs they have perpetuated.

If we all stand together, we can fix this situation. Our lives and freedoms depend on it.

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