The totalitarians are fully in control of America’s largest state.

The battle for California is over. Write it off. Kiss it goodbye. Bid it a fond farewell.

What am I talking about?

Listen to this: The California Supreme Court ruled 4-3 last Thursday that police in the state may search cars if a driver fails to produce a license or registration, regardless of whether the officer has a warrant.

Hello? Have these guys ever heard of the Fourth Amendment?
Justice Joyce Kennard, one of the three dissenters, suggested the ruling may have been motivated by security fears stemming from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

“As this opinion is being written, our nation is undergoing a painful recovery from the devastating physical and psychological effects of that day,” Kennard wrote. She said the ruling “does nothing to enhance our security and does much to erode our Fourth Amendment rights.”
I suggest this ruling had little or nothing to do with the events of Sept. 11. It’s part of a trend toward over-reaching statism by state executive branch, legislative and judicial officials.

California courts had previously allowed police making routine traffic stops to search for licenses and registrations in glove compartments and under visors. The Supreme Court’s decision approves for the first time searches under the seats of cars and elsewhere when there is no reason to believe a crime has been committed.

Now, I know some of you law-and-order types are applauding this decision. You think the police will now have an opportunity to prevent crime with this new tool. You think California officials are reacting to an epidemic of law-breaking in the state. You think this will somehow make you safer. You think this might even allow cops to sniff out illegal aliens and others already in violation of America’s laws.

Think again.

California is one of several states knowingly providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. In other words, state officials are sanctioning the violation of America’s immigration laws and deliberately providing safe haven to lawbreakers.

California provides free health care and free schooling to illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense. California provides welfare benefits to illegal aliens. So, I think it’s safe to say that California has no intention of cracking down on criminals. This is a power play – a raw, brutal power play designed to put you, the average, law-abiding citizen, under the thumb of police-state-style oppression.

It’s not the illegal aliens California’s totalitarians want to find. It’s you – you gun owners, you seatbelt offenders, you ordinary, self-governing, self-sufficient, self-reliant Californians and visitors from out of state.

They want you to know who the boss is. They want you to live in fear of them. More checkpoints. More random stops. More random, warrantless searches. This is how it begins.

For those of you who haven’t visited California by automobile lately, you probably don’t know that the state provides checkpoints at the borders – no, not the border with Mexico, the borders with contiguous American states. When you enter California by car, you are stopped by fruit police.

No, I’m not kidding – fruit police. They want to know if you are bringing any fruit or vegetables into the state. It’s not considered a real hardship by most people. It seems innocent. There are very few searches by the fruit Nazis. But it’s another indication of how the police-state mentality is firmly in control of California.

And now this.

This is a bad sign. There’s a saying that dates back to the ’60s in this country: As California goes, so goes the nation. God forbid.

I’m a refugee of California. I ain’t looking back. The state is a disaster area and ought to be declared so by Washington – as long as it doesn’t mean a bailout.

It’s no longer time to go West, young man. It’s time to go East or North – anywhere but California.

Just try to rent a U-Haul truck in California for a one-way trip. There’s a long waiting period. Good, hard-working Americans are leaving in droves. They are leaving because of high taxes, oppressive regulations and court decisions like this.

It’s too late to save this state. It’s time to get out while the getting is good.

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