As WND reports in today’s edition, some big guns have turned out to help WND in its fight with the Senate Press Gallery to obtain congressional press accreditation – including a public interest law firm that has offered to help the newssite legally.

But one of the most powerful forms of help has come from WorldNetDaily’s readers, who yesterday inundated Senate Press Gallery Deputy Director Joe Keenan with over 2,000 e-mails protesting the recent decision by the Standing Committee of Correspondents to deny WorldNetDaily a permanent press pass. Allowing unfettered access to many key government offices, hearings and press conferences, it’s an essential tool for Washington, D.C.-based journalists.

Here is a representative sampling of the e-mails that went to Keenan, from writers who copied WND on their transmissions to the nation’s capital:

Mr. Keenan:

I am extremely troubled by your committee’s denial of a congressional press to World Net Daily. WND is the best source of news on the Internet today, and it is one that I visit and read every morning. Could it be that your committee fears the aggressive reporting style of WND? I will be contacting my senators and congressman about your unfair and biased decision.

Rick Williams

Stuarts Draft, VA

Mr. Keenan,

I find it appalling and more than a bit hypocritical that WorldNetDaily would be denied accreditation when even foreign news organizations from countries hostile to the U.S., such as the Xinhua News Agency, are able to be approved. I have been reading WorldNetDaily for at least 2 years and find it has very original reporting; in fact, it has broken many stories that the “major” news organizations either missed or purposely

In fact, I would say that I probably get more of my daily news from WorldNetDaily than any other source. I would implore you to rethink your denial, and give credit where credit is due. WorldNetDaily is here to stay, and runs rings around the competition. Thank you for your time,

Oze McCallum

Project Engineer

Ciena Services EF&I Americas

To Mr. Joseph Keenan/Standing Committee of Correspondents:

Our family is writing to you to request your immediate assistance in granting full accreditation/credentials/ membership to WORLDNETDAILY ~ this brief email will be followed by a more personal call and letter.

I am a public school teacher in Pennsylvania with twenty years experience, and always check a variety of news sources before presenting material to my students. My husband and I also have been teaching our two adolescent children the importance and value of balanced research ~ our family is appalled that you have denied access to WND.

It has been a tremendous blessing to find a news source with clarity, as well as depth. Mr. Joseph Farah and his staff have continually and faithfully presented a news source of the utmost quality and reliability ~ we have and will continue to recommend WND to other educators and families. We now check that site daily, even if we don’t have time to read our local and Philadelphia newspapers.

This request is brief, but sincere and urgent. WE HOPE TO HEAR THAT THE


Cathleen Keane

Tom, Chelsea and Tommy Keane

Souderton, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Keenan,

I really appreciate you and your group denying WND gallery press credentials. You see, I’ve long suspected that WND is one of the very few reliable news sources in this country. Now that your good ole boy group has shunned them, I’m absolutely convinced that they’re the premier news service in this country. Thank you for helping to show me the light. Anybody who is so uncomfortable with a free agent like Joseph Farah must have something to hide. I’ve been kind of iffy about sending money to WND. I’ve sent a little before but now I intend to send a LOT. I don’t mean I intend to buy stuff from WND (although I most likely will ); no, I mean I plan to DONATE a LOT to help keep that show going. Starting today.

Thanks very much,

Ken Shields

Mr. Keenan-

I am writing to you on behalf of WorldNetDaily, an internet news organization that I am sure you are familar with.

I prefer to get my news from organizations like WorldNetDaily, mostly due to
their “no-fear” attitude toward reporting the truth without dumbing it down.
Please do not take this to mean that I am an angry white man with nothing better to do than complain on behalf of a conservative organization. I happen to be an open-minded, young and happy, black male who makes a modest living, obeys the law, and pays his taxes.

I am not filing a complaint. I am making a request. I wish to see the
fine American journalists of WorldNetDaily have the same access to Washington that you have seen fit to grant to Al-Ahram, Beijing Daily, China Press, China Youth Daily, China Times, Sing Tao Daily, the Vietnam News Agency and the Xinhua News Agency, all of whom hail from parts of the world where freedom is denied and truth is silenced.

You have nothing to gain by continuing to deny WorldNetDaily membership
in the Washington press corp. In fact, your current stance only serves to evaporate what trust I do have in you. Please reconsider your decision.

Thank you for your time.

Walter Hudson

River Falls, WI

Mr. Keenan,

You have done a tremendous injustice by denying a permanent congressional press pass. is one of the few media organizations today that seeks to hold our federal government accountable for its actions (most of the national media choose to act as some sort of agent of the federal government). Everyday, there are more and more citizens, like me, who turn to WND as our primary source of the news concerning what is happening in Washington and around the country.

By declining WND’s application for press credentials you are contributing to the bureaucracy that has soured so many of us on the out of touch attitude on our own federal government (need I remind you that it is supposed to be a government of, for and by the people?). I hope you will reconsider your decision.

David P. Maloney

Candia, NH

I have become aware that you represent an organization which has denied WorldNetDaily accreditation as a Washington Press Corp member. A review of the list of member organizations indicates balance, ethics, and professionalism are certainly not prerequisites to membership.

I encourage you to reverse your decision and admit WND to the press corps. You and I may not agree with WND’s editorial decisions. But like any news source, we can choose not to listen.

This is a free country, and WND should be free to access information for it’s millions of readers.

Daniel W. Coyne, M.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine

Washington University School of Medicine

As a taxpayer for over 55 years, I am astounded to discover that the one news source that I have depended upon for the past 5 years to provide me with “no spin” reporting on my governments activities, WorldNetDaily, has been denied press accreditation to the Congress. Will you please explain why you have done this and why you have granted accreditation to virtually every government controlled news organization in Asia and the
Middle East.

Do you by any chance work part time as a figure skating judge?

Thank you for your prompt reply.

William Bell

ILVS Metrics Analyst

Ford Motor Company – iTek Building

Dearborn, Michigan

Dear Joe,

I ashamed of my goverment once again. I’m a card-carrying Republican who voted for W. I also get my news, weather and sports from the largest Internet daily newspaper WorldNetDaily. There is NO excuse for denying it credentials.

Credential WorldNetDaily now!


William Moody

Concord, CA 94521

Dear Mr. Keenan,

I read World Net Daily on a regular basis. It is a central part of several news sources I use to gather information for my professional dealings as well as for personal interest.

WND is, along with Slate, Salon and a few other online media, blazing a new trail for journalism. WND is reaching many of our citizens who have been disenchanted by the frivolity of many mainstream news organizations.

You should be doing all you can to facilitate the success of these pioneers of online news reporting, not creating facetious obstacles such as denying WND regular press credentials. WND is a valuable source of unvarnished, fact-based information, often presented from a fresh point of view. I think you will eventually see that your original position only feeds the paranoid view that we have a controlled media. If you want people to believe the paranoid, black-helicopter view, then keep shutting out the WND. If instead, you want to promote the tenets of a free press and support the only area of journalism that is actually growing, then give WND the regular credentials shared by the 300 or so other dailies.

J. Tyler Ballance

Upper Iowa University

I want to register my dismay and anger regarding what is obviously a biased decision to deny WND’s application for accreditation. I would appreciate your forwarding this e-mail on the Standing Committee of Correspondents’ members.

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans look to WND as their primary news source. We have rejected the biased, slanted and, in many cases, completely incompetent journalism found in traditional newspapers and news services. Where I live, the primary newspaper available is a Knight-Ridder publication. I have stopped reading it. Over time I found that much of the “reporting” was mere propaganda. I also found that stories that I thought very important were simply ignored by the newspaper — almost always stories that challenged the politically correct propaganda that was pushed daily. The fact is that the only place that I have found decent reporting of important news items is in WND.

Given who is on the committee, the committee’s action comes as no surprise. But rest assured that those of us who read WND know the action for what it is: blatant news management and manipulation.

This issue is not going to go away, I assure you. You are playing favorites with the First Amendment — an issue that will require the attention of even the most extreme left senator.

Blaine L. Fields

Trial Attorney

One Almaden Boulevard, 8th Floor

San Jose, CA 95113

Mr. Keenan,

You are way off base not granting World Net Daily a Senate press pass.

How can you call yourself an American and grant press passes to Communist-controlled news media and deny WorldNetDaily, a for-profit American news company?

I trust WorldNetDaily more than I trust most of the organizations you have granted passes to.

I did not get a Purple Heart and wear the uniform of the United States Army to let people like you deny my access to the news and solid reporting on what it is that Congress and our government is up to.

How dare you! I insist that you grant WorldNetDaily’s reporters access to the Senate Galleries.

I will be contacting my representative and senators. I hope they take your job.


John H. Kacarab

U.S Army, Retired

Riverside, CA

Mr. Keenan,

I have read with interest the story published on WorldNetDaily regarding your organization’s refusal to grant them permanent press status credentials. It appears you are fortunate this may never get litigated. If so, I think you would lose.

I see this as one more example, if one were needed, of the bias detailed in Bernard Goldberg’s book. The position you are taking in this controversy is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

Timothy G. Cleary

Counselor at Law

Soquel, California

For more letters, read WND’s “E-mail to the Editor” on the Senate Press Gallery controversy.

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