Since the end of last year, congressional Democrats have been in an all-out attack against President Bush and the GOP. The left has attacked Bush mainly on the economy, but thanks, in part, to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, it failed. The attacks have been on all fronts, but each seemed to fail.

Nothing would stick to the president; as Rush Limbaugh said, he’s like Teflon.

But when Enron Corp. filed for Chapter 11 in the United States Bankruptcy Court, and it was uncovered that Enron donated a large sum of money to the Bush presidential campaign, the Dems were absolutely giddy.

From across the fruited plain, the mainstream liberal press headlines read, “Enron Scandal?” and “Enrongate?” as if the left were just hoping that there was substance to the charge. Then we heard Democrats feeling so sure of themselves that there was a scandal in the Bush administration, as the media cited numerous donations to Republican campaigns, but they seemed to forget about all the donations to Democrats. All this somehow resulted in a huge “scandal” for the Bush administration without any real evidence.

The Democrats have been losing ground politically since the beginning of the year. So, they manufactured a scandal. Rep. Henry Waxman said, “The Bush administration would like to downplay its intimate relationship with Ken Lay and other Enron executives.” And the people of the left were extremely confident that Enron would take down the Bush administration.

Even Sen. Ernest Hollings urged for a special prosecutor in the Enron case, but the administration decided against it. And rightfully so! No congressman as of yet has given any credible evidence pointing to crime and corruption with Enron and Bush.

Currently, there are 10 different congressional committees investigating Enron. After everyone was so sure of a scandal, then they began to investigate. They were so sure of themselves, but the more they investigated, the more they discovered what they didn’t want. It turns out that at the heart of the Enron corruption was the Clinton administration.

During the prime of corruption, Clinton was in bed with Enron. According the Washington Times, the Clinton administration provided more than $1 billion in subsidized loans to Enron Corp. Clinton officials financed 19 of 20 Enron projects, some of which were worth $3 billion, throughout the ’90s, which supposedly built “power plants, natural-gas pipelines and other big-ticket energy facilities around the world.” In addition, Enron contributed nearly $2 million to Democratic causes!

The Times story continues, revealing that Bill Clinton granted $200 million worth of insurance against political risks for Enron. All this happened under the Clinton administration. In addition, CEO Ken Lay was one of many to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom, and he also accompanied Clinton on trade trips to India.

The fact is, the left has been making charges of a scandal with Bush, citing campaign donations, but they fail to show where President Bush has helped Enron in any way. While it turns into a Democrat scandal, they are coming out of this with egg on their face.

Obviously, the corruption is enormous, and the things that went on are terrible. However, the mainstream news media are not reporting the news like they should. The linkage between Enron and Clinton is only being reported in the non-mainstream media, such as WorldNetDaily, the Washington Times, etc. The liberal media refuse to believe the Clinton administration corruption with Enron Corp.

The liberal media refuse to keep an open mind. They refuse to believe that their hero is amid all the crime and corruption, despite the hard evidence.

This just adds more to the legacy of Bill Clinton and his cronies, not Bush. Once again, this is not sticking to the president. He is a genuine guy with integrity, and no one is going to believe there is something going on with him unless there is hard evidence against him – which there isn’t.

The left got their scandal, but it’s not with Bush. It’s with their hero, Bill Clinton.

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