WASHINGTON – An internal Federal Aviation Administration memo summarizing the Sept. 11 hijackings says a passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 11 was shot to death by a single bullet, WorldNetDaily has learned.

The FAA claims the memo, time-stamped Sept. 11 at 5:30 p.m., was written in error.

“It was a first draft,” said FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown in a phone interview today. “There was no gun.”

She said a final draft of the executive summary,
received by FAA Administrator Jane Garvey, does not
include the account of a gun being fired aboard the
plane, which slammed into the first World Trade Center
tower not long after departing Boston.

Brown refused to release the final draft, however, arguing it is “protected information.”

WorldNetDaily has obtained a copy of the first draft of the memo, which can be viewed here.

Here is the key excerpt, which is very specific
(although the time is plainly wrong):

“The American Airlines FAA Principal Security
Inspector (PSI) was notified by Suzanne Clark of
American Airlines Corporate Headquarters, that an on
board flight attendant contacted American Airlines
Operations Center and informed that a passenger
located in seat 10B shot and killed a passenger in
seat 9B at 9:20 a.m.

“The passenger killed was Daniel Lewin, shot by
passenger Satam Al Suqami. One bullet was reported to
have been fired.”

In fact, Flight 11 had already crashed well before
9:20 a.m. (assuming the FAA memo writer was referring
to the Eastern time zone and not a later one). At 8:25
a.m. – nearly an hour earlier than stated in the memo
– Flight 11 had turned sharply off its planned
westbound path and headed south toward Manhattan. It
then crashed into the north tower at 8:48 a.m.

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