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This may be hard to believe, but I just now got a copy of the official letter of rejection of WorldNetDaily for accreditation by the Senate Press Gallery.

I didn’t actually get a copy of the letter from William Roberts, chairman of the Standing Committee of Correspondents. It was sent to our Washington bureau chief, Paul Sperry, and finally a copy made its way to me.

I’m outraged all over again.

I thought I had said everything I had to say on this topic until I saw this letter myself with my own eyes. Now I find myself at once speechless, but sputtering mad.

So I am writing a letter of response to the foul-mouthed Mr. Roberts and his standing committee. Before I get done with them, I intend to see the standing committee sitting – and eating their words.

“The standing committee has long held that publications operated, funded or affiliated with tax-free special interest or issue advocacy groups do not qualify for accreditation,” Roberts says in his letter. “WorldNetDaily was founded and operated as part of the Western Journalism Center, a non-profit advocacy group. The Western Journalism Center continues to own a significant interest in WorldNetDaily.”

Ever since the Garden of Eden, liars have always mixed their untruths with a little bit of reality. It makes the lie that much more effective. The serpent said to Eve that if she ate from the tree, she would be like God – with the knowledge of good and evil. It was true and it was false. Eve wouldn’t be any more like God. In fact, she would be less like God in disobedience. But she would have knowledge of good and evil.

That’s what comes to mind when I read this statement by Roberts.

Was WorldNetDaily founded by a non-profit group? Yes. But was the non-profit an advocacy group? No. It was a journalism center – promoting good journalism, investigative reporting, journalism education, internships for young people. It was never an advocacy organization.

Then the great deceiver from Bloomberg News Service drops another bombshell: “The committee recognizes the emergence of electronic publications as a legitimate extension of the print tradition. To be accredited, online publications ‘must provide daily news with significant original reporting content.’ We do not believe WorldNetDaily meets this threshold.”

Now, let me see. WorldNetDaily is read by some 2.5 million different people. It has broken some of the biggest stories of the last five years. Its archives are filled with tens of thousands of original articles. It supports a full-time editorial staff of 13, not including dozens of original columnists, free-lancers and other contributors. Our Washington bureau chief is one of the finest print journalists in the world and perhaps the pre-eminent investigative beltway reporter. People count on it all over the world as their main source of news.

But Mr. Roberts doesn’t think there’s enough original content. Instead, his committee accredits one-man news agencies, Podunk newspapers that have one-tenth of our content and less staff, and foreign totalitarian propaganda arms masquerading as journalists.

Hello? Earth to Mr. Roberts.

I don’t want to sound like a one-note Johnny to you precious readers out there who have responded to this First Amendment violation with an outpouring of e-mails and letters of protest. But I do want you to know that we will not rest until this injustice is overturned.

However, I want you to know that is no longer enough for me. I won’t be satisfied the day WorldNetDaily is credentialed. We’re going to push these news police out of business. We’re going to upset their little applecart. We’re going to dismantle the Senate Press Gallery. We’re going to make sure this never happens again to a legitimate news agency in the free world. And we’re going to work hard to chase out the foreign spies and paid propagandists from the U.S. Capitol.

Mark my words. That’s our new goal. We don’t want to be a member of the club. We want to destroy the club. That’s my new mission.

This is no way to do business. This is not an operation our tax dollars should be subsidizing. It’s not WorldNetDaily and I that are getting a tax-free ride, Mr. Roberts. It’s you and your operation that are getting the tax dollars to play government gate-keeper. So, it’s time to disqualify yourselves from the role of obstructing the free press.

Get out of the way, or prepare for the battle of your life.

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