On Wednesday, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee considered the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The legislation, which is strongly supported by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., would prohibit discrimination against homosexuals.

The bill would officially make homosexuality a right, protected by federally funded lawsuits. “It extends fair-employment practices, not special rights, to lesbians, to gay men, to bisexuals,” stated Sen. Clinton.

Supporters of ENDA say that the legislation is necessary to end widespread discrimination against homosexuals and transsexuals. The bill would add sexual orientation to the list protected by federal civil-rights laws, along with race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sex and disability.

I find this very disturbing.

Say I own a family-run business, and I wish to have a family-type atmosphere. I don’t want someone with that type of lifestyle around my family or me, and the government has no right to make me.

This bill shows the true colors of those in Congress. It exposes their obvious untraditional marriage beliefs and anti-family values.

Homosexuals choose to be that way. Homosexuality is a behavior – not something they are born with, such as race. The fact is, gays and lesbians have claimed an illegitimate minority status, which is endorsed by many on the left.

If I was a member of the minority group that homosexuals may be joining, I would be outraged. For a certain people to be awarded the same rights as I, just because of a behavior? That’s outrageous.

In an article on CNSNews.com, Sen. Kennedy is quoted as saying, “We must continue the progress toward freeing ourselves from this form of discrimination. America will never be America until we do.” With this legislation, you are destroying discrimination against homosexuals, yes. But you are discriminating against those who believe from their religion and in their heart that homosexuality is wrong.

It stems from extreme intolerance. They insist that you be tolerant of everything they do, but they are intolerant of everything you do. They can dish it out, but can’t take it. The government wants to force me to be tolerant, but homosexuals don’t have to be.

Why do I have to cater to them, but they don’t give back. Look what happened to radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Because of her stance on homosexuality, gays and lesbians did everything they could to protest her and, in the end, she lost her new TV program because of it.

Although the bill does have exemptions for religious organizations, the courts are expected to knock down the exemption, opening the threat to religious groups and institutions.

I belong to a small church in a rural community. We recently welcomed a new youth pastor who we had been searching for for sometime. But if a homosexual applied for that position and was turned down, with this legislation and exemption overturned, our church could come under fire with a federally funded lawsuit. Our small church would have a very hard time surviving if the exemption was struck down.

Because of the fact that it is impossible to fully prove that someone was discriminated against based on their sexual orientation, many religious institutions and organizations could possibly come under fire because of ENDA.

Look at what happened with the attacks on the Boy Scouts of America. The gays came in an all-out attack against that organization because they refused to allow gay men into their group.

The homosexual agenda is to infect itself into all areas of life. Using extreme intolerance, they have become successful on many fronts. Because the movement started in Hollywood with the moneymakers and strong voices, they are winning the fight.

As a Christian, I believe homosexuality is a sin and is evil. However, my faith teaches me to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Although I don’t hate them, I hate the practice of homosexuality and I don’t wish to be forced to accept it.

This bill is just another piece of legislation that will expand federal power over the workplace and, by threatening the private sector with federally funded lawsuits, it will frighten more and more employers from being selective while choosing employees.

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