Sometimes what you don’t say is as important as what you do say. In that vein, if you believe the media in America, then last year 92,700 men and boys in the U.S. were raped by women. Are you incredulous? Me, too.

But I draw that conclusion because the national media has reported no homosexual rapes of men or boys last year. The crime statistic comes from a 1998 federal study, which also found 302,100 females raped in the same “average” year. (Cited in USA Today, “Natural rape theory creates instant storm,” by Dan Vergano, Jan. 18, 2000.)

There was no lack of stories about these women, however. Go to any major news site and type “rape” into their search engine. Dozens or hundreds of stories appear; all cases of men raping women or girls. Is there even one story about men raping boys?

In fact, I don’t believe that 92,700 men and boys were raped last year by American women. I believe that the overwhelming majority were raped by homosexual men.

“Ho, hum,” says the U.S. media. “Don’t bother us. We’re busy. We have these water buckets we’re carrying for NAMBLA.” Those initials stand for the North American Man Boy Love Association. Their long-standing motto, “sex before eight – or it’s too late,” only recently revised, makes their intent pretty clear.

Homosexuals, as represented in the U.S. media, come in only two varieties: upstanding citizen and persecuted victim.

Do homosexual priests rape choirboys? Not in medialand. There, Catholic priests abuse children – a phrase that’s so gender-inclusive, and manages to twist one’s attention onto the Catholic church, not the homosexual men who have made inroads into the clergy so they can prey on the innocence of children.

Do homosexual pastors rape congregants? Not in medialand. There “ministers are found with naked teens” and charged with “unlawful sex acts with a minor.” Such inclusive language … my, isn’t the media open-minded and progressive? We’d never guess it was male pastors and little boys, would we?

No, homosexual pastors and priests are all “victims” of “religious discrimination” and the “homophobia” of parents not open-minded enough to want predatory homosexual men who commit rapes in this country to be preying on their 8-year-old children. Except the homosexual bucket-brigade in the U.S. media doesn’t have time to tell us that. No, they’re too busy getting homosexuals into our churches as pastors, into our schools as teachers and coaches, into Boy Scout troops as scoutmasters, and into every other major position of authority over children.

The media is too busy raping the Christian church on its news pages, the Boy Scouts during its evening news broadcasts, and the military in its editorials and at its cocktail parties. No, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa don’t warrant the truth, because it just might slow down the bucket brigade, and imply that homosexuals could possibly be, like the rest of us, just a smidgen short of sainthood.

At this point I truly wish we could take a trip back in time to Joseph Goebbels’ office in Nazi Germany. Don’t you think the propaganda master would be astonished at the ideological bucket brigade the U.S. media has become?

Oddly enough, I don’t condemn homosexuals – they are in the grip of an incredibly powerful delusion and acting in what they believe are their own best interests. Unfortunately, their best interests do not coincide with the best interests of children, families and the next generation.

No, my condemnation is reserved for those who know the truth, but speak and write the big lie. Surely the question asked by Jesus of the ancient Israeli priesthood about their lies and hypocrisy loaded onto the backs of the common people applies to the American media today:

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of Hell?”

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