He predicted the Sept. 11 attacks, and now Islam expert Dr. Robert Morey warns there are three small nuclear devices within the U.S. on standby for more terror, according to Assist News Service (ANS).

“I have Middle Eastern friends throughout the U.S. who continually feed me information as to what the terrorists are up to,” Dr. Morey told ANS. “I, in turn, feed that information to the FBI and Naval Intelligence.”

According to ANS, Dr. Morey first began researching Islam when he was a pastor at New Life Bible Church in central
Pennsylvania during the 1980s. His research earned him a doctorate. He has authored over 40 books dealing with false religions, cults and philosophies, and founded the California Institute of Apologetics. His work has garnered him “numerous death threats” and one “clear assassination attempt last November the FBI successfully foiled.” One of the Pakistani volunteers in his ministry was discovered to be a secret agent for the Pakistani Secret Service.

“Hamas has me on a death list of people to assassinate in the U.S.,” Morey told ANS.

Morey claims a good track record with his gathered intelligence, telling ANS “I’ve been right so many times the FBI
showed up at my house, suspicious as to whether or not I was somehow involved – because I knew too much. I simply pointed out to them they don’t have their ear to the ground in the Middle Eastern community.”

“I told them several years ago that Muslim Pakistanis brought into the U.S. a small nuclear device called a ‘dirty bomb’
through Niagara Falls out of Canada,” Morey says. “They are driving this nuclear device in the back of a van or a car waiting for Bin Laden to tell them when it’s time to set it off.” Morey received the information through Pakistani Christian sources, according to ANS.

“My contacts now within the intelligence community have leaked to me it is feared there are three such devices in the U.S.,” Morey added.

CNN reports the Bush administration received information last October outlining a plot to smuggle a stolen Russian nuclear weapon into the United States, most likely New York City. The intelligence was deemed “not to be credible” after a polygraph test determined the informant was “bogus,” one official told CNN. The perceived threat was one reason the president activated a shadow government, assigning about 100 senior officials to “bunker duty” to keep the government
running in the event of a catastrophic attack.

Heightened concern over al-Qaida’s progress toward obtaining a nuclear or radiological weapon, reports the Washington Post, prompted the Bush administration to deploy “hundreds of sophisticated sensors since November to U.S. borders, overseas facilities and choke points around Washington.” And the Delta Force, the nation’s elite commando unit, has been placed on alert to “seize control of nuclear materials that the sensors may detect.”

Dr. Morey points out to ANS, “One would think that if this was not a real threat, the U.S. government wouldn’t rush to spend millions of dollars for equipment to protect Washington D.C.”

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