Can you imagine where we’d be today if Al Gore were president?

Undoubtedly, we’d have a president proposing new federal intrusions into health care and education – not to mention massive increases in farm subsidies and virtually every other federal program.

He wouldn’t have stopped any of the boondoggles of a spendthrift Congress. And he certainly wouldn’t be proposing to reduce government.

We’d have a president who recognizes no constitutional limits on government authority – one who’d appoint a Janet-Reno-type attorney general to enforce his own concepts of morality on all of us.

And we know Al Gore would support the current campaign finance reform bill – further restricting your freedom to speak, protest and exercise your rights as a citizen.

Heaven only knows how he’d treat American business. He’d probably be indicting whole companies, the way Bill Clinton indicted Microsoft.

Leading us into war

And don’t even get me started on the terrorism thing. Can you imagine how Gore would have handled that?

He’d have seized on the September events as a way to boost his own poll numbers – the way Bill Clinton did by bombing Afghanistan and the Sudan.

Worse yet, he’d be telling us that poverty is a principal cause of terrorism, using the crisis to promote massive increases in foreign aid – probably after consultation with some entertainment celebrity.

Wait a minute

Not only that, he’d be …

But wait a minute! This isn’t Al Gore I’m talking about. George Bush has done everything I’ve related above.

Bush has been promoting increases in every area of government; he’s appointed an attorney general who’s a living, breathing twin of Janet Reno; he’s done nothing to rein in the 535 drunken sailors in Congress; and he’s completely disregarded the Constitution of the United States.

He has indicted as criminals an entire company (Arthur Andersen) for the sins of another company (Enron), demonstrating that he’s not a “friend of business,” he’s only a friend of some businesses – those run by his friends.

In 2000, he said he doesn’t believe in nation-building – imposing new governments on foreign people. But he made the overthrow of the Taliban a major purpose of the current war. And now he wants to depose Saddam Hussein, even though Iraq isn’t threatening America.

He said in 2000 that campaign finance reform would hurt Republicans. Now he’s about to sign a “reform” bill he knows is an affront to the Constitution.

And to demonstrate that he’s an Al Gore clone, he proposed huge increases in money to foreign dictators partly at the urging of the rock star Bono. I guess he’s learned from Jimmy Carter’s consultations on foreign policy with his 13-year-old daughter Amy – and Bill Clinton getting advice from people like Barbra Streisand.

Who is this man?

And have you noticed that George Bush spends practically no time in Washington? Almost every day he’s making a speech on something or other, somewhere or other around America – or around the world. He can’t possibly be considering weighty matters of government while attending all these public events.

Who is fashioning these policies of bigger government, these subsidies, intrusions, violations of the Bill of Rights, these deals, these wars? It’s doubtful that George Bush makes any of the decisions.

Frankly, I don’t know who is running the government today, but it’s unlikely to be George Bush. He’s imposing someone’s alien, unconstitutional, un-American ideas on the country – and we don’t even know whose ideas they are.

The difference

So what difference did it make that George Bush was elected instead of Al Gore?

Actually, it made a huge difference.

If Al Gore had been elected, conservatives would be screaming bloody murder right now – protesting all the big-government policies I’ve described above. They’d have every foreign-policy decision under a microscope, instead of blindly cheering whatever the president does.

But conservatives oppose big government only when there’s a Democrat in the White House.

So when they told you in 2000 about the horrors of a Gore administration, they neglected to mention how much worse it would be if George Bush were elected.

It’s true: There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the parties. And there’s not much difference between their supporters either. Republicans and Democrats cheer for their own team, no matter how bad it is.

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